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What If from The Addams Family Musical

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What if from The Addams Family Musical has to be one of the cutest and funniest songs on broadway. It’s almost sad listening to Pugsley sing about missing his sister Wednesday, but when you’re listening to what he’s singing you can’t help to laugh. What if from the Addams Family Musical is one of those songs that helps to build the plot and keep it going.

Pugsley is upset that Wednesday is falling in love and worried that she is going to leave him, which she is planning on doing. The reason he is upset is that if Wednesday leaves there will be no one left to torture him or for him to play with. The song is a bit in your face with lyrics about nailing your tongue to the bathroom floor and hiding all the power tools, but it is also really sweet. It is sort of like Castle on a Cloud from Les Miserables, but darker and more disturbing. What if from The Addams Family Musical is actually a beautiful song if you take the music and the singing and sort of ignore the words. Then again, if you ignore the words you miss the song. The kid who plays Pugsley also does an absolutely amazing job with this song. He is seriously talented.

Even though Addams Family the musical isn’t for kids, the songs are still fun and kids would probably love to sing a long to them. What If from The Addams Family is one that if it goes out onto Karaoke CDs it will probably become one of the most popular ones to sing. Not only is it pretty and easy to sing, but it is hilarious and really out there. Sort of like Everyone’s a Little Bit Racist or Schadenfreuda (I think I spelled that wrong) or The Internet if for Porn from Avenue Q. Anyways, I love the song What If from The Addams Family Musical and think that it will definitely be a hit when or if the broadway version of the cast recording comes out. Here is the original cast when they were doing the tour.

The Addams Family is Not a Family Friendly Show

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So I went with another Blogging friend of mine to see The Addams Family on Broadway and it was a fun show.  I wouldn’t put it anywhere near my favorites, neither would she, but at the same time it wasn’t horrible.  Jackie Hoffman was absolutely outstanding as Granny, Bebe Neuwirth made a good Morticia but Fester really stole the show.  One of the reasons we wanted to see the show was that she wanted to take her kids but wasn’t sure if it would be appropriate.

She has an 11 year old and 13 year old and we did see a bunch of people who brought their kids to the show.  The problem is that there are a lot of very sexually oriented jokes in the show.  There is a scene where Lucas’s (Wednesday’s boyfriend) mom grabs herself and sings in a very inappropriate way and Jackie Hoffman swears a lot.  Because of that, The Addams Family Musical is not a family friendly show, especially not for younger kids.  For teenagers it could be ok, but I think they would be pretty bored.  For adults it is fun, but at the same, the show is sort of geared for kids.  I really don’t know who the proper audience is, but the show was a fun one to watch.  I don’t recommend it, unless you are a fan of one of the Actors, like Jackie Hoffman who is absolutely amazing, or just want something to do.  The tickets aren’t that expensive so it is an ok one to kill an afternoon with the matinee show. The one thing that was absolutely amazing about the show was the set.

The entire set of the Addams Family musical moves and changes as the show changes.  The set is absolutely amazing and extremely well done.  Although I didn’t get to see Nathan Lane perform in the show, I could easily picture him playing Gomez and absolutely making it work.  The songs from the show are alright.  I can easily see Pugsly’s torture song taking off at broadway karaoke nights and Wednesday’s One Normal Night is absolutely fun.  There are a few more songs in the Addams Family Musical that are fun to sing and most of them are actually kid friendly.  The problem is the swearing and all of the sex jokes that the cast tell and say.  If you’re ok with your kids being exposed to some very in your face swearing and sex jokes, then The Addams Family Musical is kid friendly for you.  For myself and my friend, this is one show that we would not recommend for little kids.

Overall I would give The Addams Family musical a 2 and a half star rating out of 5.  It isn’t one I would see again but it is one that has music that I will definitely be buying on iTunes.  The stage and set was amazing and the acting was phenomenal.  The problem is the script and the dancing and the swearing.  They just weren’t targeted to any audience in particular and really don’t mesh well.  It is a great show for you to see if all of the other ones are sold out or to expensive, but I wouldn’t put it at the top of the list of shows to see in NYC.  If you’ve seen the Addams Family Musical, feel free to leave a comment below.

The Addams Family Musical – Happy Halloween

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I can’t believe that Halloween is next week.  Tonight is the Rocky Horror Picture Show Episode of Glee and the annual Washington DC High Heel Drag Race.  This weekend is the Miss Adams Morgan Drag Queen Beauty Pageant and with halloween comes halloween movies, tv shows and more importantly theatre.  I already reviewed the Rocky Horror Picture Show but another show that has taken roots on Broadway which not only screams Halloween but is Halloween year round is The Addams Family Musical starring three of my very favorite Broadway Stars, Nathan Lane, Jackie Hoffman and Bebe Neuwirth.

The Addams Family Musical is a show that not only perfectly represents one of the most loved and memorable families in TV history, but when you combine some amazing set designs, costuming and some incredible talents, you get a show that no one on earth can possibly resist.  You have Gomez who loves to romance his wife Morticia.  You have Fester Addams who is a ladies man, the only problem is that regular non Addams Family Musical ladies haven’t realized it yet.  You have the kids Wednesday and Pugsly and one of my favorites Granny Addams.  They even remembered to include Lurch and other secondary Addams Family characters in the cast.

The Addams Family Musical takes you on a journey into a new world with a love of death and everything dark where graveyards become playgrounds and poison becomes a seasoning for food like salt or pepper.  Electric chairs can double as recliners and torture devices become play toys.  The Addams Family Musical brings you into the world of the Addams Family and helps you to rediscover why so many generations have fallen in love with this strange and fabulous family of fun loving friends.  The Addams Family Musical is perfect for Halloween but even if you are in NYC for the spring, the Addams Family Musical is still a perfect show for you to see.

You’ll discover an entirely new selection of music, singing and dancing and you’ll also get to watch your favorite Addams Family members come to life on stage.  The Addams Family Musical is one of the top selling shows on Broadway right now and one that I highly recommend.  I am hoping to get to see it on my next trip to New York since I have only seen small bits and pieces when they did a mini performance at Sidetracks in Chicago for Showtunes Night when the cast was there.  If you have seen the Addams Family Musical in New York City, feel free to leave a comment below with how you loved it or hated it.