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Glee Dictionary for you non Gleeks in your non Gleekdom

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In my serious need for Gleehab I noticed that there is a very unfortunate thing out there for non Gleeks right now and that is that they have no clue about Gleeshays and they do not know how to properly use their Gleecabulary when speaking in a Gleeky setting.  Unfortunately you may not be cool enough yet to understand and appreciate all that is Glee, but to help you learn faster and get up to date with your Gleecabulary, has decided to help you keep up to date with current Glee Terminology and keep you speaking Gleek and understanding Gleek so you don’t have to feel left out on Glee night at Glee parties.

If you can think of terms, phrases and other things that are missing from this dictionary, please feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll add your terms to the Glee Dictionary for the non Gleeks out there that need some help following the show.

  • Adultry – When you are A Dolt or stupid.  Not cheating on your husband or Wife.
  • Baking – To confusing, move on and add some pot to those brownies.
  • Broccoli – A small tree that Gummy Bears live in.
  • Cheerios – Cheerleaders
  • Dentist – Someone who is not a real Doctor since they only work on teeth.
  • Dolphin – A gay shark.
  • Gladar – our 6th sense that picks up all news, updates and Glossip on the show and it’s stars
  • Gleecabulary – Terms and Phrases from the hit tv show Glee.
  • Gleehab – Where you need to go if you cannot live without the show.  Gleehab also includes posting about Glee on Twitter, watching Glee with friends, alone or any time.  As long as you solve your Glee addiction and Glee cravings, you have been to Gleehab.
  • Gleek – Someone who is obsessed with Glee.  Second meaning is the language fans of the show speak in.
  • Gleekdom – That feeling that you are around fellow Gleeks and you are living in your own made up Glee world where everything is Glee.
  • Glee-wind – When you rewind something, but more commonly used to refer back to the previous week’s episode or previous episodes.
  • Glime – Glee time!
  • Glinner – a weekly shared dinner between friends in honour of Glee being on TV, eaten while Glee is on TV
  • Glist – The whose hot and whose not list of the Glee club.
  • Gloments – Glee epic moments / moments enjoyed while watching Glee
  • Glossip – Glee gossip
  • Glost – A feel when Glee and Lost are airing on the same night.  Definition 2.  Tuesday night combo of Glee and Lost. Sadly. May 18 is the last one of it’s kind.
  • Glunch – Lunch while obsessing over tonights Glee episode.
  • Hot Tubs (Jacuzzis) – Something that can get you pregnant.
  • Madonna – God.
  • Mash-up – When you mix multiple songs into one to make them sound like the same song or flow into each other so it sounds like the same song.
  • New Directions – The good guys.
  • Recipes – Confusing.
  • Sistah – Will Sheusters “Lesbian Haircut” or a Lesbian.
  • Slushies – A great facial treatment and cleanser, but bad for your skin, your hair and a trendy thing for Popular kids, Jocks and Cheerios to throw at Glee Club Members and Gleeks.
  • Vocal Adrenalin – The competition.

If you have some Gleecabulary you would like to add to this post, please feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll be more than happy to add it to the list.

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