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kristin chenoweth the shoe song on tour

Kristin Chenoweth Live – Maybe This Time & Bring Him Home (The Prayer)

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kristin chenoweth the shoe song on tour

Kristin Chenoweth the shoe song on tour

I still cannot get over how amazing Kristin Chenoweth was in her live tour. I’ve seen her in Promises Promises and heard her in Wicked, but the songs she chose and hearing her sing them the way she wanted really showed you how amazing and powerful her voice is.  It’s amazing the way that a singer can take certain songs that they love and add their own twists and ranges to it to really show off how they want the song to be heard and how incredible they can make even the most classic song sound and become something unique that only they could do.  Look at Dolly Parton’s I Will Always Love You.

Whitney Houston took the song for the movie the Bodygaurd and made it her own.  People forgot that Dolly Parton was the original singer who wrote and performed it.  During the show, Kristin Chenoweth decided to perform I Will Always Love You as well, but she decided to use the original Dolly Parton Version instead of the Whitney Houston Version.  Although she could have taken it and created her own version, instead she loved the original enough, not to mention her love for Dolly Parton, that she kept it the way Dolly sang it and still sounded great.

Kristin Chenoweth singing I Will Always Love You live on tour.

Kristin Chenoweth – Maybe This Time Live

On a quick side note, the song starts coming in clear at the 20 second mark. I also did not include the ending because you have to see it live to really appreciate it. It doesn’t matter if she is in your city or not, go buy tickets to see her! She is amazing and you have to hear her sing this song live!

Kristin Chenoweth singing Bring Him Home (The Prayer) from Les Miserables Live On Tour.

Les Miserables is one of my favorite shows. Not only did Kristin take this amazing song sung by a guy and make it her own, but she got everyone in the audience to just about break out into tears. The emotion she put behind it and the expressions and feeling in her voice were able to drive an audience to quiet down to the point you could actually hear a pin drop because there was nothing else but Kristin Chenoweth singing. Her voice was amazing for this song, even though it wasn’t my favorite for the night, and she made it absolutely amazing. Although I would have loved to hear her sing other songs from Les Miserables, this one was perfect for her and she did an incredible job.

If you get a chance to see the Kristin Chenoweth tour, you have to go. You’ll not only have an amazing time, but you’ll get to hear versions of songs you had heard on cast recordings like Popular, but with her own twists and versions of them. The show is amazing and you will definitely not regret buying tickets to see her perform.