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broadway songs about loving someone you cannot have

The Top Ten Broadway Songs about Dating – Love These.

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broadway songs about datingI’ve started dating again and with that I started a new playlist of broadway songs about dating. Broadway songs about dating could be anything from remembering going on a date to just simply asking someone out. They could be about past dates or even warning people about not dating someone. The showtunes about relationships and taking someone out below are some of my favorite and there are tons of others. If you’d like to share your own broadway songs about dating, please feel free by leaving a comment. (more…)

The Top Ten Broadway Songs for Karaoke (20+ songs)

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best broadway songs for karaokeTons of people like karaoke and one thing that almost always ends up happening, especially with duets, is someone singing broadway songs for couples, ballads and other showtunes at karaoke nights.  It doesn’t matter if you are at a straight bar, a gay bar or anywhere else, if they have karaoke there is probably going to be a showtune somewhere in the book and someone is going to perform at least one of the most popular broadway songs.  Here are a list of ten popular broadway songs for karaoke and the shows they are from.


The Top Ten Broadway Songs about Housewives & Homemaking

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Homemakers and Housewives in broadway shows are almost always dreamers. They think about what it’s like to do something different, get married, travel, see something new or even just go to a ball. They usually aren’t happy with their lives, but at the same time they are somewhat content.  They can be kids in an orphanage or grownups trying to impress someone.  They could be poor or rich or even just not able to remember where they are and needed a job.  Homemakers on broadway are some of the most fun characters to watch and ones that have some of the best broadway songs.

broadway songs about housewives and homemakers

Chief Cook and Bottle Washer – The Rink

This housewife or homemaker is tired of being everything from the Cook and the Head of the House to the Bottle Washer for the babies. She’s finally fed up and wants some help for everything that she does as well as everyone to start to appreciate her. This is an awesome showtune and one that is perfect for songs about homemakers.

Happy Working Song – Enchanted

In this homemaker’s song, the main character is actually happy to be cleaning and helping around the house. She is grateful for having somewhere to sleep while she waits for her prince to come rescue her. The only difference between her and some of the other homemakers on broadway is that she uses things that most people wouldn’t consider sanitary to help with the cleaning. This is one of the most popular songs from Enchanted and most popular ones to sing a long to.

Cinderella – In My Own Little Corner

In this showtune, Cinderella is dreaming about getting to go out and do things like go to the ball or travel. Unfortunately she is stuck at home cleaning while her sisters and step mother are at the ball meeting the prince. She is content with being a homemaker at home, but she wants more and dreams about getting to go out and meet a prince as well as see the world.

Castle on a Cloud – Les Miserables

This is one of the sadder showtunes about housekeeping. It is Cossette singing about wishing she was somewhere else where she was treated kindly and everyone was happy. Although her mother Fantine was sending money for the Inn Keeper to take care of her, he still made her the housekeeper in his Inn and didn’t not treat her as well as they treated their own daughter who got to live like a princess, compared to Cossette.

Somewhere That’s Green – Little Shop of Horrors

In this showtune about housekeeping, Audrey is dreaming of a life where she is married and happy with kids. Instead of being poor and dating someone who treats her poorly, she wants to become a housewife and live in the suburbs. Instead of starting out wanting to get out and see the world, she wants to find a home so she can care for it and raise a family.

I Can Cook Too – On The Town

I Can Cook Too is a song that isn’t actually about housekeeping, but about flirting with a sailor. This housewife is one who just wants to go out and have fun and uses a ton of subliminal messages to try and get the guy she wants. This is a one of the more fun showtunes about housewives and homemakers and one that is great for your playlist for roadtrips and cooking and cleaning.

Welcome to the Sixties – Hairspray

This housewife is scared to leave the house. She’s scared she’s too fat, not smart enough and that people will stare. The showtune is sung by her daughter to help convince her there is more to life than doing laundry and cleaning the house. This is one of the best showtunes to help you when cooking and cleaning to get you to hurry up and finish so you can go out.

Cell Block Tango – Chicago

He had it Coming from Chicago is a bunch of Housewives who were fed up with everything so they decided to kill their husbands instead of leaving. Not the most sane way to deal with a home or husband, but they definitely got their point across. They are housewives who had enough and ended up going a bit to far.

You Don’t Own Me – The First Wives Club

These are three of my favorite Housewives. Instead of killing their husbands they decided to take revenge and use their revenge to help other women and housewives who needed help. They decided to stand up to their husbands and be stronger than them and make something of themselves. Instead of being supportive, they took control of their husbands and started an organization to help everyone around them as well as let them know who was in charge without killing them.

A Spoonful of Sugar – Mary Poppins

This homemaker is a nanny who teaches the kids that cleaning can actually be fun. Although her job is to clean, she also helps to teach the kids that it is important to pick up after themselves and keep their own rooms clean. She also teaches them that they can make it fun by making a game out of cleaning their house.

There are a ton of housewives and homemakers on broadway and some of the best broadway songs are all about them and them having to clean. Whether they are tired of cleaning, want to get out and marry a prince or just be happy at home, homemakers on broadway are some of the most loved characters and have some of the best showtunes. Feel free to share your favorite below.

The Top Ten Broadway Shows – Showtunes About Cats

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I just realized it’s about to be my cats birthday so when thinking about what to post I figured it would be fun to do a post about the top ten broadway songs about cats. Broadway loves these animals more than anything which is why there have been shows all about them, having them as a main character and the movies are the same. Some shows mention them briefly like in the song Out Tonight from Rent and others are written specifically for them.

Broadway Songs about Cats

Cats – Andrew Lloyd Webber

The show Cats by Andrew Lloyd Webber is literally about cats. All of the characters, most of the songs and every theme is about Cats. If you want showtunes about cats, this is the one to watch first. Not only was it one of the longest running shows in Broadway history, but it is one that you can easily sing a long to and that you can watch with your family.

Suessical – The Cat in The Hat

Suessical the Musical is all about Dr. Suess and the main character is the Cat in the Hat. Although the Cat in the Hat is creepy and I would never want him in my house, the show was a flop with a couple of fun songs. Anyways, this show makes the top then broadway shows about cats because the leading character is one of the most famous and well known cats in history.

Puss In Boots – Shrek The Musical

One of the most popular characters in the movie and show Shrek the Musical is Puss In Boots. The Latino Hitman Cat. Not only is he one of the most funny and loveable characters, but he even gets his own songs and got his own movies. Puss In Boots is one of the most memorable characters from the show which is why he makes the top ten showtunes about cats list.

Binks – Hocus Pocus

Any show with Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kathy Najimy in it has to be amazing. When you make the story line about taking over the world and helping a talking cat named binks take his revenge on the witches, you have a definite hit. Because the main story line revolves around Binks and you have three amazing Actors in the movie, Binks makes the top ten list of shows about cats.

The Worst Pies in London – Sweeny Todd

So this one is a bit different. Instead of being about cats, it is about cooking cats and why cat meat does not taste good. Leave it to Broadway to have a showtune about meat pies made from cat meat and make it actually funny and memorable. It definitely isn’t a good showtune about cats, but it is a funny one.

Pouncer – Beaches

Sorry to do another Bette Midler movie musical, but in the show beaches Pouncer plays a major role. Not only does he help to keep Hillary’s daughter company, but he discovers her when she collapses, goes to the beach with them and plays a vital role in letting the audience know when things are good and bad. He also has a short song that Hillary’s daughter sings to him in the back yard.

I couldn’t find a video clip of her singing Pouncer Pouncer the Wonder Cat.

The Lion King – Disney

If you want another movie musical and broadway show about a cat, The Lion King is about as much as you can get as well. Not only does Disney turn the movie into an amazing show, but the songs are incredible as well. Everyone is amazed at the costumes and the set and the characters are incredible.

Aristocats – Disney

Pretty much every animated Disney movie is singing animals or characters and Disney did an entire movie musical about wealthy cats called the Aristocats. Aristocats is a show that I haven’t actually watched, but it does have a couple of fun songs. If you love Disney, then you may want to try watching the Aristocats.

An American Tale –

This was one of my favorite movies as a kid. Unfortunately in this movie musical, the cats are the evil ones, except for the one that becomes friends with Fivel the mouse. An American Tale is an awesome movie musical and there are a ton of amazing broadway songs in this show that aren’t technically broadway showtunes, but are definitely able to be performed by broadway stars.

Les Miserable – I Dreamed a Dream

So the only reason that I am including I Dreamed a Dream from Les Miserables in this list is that in the song they sing about Tigers right before they perform one of the most memorable parts of the song. Not only do I love this show and the showtune I Dreamed a Dream, but because they mention Tigers in it, I had to include it in the list.

There are a ton of showtunes about cats on broadway and even musicals dedicated to them. There is pretty much everything you can think of in a show that involves a cat in at least one show. There are songs about loving them, songs about cooking them and even songs about them not being around. Broadway loves cats and they play an important part in many shows.

The Top Ten Broadway Songs About Saying Goodbye

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What I love about broadway songs about saying goodbye is that there are so many ways to say goodbye on broadway. Some people are singing about their careers while others are songs about saying goodbye to the person they love. Some broadway songs about saying goodbye could be about them dying and wishing they could have done more and others are about starting over or even just moving on to a new show or career. Broadway songs about saying goodbye could be sad, happy or somewhere in the middle. Anyways, here is my list of my top ten favorite broadway songs about saying goodbye.

Broadway Songs About Saying Goodbye

Don’t Rain on My Parade Reprise from Funny Girl

I love the reprise of Don’t Rain on My Parade from Funny Girl for my top ten list of broadway songs about saying goodbye because it is all about saying screw you to a theatre that rejects you and picking yourself back up. It teaches you that if something doesn’t work out, pick yourself back up and move on because there is always something better and another show that you can do.

Fly, Fly Away from Catch Me If You Can the Musical
The song Fly Fly Away from Catch Me If You Can the Musical is another great song about saying goodbye. It is the main character’s girlfriend singing to him about wishing him the best and saying goodbye because she just turned him over to the authorities but knows that she will see him again. It is basically her way of saying goodbye to the guy she loves but not really saying goodbye at the same time.

Don’t Cry for Me Argentina Reprise from Evita
The Reprise of Don’t Cry for Me Argentina is when Evita is laying on her death bed and saying goodbye to the world in which she helped to redefine. She is saying goodbye to her life, her husband and her true love, her country. The Don’t Cry for Me Argentina Reprise is one of my favorite goodbye songs on broadway.

Goodbye Love from Rent
Goodbye Love from Rent is when Mimi is saying Goodbye to Roger, but also saying goodbye to trying to fight off her AIDS. It is one of the points in the show where everyone in the audience wants to cry because they are watching a good person give up and say goodbye to life. Not to mention they are also all at Angel’s funeral. Goodbye Love from Rent is one of the saddest but most memorable goodbye songs on broadway.

The Death of Alonso Quijano from The Man of Lamancha

This song is about Dulcinea saying goodbye to the main character. It is one that I will always remember seeing when I was younger. This and the song about the mirrors from man of La Mancha are two of my favorite broadway goodbye songs. If you have ever seen man of Lamancha you will understand why.

For Good from Wicked
This is one of my favorite showtunes from newer shows. It is the song where Elphaba and Galinda are saying goodbye to each other before Elphaba is killed by Dorothy. Not only do you want to cry during this song, but you want to go on stage and give Elphaba a hug. For Good from Wicked is above and beyond one of the most emotional goodbye songs on broadway and one that gets almost everyone in the audience to start to tear.

And I’m Telling You from Dreamgirls

Who doesn’t love a Diva? Especially one who is bitter, pissed and ready for revenge. In this song you have a woman who is tired of everyone walking on her and she is ready to say goodbye to everyone stealing from her, using her and being a doormat. And I’m Telling You from Dreamgirls is one of the ultimate best goodbye broadway songs of all times.

Goodbye from Catch Me If You Can
This is one of my new favorite showtunes. Not only is it perfect for this list because he is saying goodbye to his old life, but his goodbye is also his hello to his new life. The character who sings this song is not only tired of running and making up lies, but he is ready to move on to an honest life where he can “use his talents for good” (I completely had to throw a quote from Wicked in there). Goodbye from Catch Me If You Can is one of my favorite showtunes and perfect for this list of the top ten broadway songs about saying goodbye.

Anatevka from Fiddler on the Roof
Anatevka from Fiddler on the Roof is one of the saddest songs on this list and on broadway. Not only is it asbout the jews of Anatevka being forced out of their homes, but they are saying goodbye to their homes, their lives, their friends, their families and all of their memories. Anatevka from Fiddler on the Roof is one of the best goodbye songs and one of the saddest.

Rose’s Turn from Gypsy

The top ten list of broadway songs about saying goodbye could not be complete without one song from the stage mom who says goodbye to everything. Rose sings this song to say goodbye to being a doormat, doing work to make her dreams for everyone else come true and also to being in the shadows when all she ever wanted was a spotlight. Rose’s goodbye song is all about her taking control of her life and finally doing something for herself. This is one of my favorite goodbye songs and one of my favorite showtunes to sing at karaoke.

There are tons of other goodbye songs on broadway like Give My Regards to Broadway or As We Stumble Along or even Drink With Me from Les Miserables. You have We Go Together, Forget About the Boy and even I Want to Be a Producer from the Producers. The problem with broadway songs about saying goodbye is that almost every show has one and each of them are memorable. Most of them are by the finale’s or intermissions and most of them generate emotions for you. If you have a favorite broadway song about saying goodbye, feel free to share it by leaving a comment below.