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Ten Minutes Ago from Cinderella – Broadway Proposal Songs

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To stay with the Cinderella mini theme with this week about engagements and showtunes to get engaged to, I figure the first song should be from Cinderella on Broadway.  Cinderella is all about getting married and a happy ending.  The song Ten Minutes Ago is all about falling in love and knowing that is the person you want to marry.  I’ve met a ton of couples that knew the minute they saw the person they fell in love and knew that was the person for them.  That is what this song is about.  Whether you are looking for a showtune for your first dance or you want showtunes that are perfect for getting engaged, Ten Minutes Ago is the perfect song for both.

Because the song is literally the prince singing to Cinderella about falling in love instantly, and because it can easily be a waltz which is an amazing dance, you can easily make it your first dance as a married couple and steal the dance floor.  Ten Minutes Ago from Cinderella is a gorgeous and romantic song that will make the people at your wedding tear as well as the broadway fans want to sing a long.  The words and the music make it the perfect broadway song for a first dance and one of the best showtunes to get engaged to.

If you play ten minutes ago from Cinderella to the person you are about to get married to, it’ll make the person cry.  You’ll be singing or playing a song that lets them know you instantly fell in love and have always wanted to marry them.  You’ll be there with them forever and you’ll never want to leave their side.  When you finally fall in love and know that it is the right person, this showtune is the perfect one for you to have playing in your head or to play to that person.  It won’t be your song as a couple, but it is definitely a great showtune to get engaged to.  It’s romantic, it is about instantly falling in love and about wanting to marry the person you love.