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Buy Jekyll and Hyde Tickets on Sale Here

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If you’re thinking about which touring casts to see and want to buy Jekyll and Hyde Tickets on sale or at least get a good deal on Jekyll and Hyde tickets, you can click the following link to buy broadway tickets for the touring casts in your city here.  If you’re looking for a show for adults, for a date night or just to go see with friends for a night out, Jekyll and Hyde is a great show.  It would probably be boring for kids under 14 or 15 since it is more themed for adults, unless your kids have read the book or even seen the cartoon parodies like the one Bugs Bunny did in the Looney Toons or Scooby Doo with the diamond thief or any of the other old cartoons.

Jekyll and Hyde the musical is about the story of a kind and nice man Dr. Jekyll who invents a potion that can transform you into someone or something else.  Dr. Jekyll’s potion ends up turning him into the horrible alter ego Mr. Hyde.  The two men are 100% different from each other and when one has taken over the body, the other doesn’t remember what had happened.  The show is an awesome one for Halloween Musicals and also a perfect show for you to enjoy with your partner.  The songs and playlist are also extremely memorable and there are a few famous ones from the show.

Probably the most famous song from this musical is This is the Moment.  Almost everyone knows and loves this showtune and it is extremely popular.  Another song I love from this show is Once Upon a Dream.  Once Upon a Dream is a gorgeous song and one of the best ballads from the show.  It is a classic showtune that everyone expects to hear when they see a show and as long as the Actor who is performing it is on key you will fall in love with this song as well.  One of the other famous ballads from this show is Someone Like You.  Someone Like You is a song that you can almost guarantee will get your girlfriend or boyfriend to want to hold your arm and hold you close.   It is a gorgeous and romantic song that will easily get stuck in your head and actually make you want to buy the soundtrack.

The songs from the show are amazing and if you listen to the cast recording, you’ll definitely want to buy tickets to Jekyll and Hyde the musical.  If you already want to go see the show, but don’t want to spend a ton of money, click the links above and you’ll be able to buy Jekyll and Hyde tickets on sale from one of our advertisers.  Buy buying them through our advertisers you’ll also help to support this blog and enable us to keep bringing you new and fun showtunes as well as fun shows and broadway reviews.  If you’ve already seen it or you have your tickets to Jekyll and Hyde, feel free to leave a comment below with what you think of the show and what your favorite song from the musical is.

Happy Anniversary Wizard of Oz

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One of the most classic and loved family musicals has to be The Wizard of Oz.  I think just about everyone remembers watching Judy Garland go from black and white on the farm to full color when she arrives in Munchkin Land in Oz.  Everyone fell in love with the characters whether it was the Wicked Witch of the West or The Scarecrow, The Tin Man or The Lion, even Toto or The Lollipop Guild, and everyone would sing along.  The Wizard of Oz not only brought and gave us some of the most famous songs like Somwhere Over the Rainbow or If I Only Had a Brain, but The Wizard of Oz also gave us some of the most famous and memorable quotes which are still mimicked and parodied today.

Everyone knows the phrase “I’ll get you my pretty, and your little dog too”.  We all remember the Wicked Witch of the West telling her Monkeys to Fly and most of us have made a comment about ruby slippers or dropping a house on someone.  Other people make jokes about being careful in the rain because you might melt and that came from the Wicked Witch yelling I’m Melting I’m Melting, what a world when Dorothy threw a bucket of water on her to put out her dress when it caught fire.

The Wizard of Oz is one of the most amazing films, not only because it was one of the first done in color, but because it still remains a favorite movie and one that almost everyone in the world recognizes today.  People flock to the show Wicked to see what happened before Dorothy landed in Oz and to learn another story and there is a rumor that there is a new movie in the works for a new version of The Wizard of Oz with Return to Oz.  There are books and remakes of book like Gergory McGuire’s Son of a Witch and his third book A Lion Among Men.

The Wizard of Oz is one of the most loved Musicals and Movies of all time and I wanted to wish The Wizard of Oz a happy Anniversary.

Mary Poppins on Broadway Reviewed

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If there is one thing I love more than anything, it is amazing choreography and solid voices.  Although Mary Poppins has the dancing, there really aren’t any songs that enable the Actors to show off their voices but there are moments in almost every song where you get to see their amazing choreography and how talented they are with their ability to dance.  Disney gets a lot of crap from the Broadway Community about Broadway being about talent and natural ability, not huge budgets and wardrobe, but I have to admit, sometimes I love the huge budgets and classic characters.

If there is one thing that Disney can do like no other show or production company it is create a story that people will fall in love with, characters that we will remember, heroes and heroines that we will admire and villains we will hate.   Not only can Disney do this with their movies and tv shows, but they have now found a way to bring these amazing characters to life and not just through the screens or running around their theme parks, but on Broadway and in touring casts all over the world.

Disney brings their animated cartoons to life with elaborate costumes and helps characters like Mary Poppins fly through a theatre above a crowd who stares in complete shock.  Combined with their deep pockets and ability to recruit the best talent on earth, if I’m in the mood to watch a classic story and fall in love with childhood heroes, there is nothing I love more than a Disney show and Mary Poppins is the perfect one to see.

Mary Poppins is a nanny who finds two little kids who need someone that can not only be their friend but also teach them responsibility and how to enjoy their lives.  Mary takes them to magical places and into dreams to not only discover more about themselves, but also how to be an adult.  Mary shows them how to sweep a chimney, enjoy a rainy day and teaches them to respect everyone no matter how much money they have or where they fall into the world socially.   Mary Poppins on Broadway is a classic Disney show with amazing dance routines, elaborate and colorful costumes and songs that we all remember from our childhood.  Although no one can replace Julie Andrews on the silver screen, no one can replace this new and real life Mary Poppins that floats above crowds and brings the character to life.

Between the singing, the dancing, the costumes and the music, Mary Poppins on Broadway is a must see family favorite.  Not for the hardcore theatre buff or artsy type but for the family or someone who wants a feel good thought free stress relief and great time with great dancing and music and an even better and more memorable night out with their friends and family.   Mary Poppins on broadway is appropriate for all ages and even though there is no real heavy thought or deep meaning to the show, I still have to give Mary Poppins a 4 out of 5 because to be honest, I love the music, the costumes and the choreography.  Although Disney gets a horrible reputation for ruining broadway, I personally think that sometimes you need a break from shows that make you think like Spring Awakening or shows about rebellion like Rent or even shows for adults like Phantom of the Opera.

Even though Disney shows are geared towards kids, we were all kids at one point and almost all of us remember the songs.  This is why no matter who you are and how much you hate that Disney has taken over broadway, you end up having to sing a long and even smile during a Disney show, especially a show like Mary Poppins.  Mary Poppins is a classic Disney Show and one that I highly recommend if you want a night out with the family and want something you can sing along to and remember for the rest of your life.  This classic tale is perfect for everyone in your family so don’t worry about having your kids there or even leaving the kids at home.  Mary Poppins  is a great classic Disney show and I give it 4 out of 5 stars.  If you’ve seen Mary Poppins on Broadway, feel free to leave a comment below and tweet this post by clicking the green box at the top.

Priscilla Queen of the Desert the Musical

Priscilla Queen of The Desert The Musical

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Priscilla Queen of the Desert the Musical

Priscilla Queen of the Desert the Musical

Since Friday is coming up in a couple of minutes and we are closing out on gay week and drag week I was thinking of what gets gayer than the three bears performing Say a Little Prayer from Glee.  The only thing that is going to top that which we used to top A Little More Mascara and I am What I am from La Cage Au Follies is Priscilla Queen of the Desert and instead of just showing you a fabulous video and clip from this fabulous new hit Musical in London I would also review the show and the basic main story line.

Priscilla Queen of the Desert was one of the original Drag Queen and Gay Movies to ever hit the main stream media.  Much like Hairspray it dealt with taboo issues and also went from a cult movie to a musical production.  Now we’ll have to see if they end up doing another version of the movie and changing it again to be more appropriate for even more audiences in a new movie form with new music like the Musical version of Priscilla Queen of the Desert.

Priscilla Queen of the Desert is the story of three drag queens who are doing what every Drag Queen wants to do.  Put on a show and perform for a fabulous audience and crowd, not to mention star in Austrailia’s version of a Las Vegas (The goal stage of every Drag Queen in the USA) casino which turns out to be owned and operated by one of the Queen’s exs who also turns out to be an actual female.  They sort of traded each other in for a new pair of shoes and an argument over whose gown looked better.  I vote for the chandelier gown worn by the more feminine of the two, the Guy.

The story progresses as the three queens work their way through the desert and get stranded.  While they are stuck in the middle of the Austrailian outback they begin to talk about their past and different things they have overcome.  After you get through all of the boring emotional stuff they begin to give you what you actually came to see in the show. a bunch of Drag Divas in ridiculous costumes lipsinking the lyrics to other people’s songs.

The not only perform for a group of Australian Aborigines but they also end up in a small town and the one almost gets gay

Priscilla Queen of the Desert Queens Theatre

Priscilla Queen of the Desert Queens Theatre

bashed, they get to perform in another small town but get shown up by an ex Asian prostitute (who then loses her husband to one of the queens) in one of the movies most memorable moments, the ping pong ball trick which you see referenced to this day in spoofs.

Eventually the queens make it to Alice Springs to put on their final show and during the trip you will not only want to get up and sing to some of the most fun disco music but the bright costumes, the lively acting, the high energy of everything and the LED tour bus will not only leave a positive memory and leave you singing for days but you will walk out in an amazing mood.

Priscilla Queen of the Desert isn’t one of those shows that is deep or makes you want to cry but it is like Jersey Boys where it is a fun loving funny and feel good musical.  It is currently playing at the Queen’s Theatre (Ironic isn’t it) in London England’s West End and tickets are definitely worth the price if you want something fun and different to do than the normal hum drum or classic theatre show.  It may not be the best show for kids but is definitely one that you will be able to take almost anyone to for a fun and feel good time out.  I actually loved Priscilla Queen of the Desert even though this normally isn’t my type of show and because I left singing the songs and loving the show I have to give it a 4 out of 5 stars rating.

If you have seen Priscilla Queen of the Desert the Musical please feel free to share your pictures and leave a message below in the comments section.

Here is a clip from the shows trailer that I found to share with you all. You’ll see the insane costumes, the amazing set and see how fabulous the show actually is.

Les Miserables London England

Les Miserables Reviewed – Les Mis in London

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Les Miserables London England

Les Miserables London England

You can almost never go wrong with a classic show.  Les Miserables or Les Mis as most people call it is exactly one of those classic shows that you just cannot go wrong with.

I was recently in London England, pretty much home to Europe’s version of Broadway where they have everything playing from Avenue Q to Wicked in their dedicated theatres to touring casts like the newer show Dreamboats and Petticoats (which isn’t really in the west end, but then again it isn’t a dedicated theatre show).

One of things I love most about going to see Broadway styled shows in London England is that just like in New York City, you can go to the half price broadway tickets stand inside the Leicster (spelled wrong) Station in the Metro or just above it in Soho (The West End) and pick up a ticket last minute for just about any show and only have to pay around half price.

I went there to get a ticket for Les Mis in London, like I said you cannot go wrong with a classic show and since it is now the longest running show in London’s broadway history I had to go see it in London and with the new London cast.  When I got there it was disappointing to find out that the show was sold out and even if she did have a ticket it wouldn’t have been able to be sold for half price.   The girl at the counter did offer to call the Queen’s Theatre in London to double check and instead of being polite and saying no that’s ok I said that would be great.

She happily called the theatre and as she was talking to them someone canceled their seat in the front section and she

Les Miserables

Les Miserables

quickly had them put it on hold, offered it to me about 10 pounds above theatre price and since you really cannot get a better seat or ticket for Les Miserable in London, I couldn’t refuse, even with the markup. I got my ticket and was even more surprised to learn that you could pay in either US dollars or in British Pounds.  It was awesome!

So I got my ticket to Les Mis and went on to go do to the touristy thing for the day.

So Les Miserables Reviewed.  Is Les Mis a good show or should you spend a ton of money to see a show that has been running and around for 20 years?

Some people think that just because a show is old it may not be good.  It probably won’t have the special effects like Wicked or Hairspray, it won’t have the modern music like Rent or Spring Awakening or modern themes like Avenue Q but in reality, even though it may not have the modern special effects, when you combine beautiful ballads, amazing acting, great dance and a really well thought out story, not to mention a show that has lasted 20 years, you cannot go wrong.

Sure Les Mis doesn’t have flying witches, but it does have a love story, a talented cast, gorgeous overdone costumes, singing dancing, comedy and acting.  It has everything that all of us can relate to and even though we cannot relate to the time period the characters live in, if you actually think about it times haven’t changed that much, just the way we look at them and the new technology we have to help cope with them.

les miserables set

les miserables set

Les Miserables is the story of the French Revolution.  How people could start to rise up and overpower the government or monarchy if they truely believe in their cause.  Sure virtually the entire cast dies but if you read history, the French Revolution had to start somewhere and the brave characters and cast of Les Miserables helped to start that revolution and fight the French Monarchy.

The show starts with men who are imprisoned for doing things like stealing a loaf of bread to save their sisters baby’s life.  One of these men (who stole the loaf of bread) is Jean Valjean.

Jean Valjean is a good man at heart.  He was trying to save his Nephews life but instead got caught stealing to feed him and imprisoned for 16 years.  When his parol finally came up, we was released but also still had to report to his thickheaded parol officer regularly or he would have to go back to prison and work in the fields again.

Jean Valjean tried to go forward and make something of himself but whenever he would get a job, people would pay him half the money because he was a con, they would refuse to hire him or they would throw him out on the street and not even let him rent a room.  Not only was Jean Valjean at his lowest point, but he was also on the verge of death until a Bishop took him in.  Unfortunately while the Bishop went to bed, Jean Valjean robbed his silver and everything he could find.  He then ran out of the house to go into hiding and started to realize, what had he done?

Of course he ended up getting caught and when he was about to be sent back to prison for stealing from the Bishop, the

Les Miserables Queens Theatre London England

Les Miserables Queens Theatre London England

Bishop lied and said he gave all the silver to Jean Valjean (even though the Bishop was poor and had very little).  He also said that Jean had forgotten the candlesticks that he was given as well and handed them to him.  Even though Jean Valjean felt guilty about stealing the Bishop’s silver, he took the Candlesticks and when he was about to leave the Bishop told him to use them to start a new life and a good life and with that Jean Valjean left.

You then get to start to move into the slum of France just before the revolution.  There are prostitutes everywhere, women in factories and everyone stuggling.  A young woman named Fantine.

Fantine is a young woman struggling to not only keep herself alive, but everything she does and earns is all for one purpose, to save her daughter who is staying with the Inn Keeper and his wife, Cosette.

Fantine does eventually pass away in the show but if you know your French History or watch the History channel, ghosts to come back and appear, especially during hard times and times of war.  Ghosts are a huge part of this show, whether it is about dreams and songs like Castle on a Cloud which you hear Cosette sing while she is a little girl or the ghosts of Marius’s Friend’s all singing after they die in the fight against the french revolution.

After Fantine passes away, Jean Valjean makes her last request his life’s work.

He goes to the Inn that Cosette is living in with the comedy relief characters and goes to not only rescue Cosette but also raise her as his own daughter.

The story continues on from there and goes through what life was like back in France and eventually ends in Paris where the French Revolution took place.  There are side stories about surviving, falling in love, robbing your customers and even not to underestimate the power of people who go unseen because they are small, short or different.

The show has funny punchlines, amazing ballads and you will laugh and you may even cry during certain songs and parts.  One of my favorite songs from Les Miserable “On My Own” is a great example.

The first half of Les Miserables is very emotional and until you hear this song in the second half of the show you don’t think you will be able to cry again.

The Actress who played Eponine was amazing.  She not only had one of the strongest voices in the cast, but her acting was incredible.  She did mess up and miss a couple notes in my favorite song from the show, but her overall performance was nothing short of incredible.  She has a huge career built out for her if she learns how to control the rest of her voice and not overdo the last bit of the high notes.

The two kids who star in the show, (the one who plays Cosette as a little girl and the Boy who sings the Little People song) stole the show.  The understudy who played Jean Valjean that night started out fairly weak but between these four actors there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.  All four of them surprised and shocked me with their talents.

Marius and the rest of the cast were ok, nothing special nothing amazing, but these four were absolutely show stoppers.  I even actually ran into a couple of them randomly after show on my way into Soho and what was even more suprising was that even though they just got off work and were worn out, they all had time to stop and chat for a bit.

Jean Valjean Les Miserables

Jean Valjean Les Miserables

They thanked me for coming out, were amazingly friendly and were happy to talk about the show and their careers.  Here is a picture of the guy who played Jean Valjean the night I was at the show.

Overall you cannot go wrong with Les Miserables in London at the Queen’s Theatre in the West End.  The show makes you laugh and cry, has great songs, fun characters and amazing costumes.  Les Mis at the Queens Theatre in the West End of London gets 4 and a half stars from me.  It is definitely worth watching and going back to see again.

If you have seen Les Miserables in London or if you have seen it or want to go see it, feel free to leave a comment and let us know how you like it, what you loved about it and when you are going to see it again.