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Showtunes Night at EFN Lounge Washington DC

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Although most people consider showtunes night in Washington DC the showtunes night at JRs on 17th street, my favorite showtunes night in Washington DC is in Logan Circle at EFN Lounge.  EFN Lounge showtunes night is every Sunday evening from 6pm to 9pm.  There are usually snacks there and a great drink special with $2 absolute drinks during showtunes.  What makes Showtunes at EFN Lounge special though isn’t the drink specials or the food, it is the energy and the people that go.

Unlike JRs showtunes where you get a bunch of fake broadway fans faking the words to the songs (although JRs showtunes can be fun) EFN Lounge has a much smaller crowd but a crowd that sings along, dances and has fun with the shows.  It is more like a Sidetracks Chicago the way the crowd it.  There is a lot of audience participation with the shows and the bartenders sing a long and get into the music as well.  EFN Lounge showtunes in Washington DC has definitely become my favorite showtunes night in Washington DC, even though I still do love the showtunes night at JRs.  So what makes the two nights different?

The reason I like Showtunes Night at EFN Lounge better is because of the music they play.  EFN Lounge plays a lot of non well known songs from not as popular shows like Tick Tick Boom, they also play songs like Every Sperm is Sacred from Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life and they also play a ton of clips from different Broadway Spoofs.  When you combine that with a bunch of cool off broadway and promotional performances like the rock version of Defying Gravity from Wicked you have a new type of showtunes night that easily beats out a bunch of clips from shows that were turned into movies.

Showtunes night reminds me of Showtunes at Sidetracks in Chicago which is probably the best showtunes night there is.  If you are in the DC areas and looking for something to do on a Sunday evening, I highly recommend checking out Showtunes Night at EFN Lounge in Washington DC.

1318 9th Street Northwest
Washington, DC 20001
(202) 341-8281

If you’ve been to EFN Lounge for showtunes or are coming to showtunes at EFN Lounge, please feel free to leave a comment below or share this post with your friends on Twitter by clicking on the green tweet or retweet button at the top of the post.   Even though showtunes night at EFN Lounge is much smaller than JRs, it is also much better in my opinion.  Hope to see you there one night.

Old Lady Gaga starring Jackie Hoffman

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If you can’t tell by my previous posts that I think that no one can do a Parody like a Broadway Star or a Drag Queen then you haven’t been reading this blog close enough.  I was watching showtunes at EFN Lounge in Washington DC and they played a new parody of the Lady Gaga song Alejandro except instead of being a drag queen or a star or a regular person playing Lady Gaga it was none other than the talented and fabulous Ms. Jackie Hoffman from the cast of The Addams Family on broadway with Nathan Lane.

Not only does Jackie Hoffman make probably one of the very best Granny’s that we will ever see but she is able to take the Granny character and turn it into a great spoof on a hit Lady Gaga song called Alejandro.  I absolutely loved this video and although it is disturbing to watch Jackie Hoffman play this character because of the Granny Panties no one else could pull off such a fabulous parody and make it work the way that she can.  The parody is absolutely fabulous and amazing and I love it.  It is almost enough to get me to go see The Addams Family on Broadway when I go to New York in a few weeks.  Jackie Hoffman did an amazing job with the parody of Lady Gaga’s Alejandro and it is perfectly called Old Lady Gaga.

It is kind of a disturbing video but if you are a Jackie Hoffman or a Lady Gaga fan you’ll love the video.  Thank you EFN Lounge as well for playing it at showtunes or I might have never found this fabulous parody of Lady Gaga’s Alejandro.  Jackie did an amazing job with the parody and let me know how you liked it by leaving a comment below or by clicking on the green tweet or retweet button at the top of this post to share it with all of your friends on Twitter.

Here is Jackie Hoffman’s Old Lady Gaga.

Mommy Dearest Abba Remix – Sidetracks/EFN Lounge Version

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Ok, you can never go wrong with a classic from a showtunes night.  This video was made famous by Sidetracks in Chicago Illinois at their showtunes night and then copied and played over and over again across the country in every bar from Texas and New Orleans to JRs in DC and even up in New England.  I think I even saw it in California in Laguna Beach when they had the drag queens performing.

Everyone has seen the versions that all the bars have, but until you have gone to Sidetracks Chicago to see the full version of the Joan Crawford Abba video you have not seen how funny the video really is.

There is nothing funny about how Joan Crawford acted and treated people, if the way she was portrayed in the movie Mommy Dearest was accurate or true, but when you combine Abba and a brilliant VJ together and then throw in Mommy Dearest, you have a sure fire hit on your hands for every gay bar and showtunes night in the Country.

One thing that I was completely shocked about this past weekend was to find out that Sidetracks has been helping to launch showtunes nights in other cities now.  (This is a rumor only right now that they are helping to launch showtunes nights) and one of these showtunes nights is in DC at a bar which has a very bad reputation for being in a dangerous neighborhood called EFN Lounge.

I went to EFN Lounge last Sunday when I heard they had showtunes and when I saw everything from every show and that it was actually a fun filled and quality showtunes night, I decided that it is definitely worth the risk to walk through the area…and btw, the area used to be bad but is cleaning up very fast.  Just don’t be stupid if you’re walking through and use common sense and you should be fine.

Anyways, when I saw this posted on their Facebook Fanpage and also saw the ad saying that it was Sidetracks/EFN Lounge, I was shocked, they actually got Sidetracks to give them their Joan Crawford Mommy Dearest Abba remix.

Now, there is absolutely no comparison on the way the video is shown and watched in other cities compared to Chicago, there isn’t as much audience participation and the people laugh and love it but don’t go crazy over it, but it is still always a huge hit (pun intended) and everyone is one of it’s fans.  So race over to the nearest Showtunes night in your city (especially if it is being hosted or run by Sidetracks Chicago) and and grab your flask as you wave left, right, left, right, and shout out how you know the original and that they should give you the respect you are entitled to and have a great time.

So here is the Joan Crawford Mommy Dearest Abba Remix.  (Before you watch this, I do have to warn you that there is a lot of swearing and some disturbing scenes from the movie so please do not play it if you are not ok with some foul language and not so pleasant clips about child abuse, drinking and violence).  Enjoy!