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Broadway’s Best Working Girls – 8 – Lucy

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In my series of Broadway’s Best Working Girls, we’ve gone over everyone from the ladies who are stuck selling their bodies, ones who enjoy it and even ones who use their looks to get what they want. What about a working girl that does it to save up enough money to escape? Unlike Fantine from Les Miserable, Lucy doesn’t have to support a child. Instead she is working as a dancer and escort in order to move on to a better life. She cannot read, is probably not educated, but she does have goals and she knows how to stand up for herself. That is one of the more admirable traits of her role. Unfortunately she also has to survive, so when her boss demands something, she does it.

Lucy is an odd character. She is very independent and seems determined, but she always gives in and never really pushes for what she wants. She hates her boss but lets him get his way, at least with her. She does actually avoid other things he requests. She also ends up giving in to Mr. Hyde when he comes to visit, even though she knows he isn’t good and is going to hurt her. That lack of being able to defend herself is what eventually causes her to die in the end.

Lucy had a huge crush on Dr. Jekyll and thought that he would be the person to save her. In a way, she was right. Dr. Jekyll sent money to Lucy via his best friend with a note to leave as fast as she can. Unfortunately, by the time she starts packing, Mr. Hyde has already broken into her apartment and knows what she is doing. The night before he had warned her that if she ever left, he would come after her. This is the one time she shouldn’t have given in and should have stuck up for herself. Instead, she thinks that by pretending she wasn’t leaving and by letting him sleep with her she would be safe. Unfortunately Mr. Hyde didn’t fall for it and ended up killing her. It’s ironic that the person she thought would save her tried to, but he also ended up being the person who killed her. You can’t help but love Lucy in the show.

Her role gives you hope and makes you fall in love with her. She is a nice person who has goals and wants to do more with her life. Most people can actually relate to her. Unfortunately she is stuck as a working girl in a club, and she never actually gets to escape being one. Everyone is upset when she is killed, but everyone also loves her and she is easy to think of someone to look up to as an inspiration.