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There’s a Fine Fine Line from Avenue Q

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So I started dating a guy and keep getting mixed signals from him. It is mostly me being seriously dramatic and over-thinking everything, but he did give me the lets take it slow thing. For us it meant that we actually did jump into our relationship way to fast and we are missing out on all of the fun things about dating, but at the same time I really like him which is why I want to jump right in. The funny part is I took him to see Avenue Q in NYC at the Stages Theatre and he instantly called me Kate Monster.

Anyways, here is why I am writing this post about There’s a Fine Fine Line from Avenue Q. No one cheated and I didn’t see him with anyone else, but at the same time I don’t know where we stand. Before NYC we were in a monogamous relationship, but when I asked him when we got back he didn’t comment on it and say yes or no when I asked him what take it slow meant. It left me curious as to where we stand. Are we boyfriends still (this sounds more like Mix Tape than There’s a Fine Fine Line from Avenue Q) and monogamous or is he out seeing other people. I already know, well at least am pretty sure he is not seeing anyone else and to be honest, I have no desire to see anyone but him. I don’t even have the desire to sleep with other guys, kiss anyone or even check other guys out. That is how I know that I really like him. The problem is that I don’t know what he is feeling as he wants to hang out, but he is a bit more distant when we do.

It isn’t that he pushes me away, but he isn’t as close as he was before. Instead of a long kiss or going at it when we have a sleep over, he gives me a small peck on the lips or we cuddle for a couple minutes then he pulls away. I know that that is technically taking it slow, but at the same time I want to be a little further along since I already got to try it once or twice. That is pretty much the reason that I keep thinking about the song There’s a Fine Fine Line from Avenue Q. If we weren’t already dating I’d be using Mix Tape for this post, but since we have already slept together and I like him but not sure where we stand as in monogamous (and I’m hoping he is monogamous with me as well) There’s a Fine Fine Line from Avenue Q is the perfect song for my mood. Most of us have been in a relationship like this where we didn’t know what was going on so if that was you or if you feel the same way and want to share your store, leave a comment below. Here is There’s a Fine Fine Line from Avenue Q.