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Cinderella Parody – Baby Got Back – The Shoes Version!

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If there is one thing we know about Cinderella on broadway, it’s all about the shoes.  In this parody of Baby Got Back the Broadway cast of Cinderella parody Baby Got Back and make it all about shoes.  Because who doesn’t love a pair of venetian glass slippers…unless they break.  There is actually a reason why I’m posting this on a Sunday.  It’s a way to lead into this week’s theme of showtunes.  I’m actually writing the posts right now so I make sure I don’t get lazy and forget.

There are some shows about love and some about falling in love.  There are others where you wait the entire time for the engagement and the wedding and that is what Cinderella is all about.  It’s about the poor girl who has a hard life getting to meet and marry the man of her dreams.  Yesterday my friend posted a broadway wedding proposal on my Facebook wall and I started crying.  It was absolutely amazing.

Although I’m not getting married, I did finally meet someone and was going to do a week of posts about falling in love, dating or meeting someone.  Instead after seeing the broadway propsal, I decided to do a week of showtunes about getting engaged or showtunes to listen to after or when you are engaged.  Weddings are some of my favorite things and I actually cried while writing tomorrow’s post.  (I was going to use this Cinderella parody with the cast of Cinderella singing Baby Got Back about shoes instead of butts, but decided to do this post today so I could keep the week all about  showtunes and broadway songs about getting engaged.)

Anyways, I am sure we’ll be seeing the Cinderella Shoes Song at every showtunes night now that the VJ has seen this post…since I’m sending it to him and because it is freaking hilarious.  The Cinderella shoes song is an awesome parody of Baby Got Back and even if you aren’t a huge broadway fan, but you did love the 90’s you’ll love this parody.  Thank you again for reading and share this post on Facebook and Twitter if you liked it.

Disney Hipster Princess the Musical – Well Song.

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Of all the theater districts in the world, Time Square is probably the most mainstream of them all. But this doesn’t mean there is no room left for a little edginess and irony. Hipster Disney Princess the Musical (if a single song can be called a musical) shows Time Square still has plenty of room for alternativeness. In Hipster Disney Princess the Musical, Ariel, Cinderella, and Snow White take over Time Square to show off how quirky, edgy and of course, hipster Disney characters can be with hilarious results.

Considering that the song is less than a minute and a half in its entirety, I was pretty impressed with how many jokes they were able to squeeze into it. From Kombucha tea and thrift stores to vinyl records and poetry readings, this song touches on an incredible amount of hipster stereotypes at a rapid fire pace. While Hipster Disney Princess the Musical certainly isn’t the funniest number I’ve seen, it may just take the cake for having more punch lines per second of song.

Although the cast of beloved childhood characters begins lampooning the hipster culture right off the bat, I found they really hit their stride at about 33 seconds into the video. This is where Snow White boasts about talking to birds before Twitter and Ariel proclaims her love of sushi. I’m not sure if eating sushi makes Ariel a cannibal or not, but as Belle points out, it is at least ironic at some level.

My personal favorite part was when Snow White sings:

See when a tree falls in the forest
And there is no one there to hear it
You can bet we’ve bought the vinyl

In a close second was Ariel asking, “Do you like my bra?/It’s organic!” I’ve yet to see seashell bras in Wholefoods, but if this video gets enough traction, they might start popping up.

Ariel and Snow White continue to dominate the comedic bits through out the rest of the song. And even when they aren’t cracking jokes, I thought they were the best actresses. All of the princesses are clearly trying to look smug, self important and bored at the same time, but Snow White definitely pulled it off the best — especially with her half-hearted dance at 1:06. And when Ariel isn’t being funny, she’s at least being adorable.

Belle and Cinderella, on the other hand, seemed pretty lackluster. They didn’t have as many lines and probably with good reason. However, I may be somewhat biased as The Little Mermaid and Snow White and the Seven Dwarves were the only two Disney Princess movies I’d allow my sisters to make me watch while growing up. If I didn’t have the time or inclination to watch Beauty and the Beast and Cinderella as a small child, I certainly don’t care about Belle or Cinderella now.

While the song does nail a whole lot of jokes in a very brief amount of time, I thought that if they had made it a little longer it could have been far better. For example, a slightly longer version may have allowed for more variation within the melody. As it is, I kind of felt like the entirety of Hipster Disney Princess the Musical was the build up for a part of the song that just never occurred. Another reason I wish it were longer is so that the chorus could have been stronger. Finally, instead of a quick succession of one-liners, the lyrics and jokes may have benefited from a bit more depth if the song were fleshed out more.

Even though the song is short and mostly one quick joke after another, it does have a little bit of an overriding theme to it. Namely that the Hipster Disney Princesses are all trying so hard to make themselves individual, that they are all turning into the same person. This is definitely shown with their matching Starbucks cups and oversized plastic glasses, and n case you weren’t paying attention, the lines “We are so unique/We are all the same!”

I don’t really blame them or think they are any worse off as hipsters. In my eyes the real Disney Princesses are all pretty much the same too. They’re a bunch of tall, thin, pretty girls with beautiful voices and an evil parent/step-parent/fiancé. They then disobey or run away from said evil person. Cast away from their family/town/castle, they find the man of their dreams through a few song and dance numbers. If my whole peer group was that similar I’d try my best to distinguish myself too. Where they go wrong in Hipster Disney Princess the Musical is by all trying to distinguish themselves in the same way.

What happens to Disney Princesses after They Get Married? Jon Cozart

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This is by far the funniest parody I have seen! Disney has a habit of sugar coating both current and historic events to make them more kid friendly. On the other hand, Jon Cozart is not afraid to provide us with the hard (and hilarious) truth of what happens to Disney characters that get involved with our oceans, the Middle East, indigenous population or interspecies relations. His explanations of what happens after Disney characters “dreams all come true” are definitely different than what I had envisioned growing up. However, if this guy ever happens to write or direct a sequel to any of these Disney movies, I will certainly come to the midnight premiere — I just won’t bring the kids.

Cozart opens up with a raunchy remix of Under the Sea. While he keeps the same bubbly Caribbean beat in an all accapella style, but he puts a darker spin on things. After all, Ariel is a 21st century mermaid. She has to share the sea with more than just her fishy friend Flounder — she also deals with the fallout from the Deepwater Horizon explosion and her pals being massacred and eaten by the Chinese and Japanese.

In the Aladdin bit, Jasmine has finally landed her dream boy; only to have him promptly imprisoned in Gitmo. This is when Cozart busts out my personal favorite line: Bush was crazy/Obama is lazy/ Al Qaeda’s not in this country! On top of the witty lyrics, I thought that the facial expressions that Jon Cozart constantly makes through this part added a whole new level of hilarity to the song — although I doubt that is any consolation to Aladdin — he probably just wishes he had saved a last wish with his genie so he could abolish the Indefinite Detention Act.

Denmark has some fairly liberal bestiality laws. Unfortunately, Beauty and the Beast is set in France, and Belle’s secret is out. While Jon Cozart showed the spite of the town’s people towards Belle very clearly, he leaves us with a cliff hanger as to whether she gets killed by a mob, placed in jail, or just has her hairy hubby taken away by PETA is all left up in the air.

The Pocahontas film had a fair bit of violence for a Disney movie, but compared to what happens afterwards, it was a walk in the park. This piece was the one that truly showcased Jon Cozart’s talent. It displayed not only his acapella skills and his brutal sense of humor, but his language and acting capabilities as well. The part where the French and Spaniards freak out upon learning just how depraved Pocahontas has become had me cracking up regardless of how many times I watched it.

I’m not generally into parodies, but Jon Cozart nailed this one. Disney can be sickeningly sweet far too often, and I thought that watching a video sinisterly tearing apart all their idealism was a breath of fresh air. Even those who aren’t so sadistic should still be able to appreciate the witty lyrics and the terrific acting and singing skills of Jon Cozart.

Awesome Brotherhood of Men Parody – CBS Parody SuperBowl Ad

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I was looking for another version of Brotherhood of Men from How to Succeed in Business Without Even Trying when I came across a super bowl ad where CBS did a parody of the showtune and actually did an awesome job. I completely forgot about this version and was cracking up when I saw it. Not only is it basically all of the stars from a lot of the older shows from the network, but they can actually sing extremely well as well.

What many people forget is that a lot of tv and even movie stars are also able to sing. A lot of them went to school for acting and were also trained how to dance, sing and perform. Depending on which media or type of acting jobs they get cast in determines what talents they get to show off. Just because you’ve never heard them sing or perform before doesn’t mean they can’t. I think that is why I love this super bowl ad parody of Brotherhood of Men from How to Succeed in Business Without Even Trying. It has a ton of celebrities that we all know showing that they can actually sing and perform like they are on broadway, instead of just their normal acting roles which we see on tv or in the movies on a regular basis.

This parody is a bit older so some of the characters might not be relevant anymore, but it’s also fun to see which ones and which shows you can recognize. The other fun thing is that the characters in the parody keep their tv show characters’ personas. Because many of the shows take place in an office building, the funny part is they all mesh together and the parody actually works with all of the characters from different shows combined into one song about being in a large corporation. This parody of Brotherhood of Men from How to Succeed in Business is awesome and CBS did an awesome job with it. I think my favorite part is the Betty White comment in the beginning, but there are a ton of other great things they added. Feel free to share your own favorite part in the comments below.

It’s Super Liza – A Liquor Powered Superhero in Sequins

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I saw this at MOVA Lounge the other night and couldn’t stop laughing. It is a short video clip of a superhero version of Liza Minelli whose goal is to help all the gays in NYC who are in need. Not only is this liquor powered Heroine true to a stereotypical form, but it is absolutely hilarious. Kiss the “blackbirds” goodbye and realize that when Super Liza’s on the scene, every day “is a Cabaret old chum“.

If you’ve been to NYC and like the piano bars, I think that one of the funniest things that you may not get from this video is that when Liza goes to get fueled up to fight evil, she goes to a gay piano bar called Don’t Tell Mama (which I always review here when I go to NYC). The funny part about Super Liza going to Don’t Tell Mama in NYC is that “Don’t Tell Mama” is a song from the show Cabaret which Liza made famous. I love that they actually took a famous icon like Liza and made her into a superhero, but it could get kind of scary if they took other broadway stars and turned them into superheroes as well.

Could you imaging a super powered Bernadette Peters with her hair lasso or a super powered Kristin Chenoweth that uses her power of cuteness and voice to fight off evil and protect the gays. What about a super powered Barbara who fights for deals so you “can get it on wholesale” or even a Carol Channing that can talk to Diamonds and make them attack since they are her best friends. There are a ton of funny broadway star superheroes they could invent.

I never actually watched the show that produced this video clip, I think it’s that big gay sketch show, but I am completely tempted to start watching now if all of the clips are as good as the Super Liza one. If you’ve watched the show and liked it, feel free to leave a comment below or to share your own favorite clip from their show. Thank you all again for reading.