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Kristin Chenoweth on Tour

Kristin Chenoweth Live On Tour Reviews – If You’re Smart You’ll Go!

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Kristin Chenoweth on Tour

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Lastnight I went to see Kristin Chenoweth Live at DAR/Constitution Hall in Washington DC. Not only was the Kristin Chenoweth tour amazing, but if you don’t buy show tickets for Kristin Chenoweth on tour, you will regret it! Kristin is an amazing performer that did everything from classic showtunes, to country western songs and an amazing ballad which was about her religion and got a standing ovation from a crowd that normally wouldn’t want to hear religious songs. She also had a ton of surprises during the show which made it more than worth missing the Tony Awards.

I’m not going to ruin the surprise for you all, but Kristin brings some of her most competitive Actors from the past, including a few that she lost to for a funny comedy routine and almost a sing off. It was absolutely incredible to see Kristin invite these three broadway celebrities on stage with her and the audience bursted into applause when they went off on each other. It was phenomenal. Kristin also has a surprise guest at each show that doesn’t know they are going to be a guest.

Kristin Chenoweth at DAR

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During the song “For Good” from Wicked, Kristin chooses a couple of people or one person from the audience to come up and either sing it as a duet or with her. In DC, she chose a girl that she saw in Philly but felt bad for not choosing then so she brought her down and let her come up to sing Elphaba’s part. Unfortunately for Kristin, this girl Lindsay sang the crap out of the song and even showed up Kristin a bit. I’ve never seen someone that could out do someone like Kristin Chenoweth and for the first time, I was absolutely shocked when I saw an unknown get up on stage and work a song better than Idina could and match Kristin with voice and talent. Kristin even made the joke “Note to self, never bring up someone on stage that is more talented than you”. Lindsay did an awesome job and I will be happy to see her in a show if/when she makes it on broadway.

The show and tour were absolutely amazing. Kristin definitely plugged her cds which are amazing and completely worth buying, as well as brought in her favorite charities and the charity her Musical Director started. Kristin has done a ton of work for groups like Broadway Cares and especially for her own Maddies Corner which is great for people who want to help animals get adopted. She is an amazing person who has a ton of talent and a huge heart which is more than amazing that it can all fit in someone who is just 4’11”. You don’t get many celebrities who are extremely talented and actually care. Many of them have a cause they support but it is somewhat for publicity or just a sometimes thing. By listening to Kristin talk and to the song she dedicated to her charities, you can tell her heart is dedicated to these causes and she really cares. She is an absolutely amazing performer and one of the most caring celebrities out there.

If you have a chance to go to the Kristin Chenoweth tour, buy your tickets fast as this is an amazing show and will hopefully sell out. You’ll hear everything from classic broadway showtunes to funny songs about shoes and even songs she has written for her new album. Kristin has done a ton of work and dedicated her time and energy to helping different communities and this is the perfect way to show her your thanks, as well as have an amazing night out. Kristin Chenoweth on tour is a must see if she is in your city. If you can buy tickets for Kristin Chenoweth, do it because this show and her line up is absolutely amazing!

Here she is singing Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again from Phantom of the Opera live. The music takes about 20 seconds to kick in. She is absolutely amazing in this song!

Kristin Chenoweth performing on Tony’s Night at DAR

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Buy Kristin Chenoweth Tickets Here. You can find other cities by searching for her name.

If you’re n DC on Tony’s night and don’t mind missing or recording it on TIVO, Kristin Chenoweth is performing at the DAR theatre in Washington DC.  Not only is it going to be an amazing performance, but Kristin has been releasing some brand new videos as well as songs which I am completely excited to get to see her perform.

We all remember her amazing performances at the Tony’s like Kristin Chenoweth performing Glitter and Be Gay from Candide or her performance of My New Philosophy from You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown.  Not only is she amazingly talented, but she is a broadway diva, a TV Actress and also has appeared in a ton of Movies.  She is an amazing person and an incredible activist for Gay Rights and someone that I absolutely cannot wait to see perform.

I already bought my Kristin Chenoweth tickets and am soo excited to see her.  I got to meet her briefly when she was starring in Promises Promises at the Broadway Theatre.   Not only was she incredibly friendly, but her singing and acting is absolutely amazing.  She is one of the performers that can belt as well as sing dramatically and go either rock or opera.  Kristin is one of the most talented broadway stars of our time and I am always excited when I get to buy broadway tickets for a show that she is starring in.

Tickets are still available for Kristin Chenoweth’s performance on Tony’s night at the DAR and you can find them on either Goldstar or TicketLiquidator by clicking either of the banners on the right side of this blog.  You can also find a ton of other tickets and there may actually be some other shows that you’ll want to catch for Tony’s night and the parties that you can find there as well.

I love when broadway stars give solo performances because you get to learn a lot about them as well as the music that they love and actually like to sing.  Since they choose their playlists and they get to sing them how they want to, you really get to hear what they can do and also discover how they think a song should be sung or heard.  I cannot wait to see her at the DAR and hope that all of you can make it as well.