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I’m Still Here from Follies – Broadway Songs about Being in the Theatre

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The perfect song to end the week of broadway songs that are all about being in, starring in, auditioning for or even just dreaming about being in theatre has to be one that is about surviving and lasting in Theatre. Instead of Zip, Casting Call for a New Best Friend, Broadway Baby, Give My Regards to Broadway, Another Opening Another Show, 42nd Street, Lullaby of Broadway or any of the others, I’m Still Here from Follies is the perfect way to end the show. Regardless of how long your career has been, how many shows you’ve done, how many Tony’s you’ve won, it is amazing to last your entire life on stage.

The dancing takes a toll on you. You have years where you can’t land any roles and then you become paranoid about your age, appearance and drive yourself crazy. That’s why I love I’m Still Here from Follies. The song is an amazing one about lasting in the theatre and never giving up. The character talks about not having a show and not having money to being the lead and making a ton. Sometimes she’s eating pretzels and beer vs. expensive foods and about the clothes she can afford or even still has. Being in the theatre can be a rollercoaster.

It takes a toll on your mind, your emotions and your body. You have to be tough to not only keep going and keep working as an Actor, but you also have to be almost indestructible to survive performing for your entire life. Dancing almost every night and sometimes twice a day, belting out songs and running back and forth to change costumes can literally kill you, your body, your voice and your spirit. You really have to love being on Broadway to last and you have to really be dedicated and risk everything including your mental and physical health in order to make it and last. That’s why I chose I’m Still Here from Follies for the last song this week about Broadway Songs about being in the Theatre. I’m Still Here could have been another great option, but I’ll probably do a top ten list of broadway songs eventually and that’s when I’ll use it. Thank you again for reading and feel free to leave a comment with your favorite showtunes about broadway or being in theatre.

Bernadette Peters Stars in DC Revival of Follies

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Ok, so a huge giant gasp of air just left my lungs when I saw a headline in the Washington Post about the talented and one of my personal favorites, Ms. Bernadette Peters coming to Washington DC to star in a revival show of one of Stephen Sondheim‘s greatest musicals, Follies.  Not only did I almost go to see Bernadette Peters star in another Stephen Sondheim show, A Little Night Music with Elaine Stritch (who I love from Stephen Sondheim’s show Company with the song Ladies Who Lunch), but I have had an insane obsession with Bernadette’s Voice ever since I saw Into The Woods (another Stephen Sondheim show) when I was younger.

Bernadette Peters is not only an amazing actress and singer, but when you combine her talent with Stephen Sondheim’s music and shows and with the number of revival shows coming back (Promises Promises, La Cage Au Follies, A Little Night Music, etc….) this is one that may end up making its way back to NYC and broadway.

One of my very favorite songs from Stephen Sondheim’s Follies is definitely I’m Still Here.  Its not only fun to sing but it is also a fun one to dance to and sing a long with at karaoke nights.  It is one of those fabulous songs that everyone knows and loves but doesn’t always remember unless someone brings it up.  Unfortunately I don’t think that Bernadette Peters has the right voice for this as I think the song should be sung by someone whose voice is more rough and deep, but then again with her ability to morph her voice from a gorgeous light and opera sounding voice and her ability to hold a solid note, she may be able to pull it off or turn it into her own version.

I cannot wait for Bernadette Peters and Follies to open up at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC and when tickets go on sale I will definitely be one of the first to get them.  Watch out broadway, another $6 million revival show is coming to NYC.