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Kristin Chenoweth – Maybe This Time and I Could Have Danced All Night

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If there was one video that I wanted to save for the final post of the year on it has to be one of my favorite broadway stars of all times Kristin Chenoweth singing a mash-up of Maybe This Time from Cabaret and I Could Have Danced All Night from My Fair Lady. Not only is Kristin Chenoweth amazing, but these two songs combined are the perfect way to describe a new year and how to move into the next one.

Maybe This Time from Cabaret starts off with Maybe This Time, I’ll Be Lucky, Maybe This Time He’ll Stay. Not only could that be talking about a relationship you broke up with in the last year, but it could also be anything that didn’t come through for you or that you didn’t do from your check list of New Years Resolutions. Maybe This Time is an amazing song to start with because it is about putting all of the things you didn’t accomplish from last years New Years Resolutions and making sure that you do them this coming year. That is why I love that in this version of Maybe This Time by Kristin Chenoweth it starts out with her singing the song and then ends up with her singing I Could Have Danced All Night from My Fair Lady.

I Could Have Danced All Night from My Fair Lady is an incredible song. It is about the main character singing about a party she just went to and had an amazing time at. Not only did she sing and dance and enjoy every moment of the party, but she is in love and very excited about seeing the person she is falling for. If you think about it for New Years Eve, the song could be about being excited for the new year to come and enjoying welcoming the new year in.

Krisitin Chenoweth’s performance of Maybe This Time and I Could Have Danced All Night on Dancing With The Stars was not only amazing, but it is perfect for the last post on for New Years Eve. It starts with knowing that the next year is going to be even better and then ends with you being ready to celebrate and welcome in the new year. Thank you all for reading Broadway Reviewed and have a great New Years.

Thank Goodness – Kristin Chenoweth – Perfect for Thanksgiving

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When I was thinking about showtunes that are perfect for Thanksgiving, I instantly thought of all of the political ones, the scene from The Addams Family where they are at camp and have the play about the Pilgrims and even thought about using Charlie Brown. Then when I was thinking about the perfect song to use I instantly realized that the perfect showtune for thanksgiving is actually the song Thank Goodness from Wicked. Thank Goodness is all about saying thank you for the things around you.

The munchkins are thankful that the Wicked witch isn’t bothering them. Galinda is thankful she has a fiance who “loves her”. Madame Morrible is thankful that she has been able to climb the political ladder and the fiance is thankful that he can escape and go find Elphaba. The song is actually one of my favorite songs from the show, even though it doesn’t have anything amazing in it like Defying Gravity with the huge dress and high notes or the Wizard and I with the really high notes and loud singing or For Good which is extremely emotional. The part of Thank Goodness that I love is the long note that Galinda sings and belts out.

The song is actually beautiful and even though it isn’t one of the best or most well known songs from the show, it is a great one and a perfect fit for Thanksgiving. Even though Kirstin Chenoweth isn’t doing Wicked anymore, her version of the song Thank Goodness is probably the best. In the video below, it takes a couple minutes before the camera shows the stage, but when it does you’ll see how amazing Kristin Chenoweth does with this song and how incredible she did in the show Wicked. Anyways, I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving an here is Kristin Chenoweth singing Thank Goodness from Wicked.

Forbidden Broadway Kristin Chenoweth, Glitter and Be Gay

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For all of the Chenofans out there who love Kristin Chenoweth, myself included, you have to hear the Forbidden Broadway version of Glitter and Be Gay which they did in response to Kristin Chenoweth performing Glitter and Be Gay from Candide. If you’re not familiar with Forbidden Broadway, they are an off broadway show that changes each year and makes fun of all of the main stream and off broadway shows as well as all of the major broadway stars.

Probably the most famous parodies they do are of Patti Lupone, not only because she’s an easy target, but also because they are just seriously funny. I’ll be doing a post with her Gypsy Forbidden Broadway song later this week. The reality is that until Forbidden Broadway makes fun of you, you haven’t made it on Broadway. It’s sort of like traditional media’s roasts where they only roast the top celebrities. Forbidden Broadway only makes fun of the best of the best on Broadway. That is why I love the Forbidden Broadway parody of Kristin Chenoweth singing Glitter and Be Gay. Not only does it rip into Kristin in a funny way, but it takes you through pretty much all of her career.

The Forbidden broadway Kristin Chenoweth Glitter and Be Gay is amazing. I love that it starts with how she abandoned broadway, even though she didn’t, and then goes from the beginnings of her career on broadway into Pushing up Daisies and then back to Wicked. Then all of the sudden she’s to popular for broadway and Idina so she goes back to pop culture since that is always popular. The only thing that the song is missing is her performance on west wing and Promises Promises, but then again I think that this song came out before Kristin did Promises Promises.

Anyways, if you love parodies and you love broadway, you have to check out Forbidden Broadway. It is not only hilarious if you love theatre, but you’ll love the parodies that they do of famous broadway stars like Kristin Chenoweth and Patti Lupone. Forbidden Broadway is also where I discovered Christine Pedi who I absolutely love and adore. She is incredibly talented and does an amazing Liza Minelli impersonation. Anyways, here is the Forbidden Broadway version of Kristin Chenoweth singing Glitter and Be Gay.

Kristin Chenoweth singing Glitter and Be Gay from Candide

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If you read this blog you know I am completely obsessed with Kristin Chenoweth and actually got to meet her for a second when she was doing Promises Promises on Broadway. Anyways, Kristin Chenoweth can not only take any song and either make it cute or funny, but she can turn bad songs good by throwing in her unique personality. Her voice is easy to pick out when she speaks in her normal voice because of its accent and tone, but when she sings it completely disappears and can transform from rock to opera and pretty much everything else in between. She is an absolutely amazing singer and performer and her personality shines through.

What I love about her performance with Glitter and Be Gay from Candide is that she takes a manic woman and makes her not only manic, but amazing and funny at the same time. It all starts with her being brought in on a couch with one of the original actors from the show and she not only kicks her out, but she starts belting out some amazing opera and then goes back to her funny an unique voice. Kristin Chenoweth is absolutely amazing and is probably one of the only people that can really not only hit the high notes in this song, but she can also completely kick the flute or picollo’s ass when it comes to the parts where they hit the same notes and bounce around them.

Glitter and Be Gay from Candide is an extremely hard song to be able to sing, especially because it has a million high notes all in a row and you have to hit them all within seconds of each other. It needs someone who can change from happy to sad to crazy to sane all within seconds from each other and be able to project all of those different feelings as well. It really takes a lot to be able to pull off a song like Glitter and Be Gay from Candide and one of the only modern broadway stars who can really pull it off has to be Kristin Chenoweth. Here is Kristin Chenoweth singing Glitter and Be Gay from Candide.

Kristin Chenoweth Kidnapped by Andrew Lloyd Webber

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Ok, so Kristen Chenoweth wasn’t actually kidnapped by Andrew Lloyd Webber, but I did hear a song she sung which completely reminded me of an Andrew Lloyd Webber styled song.  Taylor the Latte Boy by Kristin Chenoweth is probably one of my least favorite Kristin Chenoweth songs and if anyone else was singing it it would have absolutely sucked.  Kristin has this amazing ability to take even the worst songs on earth and turn them bubbly, happy and absolutely adorable.

Taylor the Latte Boy by Kristin Chenoweth wasn’t her normal broadway styled song, instead it is more mellow and folk or alternative music styled.  It also follows a format that is very similar to Andrew Lloyd Webber’s music.  It talks about a topic or subject, then the next few lines actually explain what that is.

In the song it says Taylor the Latte Boy then explains he works at a coffee shop.  Then she talks about a Latte and the song talks about espresso shots, milk, etc…  Andrew Lloyd Webber is famous for saying something then using the new few verses to explain or define what that is.  Look at almost all of the songs in Cats.  He names the cat then goes on about it.  In Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat he says my Coat of many colors then defines it.  In Phantom he says Masquarade then describes it as many colors different shades and goes on about the costumes.  No matter what show it is, Andrew Lloyd Webber mentions an object at least once then describes it in the next few verses.  It is a great way to make a song fun to sing and memorable and Kristin Chenoweth’s Taylor the Latte Boy followed this model.

Kristin wasn’t kidnapped by Andrew Lloyd Webber and forced to sing an Andrew Lloyd Webber styled song, but she did turn this song which would have probably flopped into one that is actually kind of fun and adorable.  Kristin Chenoweth is probably the only person on earth who could do this so thank you Kristin for saving another song and turning a flop into a hit.