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Broadway Parodies Les Miserables to Overthrow the GOP

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I don’t think anyone would be shocked to find out that many people on Broadway are democrats and probably don’t agree much with people like Mitt Romney. At the same time, people on Broadway also tend to be a bit more outspoken than most others and when there is a heated election and corporate donations being made that cause fights between friends, Broadway likes to parody itself and its shows, especially if they are relevant to the time period. A few Actors with amazing voices decided to compare the US election between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney to the French revolution from the show Les Miserables and bring out numerous similarities. Although I think they went a bit to far by throwing serious left wing politics in your face during the beginning of this video, One Term More is actually kind of a good parody song and video to help you realize that regardless of who is president and who wins, right now America is sort of similar to France during the revolution.

They bring up dying or dead cities like Detroit. They bring up unemployment recovering but not strong and they bring up looking after the people you are supposed to represent. I normally do not ever post anything political on any of my sites or blogs, but this parody is done extremely well, once you get past the extremely in your face messaging in the beginning of the song. We have writers from both sides of the political parties here at, so this is not any opinion of any one author or person. Instead it is just like any other parody we would play. To keep anyone who may get offended happy after watching the One Time More video parody of One Day More from Les Miserables, I have also included a funny GOP friendly clip about Barack and Biden slip ups and mashups from a popular late night tv show host.

I think that it is also well done and even though they take everything out of context with them, if you are more conservative or part of the GOP, this will definitely bring a smile to your face as well. If you are a Democrat and have a sense of humor, you would also be able to enjoy the second video after One Term More. Anyways, this post isn’t about politics but it is about an awesome parody of the song One Day More from the show Les Miserables called One Term More and the reason I am posting it here is because it is amazingly well done with extremely relevant references comparing the people who fought in the French Revolution to what is currently happening here in the USA right now.

One Term More Les Miserables Political Parody of One Day More

Barack Obama New Slogans Parody from Conan O’Brien

My Favorite Broadway Songs About Voting and Politics

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With elections coming up soon and living in Washington, DC, politics is popping up everywhere. No matter where you go, new people to DC are talking about politics and the locals are avoiding it like the plague. Whenever the senate has to vote or a new President comes into office, tons of people lose their jobs and tons of people end up leaving DC. The funny thing is that voting really isn’t as it seems to the US people, it really is a political game here.

Who you know gets you votes and who they know gets you sponsorship and endorsements. You basically have to know everyone and play a ton of power moves to get anywhere if you work in politics. It’s sad that the government is run that way, but at the same time it isn’t any secret. I think broadway does politics and voting best with a few of the shows that have come out in the last few decades. Instead of doing a top ten list, mainly because I have to head to dinner, here are three of my favorite broadway showtunes about politics and voting.

The Corrupt Bargain from Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson.

So I’ve never actually seen Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson, but I have heard this song a bunch of times. It always makes me laugh because it is almost a complete reality when it comes to voting, who to run and politics. You hear everyone say how they will blackmail the person running, why they don’t support them and everything else. Then you hear how they will sabotage their campaigns as well as ensure they get no support. You then hear that they have no clue who to run or vote for and you hear them insult a state. Then all of the sudden when the politicians are in front of a tv camera or reporter they are back to loving the candidate and supporting the state that they just trashed. This song is a perfect representation of Washington, DC politics. Anyways, here is The Corrupt Bargain from Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson.

Politics and Poker from Fiorello!

So what’s kind of funny about Politics and Poker from Fiorello! is that it is almost exactly like The Corrupt Bargain from Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson. The only difference is that it is a bunch of people who don’t want to run and who are figuring out who to elect so that they can have the government run in a way that will benefit them. This song and the one before are definitely two of my favorite songs about voting and politics when presidential elections are starting in DC. Here is Politics and Poker from Fiorello!.

Popular from Wicked

So Popular from Wicked isn’t really 100% a showtune about voting or politics, but it is definitely one that is worth putting on this list. When you are about to run someone for office you have to coach them to talk to the media, get them to wear makeup so they are more presentable and also get them to dress appropriately for the crowd they are talking to. In the song Popular from Wicked Galinda decides to teach Elphaba how to be more political. She helps her change her hair, teaches her how to talk to boys and even how to dress. Galinda basically does everything that a political coach and campaign manager would do for a candidate. Oddly enough she even makes a joke about politicians and how she is like a political coach in the song. That is why Popular from Wicked is on my list of my favorite broadway showtunes about politics or voting.

There are a ton of other broadway songs and showtunes about voting and politics. If you have a favorite, please feel free to leave a comment below with it.