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Someone Like You – Jekyll & Hyde – Lea or Linda? Who is Better?

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Today when I was jogging I was listening to the orginal cast recording of Jekyll and Hyde starring Linda Eder. I know, I think I’m one of the only people that likes to workout to showtunes instead of house music. The worst part is I sing and act out the songs while I’m jogging so it’s even worse than you can imagine lol. Anyways, Deborah Cox had an amazing voice when she was starring as Lucy in the touring cast of Jekyll and Hyde the Musical, but unfortunately her voice isn’t able to shatter glass, instead it just fills up a cup and soothes you. I never got my fix of glass shattering notes from the show, even though there are a ton of amazing songs in it, so I listened to a couple of versions and the two that I love the most by broadway stars are Lea Salonga and Linda Eder.

What’s kind of cool about the videos of them performing it is that they both start out by explaining what the song means to them and comparing it to other things. The comparisons are similar, but each one has their own twist on it. The other thing I love is that both of them tweak the song a bit to make it work with them and they both do an amazing job. The problem is I can’t figure out which one I like more.

They both shatter glass, they both make you focus on them and actually feel what they are feeling and they both have amazing tweaks to the song. That’s why I could figure out which one to post so I wanted to see what you all think. Which version do you like more, Linda Eder singing Someone Like You (who was the first Lucy in the original cast) or Lea Salonga who is absolutely amazing and one of my favorite performers. I can’t decide which one is better, so I’d love to hear whose version you like more.

Lea Salonga singing Someone Like You from Jekyll and Hyde the musical.

Linda Eder singing Someone Like You from Jekyll & Hyde the musical.

Broadway’s Best Working Girls – 8 – Lucy

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In my series of Broadway’s Best Working Girls, we’ve gone over everyone from the ladies who are stuck selling their bodies, ones who enjoy it and even ones who use their looks to get what they want. What about a working girl that does it to save up enough money to escape? Unlike Fantine from Les Miserable, Lucy doesn’t have to support a child. Instead she is working as a dancer and escort in order to move on to a better life. She cannot read, is probably not educated, but she does have goals and she knows how to stand up for herself. That is one of the more admirable traits of her role. Unfortunately she also has to survive, so when her boss demands something, she does it.

Lucy is an odd character. She is very independent and seems determined, but she always gives in and never really pushes for what she wants. She hates her boss but lets him get his way, at least with her. She does actually avoid other things he requests. She also ends up giving in to Mr. Hyde when he comes to visit, even though she knows he isn’t good and is going to hurt her. That lack of being able to defend herself is what eventually causes her to die in the end.

Lucy had a huge crush on Dr. Jekyll and thought that he would be the person to save her. In a way, she was right. Dr. Jekyll sent money to Lucy via his best friend with a note to leave as fast as she can. Unfortunately, by the time she starts packing, Mr. Hyde has already broken into her apartment and knows what she is doing. The night before he had warned her that if she ever left, he would come after her. This is the one time she shouldn’t have given in and should have stuck up for herself. Instead, she thinks that by pretending she wasn’t leaving and by letting him sleep with her she would be safe. Unfortunately Mr. Hyde didn’t fall for it and ended up killing her. It’s ironic that the person she thought would save her tried to, but he also ended up being the person who killed her. You can’t help but love Lucy in the show.

Her role gives you hope and makes you fall in love with her. She is a nice person who has goals and wants to do more with her life. Most people can actually relate to her. Unfortunately she is stuck as a working girl in a club, and she never actually gets to escape being one. Everyone is upset when she is killed, but everyone also loves her and she is easy to think of someone to look up to as an inspiration.

Jekyll & Hyde Review – They Murdered a Musical

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I just got back from seeing Jekyll and Hyde the musical at the Kennedy Center and for a show about murder, they got it right. Constantine murdered the show and people were walking out. At the end, he even started trying to get people to cheer and unfortunately for him, no one would. Before I get negative about the show, there were some good things.

The girl who played Emma, Teal Wicks, was amazing! Not only did she bring the house down with her voice, but even when Deborah Cox went flat, she pulled everyone through. Her acting was perfect, her voice amazing and she was the only one in the cast that could get you to have goose bumps when she hit a high note and the only lead that could belt a note. Emma was incredible and the only reason you should see the touring cast of Jekyll and Hyde the musical.

Deborah Cox who played Lucy actually did an awesome job acting. She was believable and her voice was gorgeous. She pulled off the role very well and brought people into her character, but where she lost us was in broadway vs. pop voices and vocals. Although she could hit every note and her voice is amazing, she just can’t belt a note or hit it solid enough to bring goosebumps to you. Her voice was beautiful to listen to and I would gladly pay to see her in concert, but in a lead role with a couple of iconic songs, she fell flat. Her voice isn’t made for classic broadway singing, it is made for main stream music. She did a great job, but she just can’t cross over into broadway. Constantine on the other hand was horrible.

He had a couple of good moments as Hyde, but he destroyed the role. People walked out after he couldn’t pull off This is the Moment and when he destroyed the role of Dr. Jekyll he lost the audience. I actually started to fall asleep a couple of times I was so bored when he was on stage. He couldn’t even get the audience cheering when he finished and was looking for applause. He has a nice voice, but he cannot act and he cannot sing a classic broadway show. He may have done a good job as Roger when he was in Rent, but for a classic show, he needs to go back to singing rock music. He unfortunately made the show fail and was one of the worst actors I have ever seen. His performance was amateur and lacked any emotion. Anyone could have gone up and after a few weeks of training done an equal to better job. Unfortunately I cannot recommend this show with him in it. With Deborah, at least you have a beautiful voice and good acting. Teal can sing and act her ass off and the ensemble stood out more than the stars…besides Emma. It’s hard to switch from main stream music to broadway, and when you cannot do it, it becomes obvious because the background characters are more interesting and get a better applause from the audience than you do.

I do not recommend seeing this cast. There are amazing songs in the show and Constantine butchered them. Deborah had a gorgeous voice and Teal showed what an actor can do, but overall you’ll probably be bored and wish you got a refund. The people next to me were equally as disappointed, half of our group walked out at intermission and the people in front asked if it was supposed to be bad or if it was just an off night. I would normally hope they were having an off night, but when Constantine sat there trying to get people to cheer and applaud louder, he even had to shrug and leave the stage. Normally I hate giving a bad review, but this show is not worth seeing or paying for. Bring something else to keep you entertained if you decide to go.

Free Jekyll and Hyde CD – Jekyll and Hyde Cast Recording Giveaway

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I wasn’t that excited to see Jekyll and Hyde the Musical when I bought my tickets, but after listening to the cast recording a few times I cannot wait. Not only does the show feature a ton of my favorite showtunes like “This is the Moment“, “Once Upon a Dream“, “Someone Like You“, and a ton of others. The main star of the touring cast is also one of my favorite dance divas from the 90’s and an amazing singer Deborah Cox. Not only is she an amazing singer, but her taking on the lead role of Lucy alongside Constantine Maroulis should be an amazing show.

So here’s the deal with the Jekyll and Hyde Cast Recording giveaway. If you want to win the free copy of the Jekyll and Hyde CD from one of the casts or you would prefer the MP3 version, you can enter below. A lot of the entries can be done daily, but you actually have to do them. If you do not complete what is required, like tweeting three posts out or having 5 friends like on Facebook, and your entry is chosen, you forfeit your prize and ruin the contest for everyone. If you really want to win, and not ruin the Jekyll and Hyde soundtrack giveaway, take a few minutes and actually do what is required in the giveaway so everyone can have fun and someone can win the contest. If you are going to the show, or you have already seen the touring cast of Jekyll and Hyde the Musical, feel free to leave a comment below and let us know how it was. If you haven’t gone yet, but you are going to buy tickets to Jekyll and Hyde the musical, you can buy them by click on the link that says buy tickets to Jekyll and Hyde the Musical (and that means you’ll also get 10 entries into the giveaway by supporting when you click enter and show us your confirmation number and the vendor you bought tickets through.). Thank you all again for supporting and I cannot wait to see the show and hear how much you all liked or what you didn’t like about Jekyll and Hyde the musical.

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Buy Jekyll and Hyde Tickets on Sale Here

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If you’re thinking about which touring casts to see and want to buy Jekyll and Hyde Tickets on sale or at least get a good deal on Jekyll and Hyde tickets, you can click the following link to buy broadway tickets for the touring casts in your city here.  If you’re looking for a show for adults, for a date night or just to go see with friends for a night out, Jekyll and Hyde is a great show.  It would probably be boring for kids under 14 or 15 since it is more themed for adults, unless your kids have read the book or even seen the cartoon parodies like the one Bugs Bunny did in the Looney Toons or Scooby Doo with the diamond thief or any of the other old cartoons.

Jekyll and Hyde the musical is about the story of a kind and nice man Dr. Jekyll who invents a potion that can transform you into someone or something else.  Dr. Jekyll’s potion ends up turning him into the horrible alter ego Mr. Hyde.  The two men are 100% different from each other and when one has taken over the body, the other doesn’t remember what had happened.  The show is an awesome one for Halloween Musicals and also a perfect show for you to enjoy with your partner.  The songs and playlist are also extremely memorable and there are a few famous ones from the show.

Probably the most famous song from this musical is This is the Moment.  Almost everyone knows and loves this showtune and it is extremely popular.  Another song I love from this show is Once Upon a Dream.  Once Upon a Dream is a gorgeous song and one of the best ballads from the show.  It is a classic showtune that everyone expects to hear when they see a show and as long as the Actor who is performing it is on key you will fall in love with this song as well.  One of the other famous ballads from this show is Someone Like You.  Someone Like You is a song that you can almost guarantee will get your girlfriend or boyfriend to want to hold your arm and hold you close.   It is a gorgeous and romantic song that will easily get stuck in your head and actually make you want to buy the soundtrack.

The songs from the show are amazing and if you listen to the cast recording, you’ll definitely want to buy tickets to Jekyll and Hyde the musical.  If you already want to go see the show, but don’t want to spend a ton of money, click the links above and you’ll be able to buy Jekyll and Hyde tickets on sale from one of our advertisers.  Buy buying them through our advertisers you’ll also help to support this blog and enable us to keep bringing you new and fun showtunes as well as fun shows and broadway reviews.  If you’ve already seen it or you have your tickets to Jekyll and Hyde, feel free to leave a comment below with what you think of the show and what your favorite song from the musical is.