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Pippin Finale 1 – Broadway Songs about the Sun

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The best way to end our week of broadway songs about the sun is with one that was just revived on Broadway, the Pippin Finale 1. This broadway song about the sun is all about the Sun being everything you’ve ever wanted, ever worked for and are working to get to. It could be reaching the top of your company and taking over, being the star performer in their circus or even the head of a group you belong to.

If you’re in Politics and running for your first campaign, realizing you could become the Speaker of the House or the President. If you’re an Olympian, winning the gold medal in every event and getting the cover of every magazine, endorsement and a Wheaties cereal box. For Pippin it is overcoming every obstacle and becoming the star of his show. It doesn’t matter if he falls in love, has a son that loves him, it is about reaching his real goals, after finally discovering what they are. It helps lead into the second act where he continues to search his soul to figure out what is the more important to him and what he really wants to achieve.

After going through a ton of showtunes about the sun this week, metaphors for what the sun can mean in different shows, to different characters and also to different songwriters, this one is perfect because it is about trying to reach your goals and figuring out how to do it. We heard a happy family encouraging you to go out and play it in, we heard about a girl who always knows that the sun will be out tomorrow and to keep your head up, about a way coming to an end and a new day ahead and even a town being conquered causing people to lose their homes, their lives and their families. The Pippin finale is the perfect showtune about the sun because it ties all of these together. By reaching your goals you can overcome hardship and come out ahead. You have to stay positive and know that it will be there to keep you warm and alive and that you can always try again tomorrow and that by never giving up you can eventually get everything that you want. Thank you all again for reading and if you have a theme you’d like us to use for a week, feel free to leave a comment below and we’ll start to work on finding the right showtunes for it.

Pippin – No Time at All. A broadway song to cheer you up.

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The song No Time at All from Pippin is one of my favorite broadway songs to cheer you up. Everyone hits a point where they break up with someone, fail a test or a class, lose a job, get in a fight with a friend or just even feel like they aren’t worth much. We all feel these at some point, for me it is each year as I turn a year younger on my birthday.

Anyways, if you constantly worry about how bad life is and forget that there are good things that happen when you’re older, when you take a nap and wake up, when you get through the week and enjoy a weekend, you forget that sometimes things suck and everyone feels like they have no purpose. Even Avenue Q has a song called Purpose which is about finding your purpose. Anyways, when Pippin walks into the room to talk to Granny, he talks about how he feels worthless and that is when Granny decides to jump in.

No Time at All from Pippin is a song that Granny sings to Pippin about remembering that life is worth living and you always have to remember that things do eventually get better. One of the things that I think everyone hates is that you have to be proper your whole life. No swearing, being polite, no sex talk, etc… However, when you are older, you sort of earn the right to be as vulgar and as funny as you’d like which is what I love about some of Granny’s first lines.

The song No Time at All from Pippin is one of my favorite songs to listen to whenever I feel worthless or feel like I haven’t accomplished anything. Anyways, this is one of my favorite songs from Pippin, besides corner of the sky, and I think that if you are ever having a bad day or are just feeling down, you’ll end up falling in love with No Time at All from Pippin as well. Anyways, here is No Time at All from Pippin.