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What If from The Addams Family Musical

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What if from The Addams Family Musical has to be one of the cutest and funniest songs on broadway. It’s almost sad listening to Pugsley sing about missing his sister Wednesday, but when you’re listening to what he’s singing you can’t help to laugh. What if from the Addams Family Musical is one of those songs that helps to build the plot and keep it going.

Pugsley is upset that Wednesday is falling in love and worried that she is going to leave him, which she is planning on doing. The reason he is upset is that if Wednesday leaves there will be no one left to torture him or for him to play with. The song is a bit in your face with lyrics about nailing your tongue to the bathroom floor and hiding all the power tools, but it is also really sweet. It is sort of like Castle on a Cloud from Les Miserables, but darker and more disturbing. What if from The Addams Family Musical is actually a beautiful song if you take the music and the singing and sort of ignore the words. Then again, if you ignore the words you miss the song. The kid who plays Pugsley also does an absolutely amazing job with this song. He is seriously talented.

Even though Addams Family the musical isn’t for kids, the songs are still fun and kids would probably love to sing a long to them. What If from The Addams Family is one that if it goes out onto Karaoke CDs it will probably become one of the most popular ones to sing. Not only is it pretty and easy to sing, but it is hilarious and really out there. Sort of like Everyone’s a Little Bit Racist or Schadenfreuda (I think I spelled that wrong) or The Internet if for Porn from Avenue Q. Anyways, I love the song What If from The Addams Family Musical and think that it will definitely be a hit when or if the broadway version of the cast recording comes out. Here is the original cast when they were doing the tour.