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Happy Valentine’s Day. No Sappy Valetine’s Day Showtunes on This List.

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I absolutely love Valentine’s Day and the broadway songs for Valentines Day that match it.  The thing is that I am single so it is sort of lonely when everyone else has a boyfriend or girlfriend, however I do have a family that loves me and lots of friends.  Even if you don’t have a partner to spend Valentine’s day with, you still have people that love you and you can spend it with them.  There are also tons of great non sappy valentines day showtunes that you can listen to with them.

Normally I would have loved to do a top ten valentines day showtunes, but I have to head out to meet up with friends.  Instead of a top ten broadway songs for valentines or valentines day showtunes, we’ll do a few songs that are about Mother’s and Sons and how they can love each other.  Valentines isn’t just for lovers, it’s for mother’s and sons and fathers and daughters and friends.  Here are my top valentines day showtunes.  Love you Mom!

You’ll be in my heart from Tarzan.
You’ll be in my heart from Tarzan is one of those gorgeous disney songs that the mother Gorilla sings to baby Tarzan to let him know that he’ll always be in her heart and part of their family. It is a gorgeous song and one that I think everyone falls in love with in the show or in the movie. Disney has an amazing way of making you fall in love with songs and this one between a mother and son, even though they are not related, is absolutely amazing. You’ll be in my heart from Tarzan is definitely #1 on my list for broadway songs for Valentine’s day.

Nothings Gonna Harm You from Sweeny Todd.
Who could not love this song. The adopted son singing that nothing’s gonna harm his adopted mom. Not only does he swear he would protect her, but she almost feels guilt and love for him. The character in this video doesn’t have the best voice but the acting and the Mrs. Mooney were fantastic. Nothing’s Gonna Harm You from Sweeny Todd is an amazing song that is actually gorgeous and one that is perfect for this list. I think most sons would gladly sing this to their moms and most moms would break out in tears if their sons sang it to them. It is a song that a mother and everyone else in the room will love.

Noone is Alone from Into The Woods.
Noone is Alone from Into The Woods is an amazing song where you have two parents left with two abandoned kids. The two grownups end up taking care of the kids and wanting to give them a better life now that the story is over. It is about them taking the kids in and giving them parents again and a good life. Noone is alone is a song that makes most people tear up. It is absolutely beautiful and perfect for the theme of parents and kids loving each other because they are family, even if they are not related for Valentines Day.

I don’t need anything but you from Annie.

How could I do this list about kids loving their parents without including I don’t need anything but you from Annie. Not only was this one of everyone’s favorite movies as a kid, but everyone loves it as an adult still. Everyone knows this song so I don’t really need to go on about it.

Come to Me from Les Miserables.

Ok this song isn’t the most happy, but if there is a broadway song that will make you cry and really show a mother’s love for her daughter, it is Come to Me from Les Miserables. I always tear up when I hear this song. Not only does she love her daughter, but Jean Val Jean loves her and he also adopts and loves Cosette. Come to Me from Les Miserables is the perfect song to end this list with, but don’t let it depress you. Think about the love that she has for her daughter and how Jean Val Jean would be there for her and then call you Mom and wish her a Happy Valentines Day.

Valentine’s Day is about being with someone that you love. It doesn’t have to be about romance, but it could be about the love you have for your family or your friends. This post was showtunes for Valentines day that is perfect for your Mom and Dad or for Moms and Dads to think of for their kids. Happy Valentines day everyone!