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Broadway Parodies Les Miserables to Overthrow the GOP

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I don’t think anyone would be shocked to find out that many people on Broadway are democrats and probably don’t agree much with people like Mitt Romney. At the same time, people on Broadway also tend to be a bit more outspoken than most others and when there is a heated election and corporate donations being made that cause fights between friends, Broadway likes to parody itself and its shows, especially if they are relevant to the time period. A few Actors with amazing voices decided to compare the US election between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney to the French revolution from the show Les Miserables and bring out numerous similarities. Although I think they went a bit to far by throwing serious left wing politics in your face during the beginning of this video, One Term More is actually kind of a good parody song and video to help you realize that regardless of who is president and who wins, right now America is sort of similar to France during the revolution.

They bring up dying or dead cities like Detroit. They bring up unemployment recovering but not strong and they bring up looking after the people you are supposed to represent. I normally do not ever post anything political on any of my sites or blogs, but this parody is done extremely well, once you get past the extremely in your face messaging in the beginning of the song. We have writers from both sides of the political parties here at, so this is not any opinion of any one author or person. Instead it is just like any other parody we would play. To keep anyone who may get offended happy after watching the One Time More video parody of One Day More from Les Miserables, I have also included a funny GOP friendly clip about Barack and Biden slip ups and mashups from a popular late night tv show host.

I think that it is also well done and even though they take everything out of context with them, if you are more conservative or part of the GOP, this will definitely bring a smile to your face as well. If you are a Democrat and have a sense of humor, you would also be able to enjoy the second video after One Term More. Anyways, this post isn’t about politics but it is about an awesome parody of the song One Day More from the show Les Miserables called One Term More and the reason I am posting it here is because it is amazingly well done with extremely relevant references comparing the people who fought in the French Revolution to what is currently happening here in the USA right now.

One Term More Les Miserables Political Parody of One Day More

Barack Obama New Slogans Parody from Conan O’Brien

Belle sings in the Ghetto – Beauty and the Beat.

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like for a Disney Princess to be in the real world? Not like enchanted where she meets someone with a huge apartment in Manhattan, but in somewhere like the slums of a city. Thanks to a really fun and fabulous production company, you can now really get an appreciation for what it would be like for a Disney Princess to be real and live in the Ghetto.

Beauty and the Beat is an absolutely fabulous redo of one of the most classic and loved songs from Beauty and the Beast. Not only does Belle actually sing a real song from Beauty and the Beast, but she even acts it out almost exactly like the real character did in the movie version of Beauty and the Beast. As she is singing and leaving her house in the morning she runs into a ton of townspeople, just like in the cartoon version of the movie and each of them have reactions very similar, but in their own way to the way that Beauty had in the movie.

Without trying to spoil the video for you, you’ll definitely fall in love with this version of Belle from Beauty and the Beast. They played the video for Beauty and the Beat last night at JRs when we were out for drinks and everyone stopped talking to watch. It is an absolutely hilarious version of the song Belle from Beauty and the Beast and you will absolutely love it, especially if you are a fan of Disney movies and spoofs of Disney movies as well.

Besides Mad TV doing a funny parody called The Real Housewives of Disney, this is one of the better spoofs that I’ve seen and actually thought was worth sharing. Please feel free to share this post and video with your friends and family on Twitter and Facebook by using the icons and sharing buttons at the top of this post or by using the Facebook and Twitter share on the video. It is definitely a funny enough video and everyone who loves Disney will love this video as well.

The Real Housewives of Disney – Great Video

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So I was at showtunes last night and I heard a brand new video clip from Saturday Night Live called the Real Housewives of Disney. Disney is famous for their amazing musicals, broadway shows and their princesses which sing and dance. However, disney is also where they have to live, so what happens when the Disney Princesses get together and form a reality show?

If you’re a fan of Bravo TV then you are familiar with the Real Housewives shows. Not only do they fight with each other and everyone around them, but they are catty, bitchy and super fun to watch. That is why I love that Saturday Night Live did a parody of them called the Real Housewives of Disney and you can find the Real Housewives of Disney video here on this site or on the NBC site.

The skit goes through each of the princesses lives, their fights and drama as well as creating a parody of things from the actual TV show. I think one of my favorite moments is when they are talking about Cinderella and she makes a comment, “Never marry a guy with a shoe fetish”. Not only did they make Prince Charming gay, but he becomes like some of the husbands who go in to create drama.

The Real Housewives of Disney Video is absolutely hilarious and although it isn’t a showtune or a broadway thing, it is completely worth watching and being added to this site. Even if you aren’t a fan of Disney or Bravo, this is a seriously funny video because the writing, comedy and everything is absolutely hilarious. One thing I didn’t understand though is why they didn’t show the Real Housewives of NYC in the preview since that is the show that they mimic and make fun of the most in this parody.

Jill has a million charities, Simon creates drama and they all fight and make really rude comments to each other. The Real Housewives of Disney is an absolutely hilarious video and completely worth watching. I was laughing at showtunes night and know that you’ll love the Real Housewives of Disney video as well.

Book of Mormon Harry Potter Parody – Hello Video.

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I was looking for something to review today and I found this video parody of the Book of Mormon’s song Hello by a seriously talented kid who plays the characters from Harry Potter. The Book of Mormon Harry Potter Parody is extremely well done. The lyrics match up to the song from the show almost perfectly but make complete sense for Harry Potter instead. What I love even more is that it looks like it is the same girl playing all eight characters and doing them extremely well.

The Book of Mormon Harry Potter Parody video Hello is sort of only funny if you have either seen The Book of Mormon on Broadway, have heard the soundtrack or original cast recording if you’re a theatre buff and you are a fan of or have seen the Harry Potter books and movies. It has most of the major characters in it and each of them are holding a different book from the series. One of my favorite lines in the parody video of Hello from The Book of Mormon is when Harry Potter sings “This book is about my life” instead of the lyric “This book will change your life”. The entire parody is done well and each character stays in character and their lyrics match up to how they were in the Harry Potter books.

I absolutely love this parody and think that the girl in the video who does the Book of Mormon Harry Potter video has a huge career ahead of her. Not only did she do an amazing job playing all of the characters, but if she wrote the lyrics too, she is the next Miranda Sings or even Seth Rudetsky. If you haven’t heard the song Hello from The Book of Mormon, I put the video of it below the parody video so you can hear what the real version sounds like.

I Am the Very Model of a Modern Homosexual Parody

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If you love the Pirates of Penzance, you’ll love this parody of the song I am the very model of a modern major general, I am the very model of a modern homosexual. Not only do I love parodies and when producers cross shows for promotions like when Avenue Q and Fiddler combined to create Avenue Jew or when Spring Awakening combined with Grease to create a ridiculous cast, in this parody a bunch of gay guys combined, probably on a poop deck to redo one of the most famous showtunes and create I am the very model of a modern homosexual.

The original song has been heard in cartoons, on tv, on the radio and just about everyone knows the tune. They turned the show into a movie and back into a show and everyone tries to sing along with it but eventually ends up giving up. The fun thing about the parody I am the very model of a modern homosexual is that you don’t want to give up, you want to actually learn the lyrics since it is freaking hilarious.

Ok I am holding back from a million but pirate jokes with this song and the show the Pirates of Penzance, with the exception of the poop deck comment above, so I’ll leave it up to you to make as many of the gay pirate jokes as you’d like, just keep them to yourself so we don’t offend any of the readers….or leave it in the comments and if its in taste then I’ll approve it. =0). Anyways, I am the very model of a modern homosexual is a fun parody that I am probably going to end up trying to download to my iPhone so that I can add it to my work playlist. Not only is it a fun one to sing a long to, but it is also great for typing. I absolutely love this song and think that you will to. I wish they would have crossed the show La Cage with it for a promo. That would have been perfect. Anyways, here’s I am the very model of a modern homosexual. Let me know what you think.