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Pippin Finale 1 – Broadway Songs about the Sun

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The best way to end our week of broadway songs about the sun is with one that was just revived on Broadway, the Pippin Finale 1. This broadway song about the sun is all about the Sun being everything you’ve ever wanted, ever worked for and are working to get to. It could be reaching the top of your company and taking over, being the star performer in their circus or even the head of a group you belong to.

If you’re in Politics and running for your first campaign, realizing you could become the Speaker of the House or the President. If you’re an Olympian, winning the gold medal in every event and getting the cover of every magazine, endorsement and a Wheaties cereal box. For Pippin it is overcoming every obstacle and becoming the star of his show. It doesn’t matter if he falls in love, has a son that loves him, it is about reaching his real goals, after finally discovering what they are. It helps lead into the second act where he continues to search his soul to figure out what is the more important to him and what he really wants to achieve.

After going through a ton of showtunes about the sun this week, metaphors for what the sun can mean in different shows, to different characters and also to different songwriters, this one is perfect because it is about trying to reach your goals and figuring out how to do it. We heard a happy family encouraging you to go out and play it in, we heard about a girl who always knows that the sun will be out tomorrow and to keep your head up, about a way coming to an end and a new day ahead and even a town being conquered causing people to lose their homes, their lives and their families. The Pippin finale is the perfect showtune about the sun because it ties all of these together. By reaching your goals you can overcome hardship and come out ahead. You have to stay positive and know that it will be there to keep you warm and alive and that you can always try again tomorrow and that by never giving up you can eventually get everything that you want. Thank you all again for reading and if you have a theme you’d like us to use for a week, feel free to leave a comment below and we’ll start to work on finding the right showtunes for it.

Sunrise Sunset from Fiddler on the Roof – Broadway Songs About the Sun

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If you have ever watched the nanny, if you were raised Jewish or if you love classic showtunes, chances are you’ve heard at least a few songs from Fiddler on the Roof and more than likely one of them was Sunrise Sunset. Just like many of the other songs this week, the songwriter for this show uses the sun rising and setting as a metaphor for days going by and the same thing happening over and over. It could be seen a million ways.

Day in and day out, things never change and things never get easier. You could look at it as Tevye’s kids keep disobeying him, getting married and times are changing for everyone, except him and his wife. You could look at it as how the Russians are invading Anitevka and each sunrise and sunset means they are getting closer to kicking the Jews out, killing them and taking over. There are a million metaphors in the song sunrise sunset from Fiddler on the Roof.

When I was younger we would sing this song but I never knew how sad it was. I always thought it was a fun one and we would swing around singing it with Match Maker and If I Were a Rich Man. We never realized how sad the show actually was and I don’t think we really could have understood. We were born in America as a second generation or third generation and never knew what it had been like to live in Europe or in Russia. We did however have Russian immigrants that lived by my Aunt and the one cleaned her house and would come to holiday meals with us. I did eventually grow up and meet her son a bit and he turned out to be bi I think and we ended up meeting at a couple of other places. I never really understood why they were so grateful to be in the US until recently when I saw a documentary about Jews being kidnapped and executed on film in Russia. The thing that shocked me most is that the documentary is very recent and this is a regular occurrence. Instead of the sun being a positive thing in this song like it was in the other broadway songs about the sun, the sun rising and the sun setting is a scary thing about the Nazis and Russians coming to take over, murder them and kick them out of their homes. After seeing a production of Fiddler on the Roof, I don’t think I could sing that song in a happy way again.

Tomorrow from Annie – Broadway Songs about the Sun and Sunshine

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In this broadway song about sun and sunshine you have an Orphan Girl who always tries to stay positive. When she is singing about the sun, she is using it as a way to say that everything is going to be ok and that tomorrow is another day. She uses the sun to represent positivity and happiness. It is a feeling of safety and security and that things will get better. That’s why Tomorrow from Annie is one of the most popular showtunes and broadway songs about the sun.

If you’ve ever been stressed and just really felt down, that’s what this song is for. It’s to let you know that depression passes and that you will feel better. Even if you want to kill yourself because you don’t think there is anything better, the song Tomorrow from Annie reminds you that you are going to have more amazing and fun days. You’ll get to make new friends, go on another trip, find a new job, fall in love again or whatever is causing you to feel depressed isn’t forever. She even sings “When I’m stuck with a day, that’s grey, and lo-only. I just stick out my chin, and grin, and saaaaayyyyyy ohhhhhh,,,,The sun will come out, tomorrow. Bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow, they’ll be sun”. No matter why you are feeling down right now, you can help make it better by helping to get over whatever is causing you to feel down and to remember that by working hard at fixing what’s wrong, “The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow”.

It’s kind of funny to think about taking advice about being happy from an orphan in a musical, but the song Tomorrow from Annie is the perfect way to do that. It is a happy song about the sun and one that can keep you thinking positive about live and being happy. This is definitely another one of my favorite showtunes and one that I think almost everyone loves. Feel free to share why you love this song in the comments below or by sharing it on Twitter or Facebook. If you have a friend that is down, you may want to send this post to them as well.

Let the Sunshine In from Hair – Showtunes about Sun and Sunshine

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If you want a different take on showtunes about sun or sunshine, you can think about the musical Hair. In this showtune about sunshine the cast is using the sun as a metaphor to let freedom in, stop the way and stop hating people. Just like the entire show, everything in it is a metaphor and means something other than what they are saying.

Hair means freedom and being free, sunshine is to let your heart open up and stop being naive. It can also be to help end the war and open your eyes that it is not a good one or one we should be fighting. Just like with other showtunes about sunshine, sunshine is being used to bring in light, happiness and health. It wants to bring back our people who are fighting in the war and make everyone happy and love each other. Sunshine is a warm thing when we think about it.

When you are at the beach or walking in it you feel the warmth and goodness from it on you. When you are depressed and look out the window or go out into the sunshine, it can make you smile. It can feel warm and calm you when you’re upset and can even feel like love to some people. Some of the reasons I could never live in London or Seattle or other cloudy cities is that I need the sun to live. It helps to keep me happy and upbeat, it helps to make me want to smile and get through the day happy. I don’t know where I’d be without the sun, especially when I get depressed. That’s why I think so many shows like Hair use the sun and sunshine in broadway songs to be able to show a feeling of happiness, health and love. It is warm, helps to heal you and makes you feel safe inside. That’s also probably one of the reasons that Let the Sunshine in is one of the best and most loved broadway songs about sunshine and from the movie and musical version of Hair.