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The Muppet Christmas Carol – It Feels Like Christmas

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If there is one holiday movie musical that makes everyone smile and laugh it has to be the Muppet Christmas Carol. Not only do the Muppets take this classic story and add all of their own twists and jokes to it, but you absolutely have to love the reactions from the actor that plays Scrooge. Not only does he get to live in a world of ghosts and spirits, but the ghosts and spirits are also Muppets which are a bit crazy and extremely off. Not only do I love the Muppets, but when you take one of the most well known holiday stories, add in music and showtunes and then take an Actor who can play along and keep up with them, you have a guaranteed classic Muppet Movie. One of my favorite scenes from the Muppet Christmas Carol has to be when Scrooge meets the ghost of Christmas Present.

The Ghost of Christmas Present in the Muppets Christmas Carol is a bit off. Not only is he happy and perky, but he lacks almost any short term memory. He can change size and teleport himself and others as well as almost appear to be alive. Something about the people controlling this muppet make him almost believable as a real person. Everything from the voice and the emotion behind him when he is sitting in the room where Scrooge meets him to watching him walk down the street and have an amazing presence that takes your eyes off of everything else. For some reason you cannot stop watching him and he just makes you want to smile and be happy. Everything about the ghost of Christmas present in the Muppets Christmas Carol is happy and everything he talks about is why Christmas is an amazing time. Even his song is about how the holidays should make you happy.

It feels like Christmas is one of my favorite songs from the Muppet Christmas Carol. Not only is it fun to sing along with, but when you add in the ghost of Christmas present and a ton of the other muppets, you have a great holiday classic. I absolutely love The Muppets Christmas Carol and will probably try to find it online to watch this weekend. The Muppets Christmas Carol is a great version of the story of Scrooge and if you haven’t seen it yet, I highly recommend it.