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Sing a Long Showtunes Cabaret with Faheem at BlackFox Lounge DC

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I’m extremely excited to share with you all that Faheem will be playing piano for another sing a long showtunes night at the BlackFox Lounge in Washington DC this coming Tuesday 11/27/2012 from 8pm until 11pm.  Although it isn’t professional people jumping up to sing like at Don’t Tell Mama in NYC, the crowd is extremely encouraging and everyone who wants to gets a chance to sing.  That’s what I love about when Faheem does sing a long piano showtunes at the Blackfox Lounge in DC.  There are a few things you need to know before you go to the piano bar downstairs in the restaurant for sing a long showtunes.

BlackFox Lounge Washington DC.
1723 Connecticut Avenue NW
Washington, District of Columbia 20009
Phone: (202) 483-1723

The first thing is that it is all based off of sheet music so if you don’t know the words, you need to be able to sing a long while he plays the piano.  This can be a lot trickier than you think if you’ve never sang live.  It can be a bit intimidating.  Luckily it isn’t a huge crowd and everyone is there for fun so you’re nerves will be a lot more calm.

The next thing is that because it is all sheet music and played by sight, you may not find the songs you normally like.  If you want a specific song and in a specific key, buy your own sheet music and bring it to make sure.  Some songs are written in different keys or he may play at different speeds than you are used to practicing, which means if you don’t bring your own, he’s going to do the version in front of him.  You can buy sheet music by clicking on any of the links below (just make sure not to use any coupons or I won’t get credit for the sales and they may not advertise with us anymore).

The last thing is that it is all about having fun and getting to sing with someone playing the piano.  If you love theatre then you probably love watching video clips of your favorite stars singing with a piano player.  This is the perfect opportunity for you to be able to sing with a piano player and in front of a small group of people who will support you and cheer you on, een if you are tone deaf and sound like crap like I do.  =0)   I love the group because everyone will welcome you over and because they pour strong drinks, you won’t be afraid to sing a long either.

I hope you can all make it to see Faheem at the Blackfox Lounge in the downstairs bar for his sing a long piano bar showtunes night.  It is a lot of fun and only happens once a month.  Also, unlike the other group, there is no one announcing everything and hogging the stage do you actually get to sing and have fun.  See you all there and don’t forget to order drinks and Tip Faheem so he can buy new fingers after the show.  They must kill him after playing ridiculous songs for a few hours without a break.

Sheet Music Plus Broadway Music

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The Top Ten Broadway Sing A Long Songs

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There are certain shows on Broadway that everyone knows and loves. We watched them when we were kids like Mary Poppins and we grew up singing them in elementary school. When we are adults and we go to the theatre and one of these songs comes on, you might find yourself singing along with it and not even realizing it. Some songs are just fun to sing and when you hear them in a broadway show, it becomes a sing a long broadway song. Here is my top ten list of popular sing a long broadway songs. They are almost all songs that people end up humming or actually singing during the show. Feel free to add your favorite to this list in the comments section below.

Broadway Sing a long Songs

Do Re Me from The Sound Of Music.

Not only is Do Re Me from the Sound of Music one of the top sing a long broadway songs, but they even re-released the Sound of Music into a Rocky Horror styled Sing a Long Sound of Music version. The one song that almost everyone is guaranteed to know from this show is Do Re Me. It’s the song that our music teachers in elementary school used to teach us how to sing on key and the song that Julie Andrews used to teach the Von Trapp family kids what each note was. I dare you to listen and not want to sing a long with it. When you are at the Sing a Long Sound of Music it is almost impossible to not sing a long either.

Getting to know you from The King and I.

Getting To Know You from the King and I is another one of those songs that they drill into your head when you are a kid. I think almost everyone in the US and even the UK was forced to sing this song when they were growing up. Getting to know you is one of those songs that everyone also remembers and ends up teaching to their kids. Then when you go to see the King and I you end up singing along during the show.

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious from Mary Poppins.

I guess Julie Andrews is one of those voices and people that we all remember for a reason, her songs are impossibly to forget and Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious is one of those songs. The word looks scary and probably scared the crap out of her the first time she tried to read it, but Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious quickly became one of the most popular songs from Mary Poppins probably for the same reason. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious is one of the most fun songs to sing and everyone usually ends up singing along when it comes on.

Don’t Stop Believing from Rock of Ages.

I think just about everyone loved Don’t Stop Believing when it came out. When Glee used it as their trailer it made everyone fall in love with it again and when it hit Broadway in the show audiences starting singing along with it as well. Don’t Stop Believing is one of the most popular songs in Rock of Ages and definitely gets everyone to want to sing along. You’ve probably ended up singing a long if you heard it in the car or even during Glee.

Grease Summer Nights.

I couldn’t figure out which song was more of a sing a long from Grease with Summer Nights or We Go Together, but with all of the people who sing Summer Nights at Karaoke, it definitely beats out We Go Together. Summer Nights is one of those songs that people can’t help but to sing a long with. We all remember watching it on tv with John Travolta and Olivia Newton John and when you see it in the theatre you usually end up singing a long as well.

I Feel Pretty from West Side Story.

It was either this or one of the other famous songs. The reason I think I Feel Pretty from West Side Story should make the list is that the song gets parodied on numerous tv shows and everyone knows it. The thing that most people don’t know is that I Feel Pretty is from the show West Side Story. It isn’t much of a sing along, but it is definitely a hum along and know the chorus song.

MatchMaker from Fiddler on the Roof.

Who doesn’t know the tune from Matchmaker? I think everyone sings along in the theatre when Tevya’s girls start singing MatchMaker MatchMaker make me a match. Find me a find. Catch me a catch. MatchMaker is a song that tons of kids learn when they are younger because it is easy to sing, easy to remember and fun to perform because everything is a rhyme.

The Time Warp from Rocky Horror.

If there was one show that the audience loves to participate in it has to be The Rocky Horror Show. Not only is this one of the original audience participation broadway shows, but everyone knows and loves to get to do the Time Warp. The version from the movie and the show are a bit different but the dance is still the same and the audience loves to get up and sing a long.

The Internet is for Porn from Avenue Q.

I couldn’t decide if Everyone’s a Little Bit Racist or The Internet is for Porn from Avenue Q was more catchy. I think that the audience reacts and sings along with Trekkie Monster a bit more though in the Internet is for Porn song. There are a ton of great sing a long songs from Avenue Q, but The Internet is for Porn is probably the one that gets more of the audience singing the word Porn. The show is amazing and the songs are also a lot of fun to sing a long to.

Jersey Boys – You choose the song!

I don’t think there is a person in the theatre that doesn’t start cheering and singing along to these amazing and classic songs. Jersey Boys was made for the audience to sing a long and have an amazing time. When I saw it in Chicago there wasn’t a single person not singing a long. Jersey Boys is a show that won’t leave you in your seat. You choose whichever song is your favorite because each one is a sing a long broadway song.

Those are ten of the top sing a long broadway songs. There are a ton more to add like Popular from Wicked and Together Wherever We Go from Gypsy or even Suddenly Semour from Little Shop of Horrors. Regardless of which one is your favorite, each one is fun to sing a long to. Feel free to comment below and leave your favorite broadway sing a long song.

Tavern On Camac – Classic Showtunes Piano Bar

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I was stranded in Philadelphia for a few nights a couple years ago so I decided to go out and do something.  It was a business trip even though I got there on a Sunday so I went wandering around the city for a while and came across a small bar down a historic cobblestone alley called the Tavern on Camac.

243 South Camac Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107-5609
(215) 545-0900

So Tavern on Camac is technically a gay bar, just like Don’t Tell Mama in NYC or Sidetracks in Chicago Illinois.  However, if you are a Broadway and Theatre fan, if you love going to see a play, a musical or even an Opera, you are supporting the gay commuinty because lets face it, Theatre is made up of and by gays but instead of being for gays, it is made for everyone.  Now, I am not saying everyone in theatre is gay, just many people that help to make it work are.  The same goes for people who wear high fashion clothing, go to a salon or spa for their hair, nails and makeup or even eat at nice restaraunts.  Regardless where you go you are in the gay community so what is the difference from going to a spa and going to a showtunes night, the only difference is one is called a gay bar but in reality you’ll find a lot of heterosexuals there as well.  Think about it, you all have something in common, you love theatre so why not share it, the gays will welcome you and happily share their club and showtunes so enjoy it.

Anyways, back to Tavern on Camac.

Tavern on Camac is an older bar on the bottom (the upstairs was redone to become a nightclub and a more modern bar) that has a piano and a few old classic styled bars.  When I got there the piano was dead but about 20 minutes later the piano player came in and got a drink.  He was a very nice and very funny older guy and when he sat down you could tell he absolutely loves what he does.  He started the night off by announcing he does show tunes every Sunday and Monday I believe and that he’ll be there until they kick him out.  (He’s actually still there today singing and playing the piano for a mixed crowd of show tune loving people in Philadelphia).  He then laid out his tip jar and got started.

He is not only talented and fun to listen to sing and play, but he also encourages the entire room to sing a long.  This one time when I was there with a co-worker of mine (who had never been to a gay bar in his life but loved it) when we were on a trip to visit some clients, the piano player decided to start getting people to request songs and go up and sing.  He even did a rock song for my coworker since he really didn’t actually know any showtunes and didn’t want to look stupid.

Tavern on Camac is an amazing time for Sunday and Monday evenings and the piano player is perfect for cheering you up and having a great time with.  He may even invite you up to sing a song so be prepared if you have the guts.  I definitely had a couple of drinks before I got the guts to do it but when I started he helped me out and just like Bette Midler in Gypsy, he got me to sing out like Louise and let me tell you something, it really did become Let Me Entertain You.

Overall I love Tavern on Camac and highly recommend it.  Upstairs is a small dance club but downstairs is a really fun piano bar with showtunes on Sunday and Monday nights in Philadelphia Pennsylvania.  Just be careful, the piano player likes classic shows and hates anything modern.  He’ll play them if you tip enough but be ready for a gay grunt and gay groan.  Gotta love the gays.

If you’re in Philadelphia Pennsylvania and want to have fun at a showtunes night, you have to check out Tavern on Camac, but call first to make sure they have their piano player in that night and he is doing showtunes.

Here is the address for Tavern on Camac in Philadelphia Pennsylvania:

243 South Camac Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107-5609
(215) 545-0900