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The Book of Mormon at The Kennedy Center Reviews – Is It Worth It?

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Last night I went to a show that combines Darth Vader with Star Wars, Hobbits with Jesus and Gangas Kahn with a modern day Jewish/Christian religion. It’s wasn’t Jesus Christ Superstar, it was The Book of Mormon at the Kennedy Center. If you saw last night’s performance, you probably loved it, I did too…unfortunately you did not get the best of the show…and it wasn’t the cast’s fault. The Book of Mormon at the Kennedy Center reviews are going to be amazing, but I feel ripped off by something, the sound.

At first I was blaming Mark Evans or Elder Price, the lead character, when he looked like he was trying to belt out noted in songs like “I Believe” (which is one of the more loved ones because of their performance at the Tony Awards) and just couldn’t do it. You could hear him, but his volume never increased like the rest of the cast. I was also in the very front row so I could hear his levels and they didn’t go up either like the rest did when they sang out. I don’t know if they have someone on a sound board that forgot all about his microphone and didn’t push the leads volume up, but he was the only one whose voice did not get louder when it was supposed to and it definitely did not sound like he was trying to belt, however, this could have been a combination of three things.

1. They played a recorded version during hard songs which is actually very common with some shows. The recording could have gotten louder because it is pre-done, unless the sound person needs to make it louder manually. 2. He was perfectly on key and pitch which was amazing, but his microphone wasn’t working and when he got louder, it could have overloaded and not taken his voice with it. 3. He can sing very well, but he can’t belt. My guess is that it is 2 or 3 or a combination of them. In his defense, although the songs he sang were ruined for me and took away from what would have been a 100% perfect show because I wanted to hear belting with these new Broadway Anthems, they just got to DC and many cast members still had their luggage from traveling. To get up on stage and perform a high energy show with a lot of high notes after traveling is insane. I give them all credit for an awesome job which is very rare. The Book of Mormon Kennedy Center reviews are amazing, especially because of this, however, with that said, here is what I’m confused about.

They just got there so there are going to be some sound issues during the first few shows. But the lead in the show’s microphone doesn’t work or pick up his voice so that he can belt during both acts? They could have easily changed his microphone and run a test before the second act. He is an amazing actor, has a great voice, but I honestly believe he just couldn’t belt out his numbers last night which is a shame because it took away from the show for me. All of the supporting Actors and the real lead Christopger John O’Neill or Elder Cunningham’s voice rose and lowered perfectly, it was just Elder Price. Nabulungi or Samantha Marie Ware had a couple of smaller sound issues but she belted out instead and you could hear perfectly. She was able to fix the sound issues and give everyone an amazing performance. It was only Mark Evans who you couldn’t hear and he had the lead in a lot of the most popular songs which killed part of the show for me. I still loved and my reviews of The Book of Mormon at the Kennedy Center are positive, but I still can’t get over not enjoying his numbers because he didn’t want to or couldn’t belt because of the sound. I really think it was the sound guy’s fault and not the Actor, but something tells me it had to be a combination of travel, the Actors ability to belt night after night and the sound system. It definitely ruined one of the most loved songs vocally, but the acting during it was awesome and he still did a great job! If you are looking for reviews of The Book of Mormon at the Kennedy Center, then we say go!

If you read other sites that have The Book of Mormon at the Kennedy Center reviews, I have no doubt that they are going to be amazing and I don’t think I have ever given anything this high. The Book of Mormon at the Kennedy Center gets 4 and a half out of 5 stars. The dancing was perfect, routines well done, the cast was amazing, the characters kept it together, but the lead couldn’t belt out his songs or only his sound was off which takes a half star away. I wanted to do 4 out of 5 stars because a couple of my favorite songs were lacking because of sound issues, however I couldn’t do that because everyone did an amazing job. I can’t believe I just said that! The only other shows I think that have come close was Irving Berlin’s White Christmas and Absinthe in Las Vegas. The cast was amazing, especially the lead female and Elder Cunningham. Unfortunately I’m not going into the plot or jokes with my The Book of Mormon at the Kennedy Center reviews because I don’t want to spoil it, but if you are sold after reading the reviews of The Book of Mormon at the Kennedy center, you can buy broadway tickets for this show by clicking on the link that says broadway tickets. The reviews of the Book of Mormon at the Kennedy center should all be amazing. I’m probably the most critical in DC so if anyone else is writing about it, expect it to have at least 4 or 5 stars out of 5. The show was awesome and a must see. You can still buy tickets to Book of Mormon at the Kennedy Center through this link and then come back here and let us know what you thought.

Book of Mormon Performing “Hello” at The 66th Tony Awards

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The Book of Mormon on broadway has completely taken over as far as high grossing shows. Besides Wicked, it is one of the hardest shows to get to see in NYC, unless you use the tricks here on how to buy broadway tickets. The show is absolutely hilarious and the touring cast is starting shortly. If you want tickets, you have to go fast, otherwise they will sell out before you get a chance to buy them. Everyone loves shows that are parodies and funny and when you have a show like this and let them perform at awards shows or in opening numbers like at the Tony awards, there are a ton of ways that they can tie in one of their songs. I was at Kristin Chenoweth on tour on Tony’s night so I didn’t get to see the performance of the song “Hello” from The Book of Mormon at the 66th annual Tony awards, but I did get to watch the video on YouTube and couldn’t stop laughing.

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What I love about this is that they completely parody Mormons who go door to door to recruit new people to their Church, which is also the opening act of the show and what they did was combine the two of them together and make a parody out of the religion as well as the show and perform it by recruiting Actors and Nominees from the 66th annual Tony Awards to the church with the song “Hello” from the Book of Mormon.

The show is awesome and the songs are great and what I love about the characters performing Hello from the Book of Mormon at the 66th annual Tony Awards is that they actually pull it off really well. I’m pretty sure they told the Nominees that they would be coming to their doors, mainly so they’d actually be there in their dressing rooms, but I don’t know if they actually told them that they would be performing one of the songs while they were getting ready and actually acting like Elders recruiting them for the church. The performance of Hello from the Book of Mormon at the Tony awards was amazingly well done and the parody video of Hello from the Book of Mormon at the Tony awards is seriously fun to watch. Please feel free to leave a comment below with your favorite Tony Awards opening acts and parodies.

Book of Mormon Cast Recording Giveaway

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For the first time ever we have decided to try doing a giveaway. By using the different ways to enter on the field below, you could win a free cast recording of The Book of Mormon the Musical. This contest is not sponsored by Facebook or the Book of Mormon at all. It is a way for me to say thank you to all of you who read this blog and buy broadway tickets (both local and NYC shows and events) through this site. All you have to do is fill out the information below in the RaffleCopter contest moderator and then complete the actions that it asks you to do. You can do many of them each day giving you more ways to win the original cast recording of the Book of Mormon.

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After the contest is over I will select one winner at random and that person will get an email from me. You’ll need to respond within 5 business days with your mailing address or you will forfeit your prize. The prize will be sent to you after I purchase it from Amazon. That is why I will need your shipping address so that I can have them mail you a copy of the Book of Mormon Soundtrack.

The Book of Mormon Soundtrack is one of the funniest cast recordings in broadway history. It is offensive, fun and has everything from ballads to funny routines on it. Even if you haven’t seen the Book of Mormon on Broadway yet, or the touring cast of the Book of Mormon, you’ll still be able to enjoy the music from the show and imagine you are there watching it. The show has quickly become one of the favorites for everyone who writes for and is one of the most popular shows on Broadway since tickets are always sold out for at least a few months in advance. The Book of Mormon is not a family friendly show because of all of the jokes and the language, but it is perfect if you want to laugh all night and watch a show that is absolutely amazing. It is definitely one of my favorite shows and one that I recommend everyone see if you are in NYC or if it is coming to your city. Thank you for entering our first contest for a free Book of Mormon soundtrack (original cast recording).

Showtunes about the USA 6 – Salt Lake City from Book of Mormon

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The song Salt Lake City or Sal Tlay Ka Siti from The Book of Mormon is one of my favorite songs from the show. Instead of being in your face and offensive or extremely funny like the others, it’s a gorgeous ballad that makes Salt Lake City sound like paradise. Sung by the African Girl who falls in love with Elder Cunningham, she listened to the Mormons talk about Salt Lake City and decided that Salt Lake City is a paradise where everything can be fixed and her life could be better.

The song starts out with the girl in Africa who is listening to these white boys talk about their religion. Eventually she listens and begins to believe in it. She also remembers her mom telling her of a place that wasn’t run by war lords who kill people for no reason and a world with plenty of food and medicine. After hearing the two Mormons talk about their god and their own city, she begins to believe that Salt Lake City is the place that her mom told her about. Unfortunately the real city isn’t exactly as she describes in the song, but at the same time, it is an awesome song to represent the city.

I love this song and have it on almost every play list. It is a beautiful ballad and one that is also sort of funny. The melody is perfect for both girls and guys to be able to sing and the song is extremely easy to memorize. It has quickly become one of my favorite broadway ballads and one that I think will stay on most of my playlists for a long time. The song is fun to listen to and if you ignore the words could be a unique and memorable song for any show that needs a gorgeous ballad. When you add the words in you get a gorgeous broadway ballad that will make you laugh when you hear about a city where flies don’t bite your eyeballs and human life has worth. Although it really isn’t funny because in her village that is true, the song makes you laugh and relax because it is a gorgeous broadway ballad. I highly recommend adding this song to any of your playlists as it is an awesome one to drive to, sing to and relax to. It probably isn’t a good one for a party list, unless you have a ton of theatre people over because they’ll join in and sing it. Salt Lake City is one of my favorite songs from the show The Book of Mormon and if you love ballads you’ll probably love it as well.

Book of Mormon Harry Potter Parody – Hello Video.

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I was looking for something to review today and I found this video parody of the Book of Mormon’s song Hello by a seriously talented kid who plays the characters from Harry Potter. The Book of Mormon Harry Potter Parody is extremely well done. The lyrics match up to the song from the show almost perfectly but make complete sense for Harry Potter instead. What I love even more is that it looks like it is the same girl playing all eight characters and doing them extremely well.

The Book of Mormon Harry Potter Parody video Hello is sort of only funny if you have either seen The Book of Mormon on Broadway, have heard the soundtrack or original cast recording if you’re a theatre buff and you are a fan of or have seen the Harry Potter books and movies. It has most of the major characters in it and each of them are holding a different book from the series. One of my favorite lines in the parody video of Hello from The Book of Mormon is when Harry Potter sings “This book is about my life” instead of the lyric “This book will change your life”. The entire parody is done well and each character stays in character and their lyrics match up to how they were in the Harry Potter books.

I absolutely love this parody and think that the girl in the video who does the Book of Mormon Harry Potter video has a huge career ahead of her. Not only did she do an amazing job playing all of the characters, but if she wrote the lyrics too, she is the next Miranda Sings or even Seth Rudetsky. If you haven’t heard the song Hello from The Book of Mormon, I put the video of it below the parody video so you can hear what the real version sounds like.