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Barbara Streisand Not To Star In Gypsy Remake

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So today I found out something that not only got me to scream, but I was super excited for a new remake of Gypsy.  Apparently Stephen Sondheim was going to do a remake of the hit show Gypsy starring the fabulous Ms. Barbara Streisand.  Unfortunately today Stephen Sondheim and everyone announced that they will not be doing this remake and even though it would have been a perfect exit show for Barbara’s career, they won’t make it.  I cannot say how upset I am about this.  1.  Barbara should not be looking for an exit show and 2.  She would have been perfect for the role.

Mama Rose is a character that is demanding and needs to own a stage.  The only women who have ever been able to pull her off and do it well include Ethel Merman, Patti Lupone, Bernadette Peters (She did an ok job but wasn’t the pushy mom type enough), Angela Lansbury and my personal favorite Mama Rose, Bette Midler from the original made for TV movie version, well not the original but the best movie version.  I think that Barbara Streisand would not only have been the perfect Mama Rose because she not only has an amazing presence, but she can belt a tune and also has amazing voice control.

Barbara knows how to take over a role, can throw her voice and definitely take the role to a new level by making us all remember our own moms.  Barbara knows what it was like breaking into theatre and I think that she can tie in her own life and memories to be able to bring out the most believable stage mom with the most drive and pull off this role easily.  The dancing is perfect for her and the singing about Chinese food is something we Jews do every Christmas anyways so the role is absolutely perfect for her.  When I heard that they not only canceled the remake of the movie, but Barbara Streisand was supposed to star in Gypsy, I think that all of theatre died a little bit today.  Unfortunately they canceled the remake of Gypsy starring Barbara Streisand but that also means that Barbara will have to find a new movie or show to leave the theatre with.  Hopefully that won’t come for another couple of decades.

Anyways, here’s Bette in Gypsy.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show Reviewed

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With Halloween around the corner I thought the only appropriate show to review, well not the show but the movie version of the Rocky Horror Show (which is in musical form again), would be to review the Rocky Horror Picture Show and why it has lasted for such a long time.  The funny thing about the Rocky Horror Picture Show is that it actually isn’t supposed to really have to much of a plot and is just an insane running around of nothing in particular, but then again it can actually be seen as a love story and a story about helping to stop a mad scientist from taking over the world.  So what is the Rocky Horror Picture Show and why did it become so famous and why is it still running.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show was a movie musical created in the 70’s I believe.  It is the story of a young couple who decides to get married and because they get engaged at their friends wedding they get the idea to visit their old professor whose class they had met in.  On their way to visit their old professor, who is also a friend, they get a flat tire and need to go for help.

The couple comes across a castle which is the home of Dr. Frank N Furter and also ends up being a spaceship and that is when they meet a cast of characters that includes aliens, groupies and even rock n roll star Meatloaf.  Brad and Janet, the happy couple, go through a crazy night of sex, watching a man be brought to life and watching servants take over and murder their master.  They get sat to dinner and end up eating a human and also experience lesbian and gay sex.  The Rocky Horror Picture Show was a movie ahead of its time and became one of the very first cult films (films with a large following like Star Wars, Priscilla Queen of the Desert, The Wizard of Oz, Napoleon Dynamite, Night of the Living Dead or A Clockwork Orange).  Featuring an all star cast with Tim Curry, Susan Sarandon and Meatloaf as well as an excellent soundtrack with the Halloween classic the Time Warp, the Rocky Horror Picture Show flopped as a mainstream movie but became an overnight (literally) hit with midnight showings.  What really made it famous though was when the same groups of people starting coming back week after week for midnight showings and eventually actually started showing up in Rocky Horror Picture Show costumes as well.

If the costumes weren’t enough, they eventually started to communicate with the screen.  Not only did The Rocky Horror Picture Show become one of the first audience participation movies, but eventually people started to bring in props and throw things in the theatre.  They brought playing cards to toss when Dr. Frank N Furter says “Cards for sorrow, cards for pain” and acts like he is dealing a deck or cards or toast to throw when the character on screen yells a toast but the people who would show up in costume started to form a cast and act out the film in front of the screen and in sync with it. Because of the obsession and making the Rocky Horror Picture Show an audience participation phenomenon, it picked up into the main stream movies and society by bringing in acting students, college students, high school students and audiences of all ages for halloween shows.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a classic example of how a cult film or a random film about nothing can become a success and still sells out in many cities to do this day for midnight showings on Halloween and most other weekends in many major cities.  Do a Google search for Rocky Horror Picture Show and type your city’s name after it to see if there is a showing or local cast page for the city you live.

Happy Halloween everyone!

Here is the live show version

Happy Anniversary Wizard of Oz

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One of the most classic and loved family musicals has to be The Wizard of Oz.  I think just about everyone remembers watching Judy Garland go from black and white on the farm to full color when she arrives in Munchkin Land in Oz.  Everyone fell in love with the characters whether it was the Wicked Witch of the West or The Scarecrow, The Tin Man or The Lion, even Toto or The Lollipop Guild, and everyone would sing along.  The Wizard of Oz not only brought and gave us some of the most famous songs like Somwhere Over the Rainbow or If I Only Had a Brain, but The Wizard of Oz also gave us some of the most famous and memorable quotes which are still mimicked and parodied today.

Everyone knows the phrase “I’ll get you my pretty, and your little dog too”.  We all remember the Wicked Witch of the West telling her Monkeys to Fly and most of us have made a comment about ruby slippers or dropping a house on someone.  Other people make jokes about being careful in the rain because you might melt and that came from the Wicked Witch yelling I’m Melting I’m Melting, what a world when Dorothy threw a bucket of water on her to put out her dress when it caught fire.

The Wizard of Oz is one of the most amazing films, not only because it was one of the first done in color, but because it still remains a favorite movie and one that almost everyone in the world recognizes today.  People flock to the show Wicked to see what happened before Dorothy landed in Oz and to learn another story and there is a rumor that there is a new movie in the works for a new version of The Wizard of Oz with Return to Oz.  There are books and remakes of book like Gergory McGuire’s Son of a Witch and his third book A Lion Among Men.

The Wizard of Oz is one of the most loved Musicals and Movies of all time and I wanted to wish The Wizard of Oz a happy Anniversary.

I want it now from Willy Wonka

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So I’m having a complete brat moment right now.  I actually just said, well lots of people complained about it being a black tie event so they changed it to black and white attire instead.  And by lots of people I mean me and by me I mean I am the only one that matters.  lol.  Not only was I shocked at how fabulously arrogant that was but it completely got me and my friends laughing and it instantly made me think of the mother of all about herself Diva’s Veruka Salt.

Veruka Salt is one of the most memorable and sort of loved characters in the movie Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.  She is the spoiled brat child that falls down the bad egg shoot.   Not only does she have a Diva complex but she also reminds almost all of us of someone we all knew as kids and even as adults.  Her character represents greed and being a spoiled brat.  It is about being envious and being glutenous but for material things instead of food.  Personally I get just like her when it is my birthday and I think most of us have Veruka Salt tendencies around our birthdays and anniversaries.

Mother’s have it around Mother’s Day and Fathers get that way around Father’s Days.  I think everyone has a Veruka Salt moment so to celebrate my Veruka Salt moment earlier I thought I would share her famous song I want it now from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.  Because not only so I want a ball, I want a party and I want a goose that lays gold eggs for easter.  Actually, not just easter but everyday lol.  Anyways, enjoy the Veruka Salt video for I want it now from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and please feel free to share your own Veruka Salt memories and stories with us by leaving a comment below.

Shrek 2 I need a hero video

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Last night I had some friends over because one of them just broke up from a long term relationship and marriage. After everyone went out I stayed behind with my friend and tried to keep us both happy and everything fun. When we were alone it got kind of sad and depressing again until I was flipping though the tv and we found Shrek 2 playing on TBS. Not only do I love the Shrek Movies but Shrek 2 is even more fabulous since it not only helps to teach about being yourself and loving everyone but it also features one of the most recognizable showtunes from the show Footloose Holding out for a hero.

Bonnie Tyler not only made this song famous but when you combine a really bad 80’s story line with Kevin Bacon and a cast of dancing 80’s actors you get a movie that you cannot forget and a soundtrack that ends up being a best seller.  The songs from Footloose have been remixed for years now and I forgot that Shrek 2 had a version of Holding Out for a Hero which was perfomed by the fabulous Jennifer Saunders from one of the most popular British Comedy shows Absolutely Fabulous.

Not only was the Shrek 2 Holding Out for a Hero perfect for Jennifer Saunders but the character whose voice she played was an absolutely perfect casting job to combine her character Eddie from Ab Fab into a cartoon and the only company and movie that could make it all work together was Shrek 2.  Not only did Shrek 2 make us both laugh but it was a great movie with a fabulous soundtrack and we both ended up not being able to stop watching.  The Shrek movies are awesome and I love Shrek 2 and wanted to share one of the songs from it since it is technically a showtune as well as a song from a movie.

Here is Shrek 2 Holding Out for a Hero by Jennifer Saunders.