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It’s a White Christmas – A Betty White Christmas

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Ok, I love this b*tch more than life itself. She is funny, fabulous and an absolutely amazing performer. Whether she is on TV, in a movie or on Stage, Betty White is amazing and that is why I wanted to do a Betty White post instead of a White Christmas.

Betty has been around, longer than most people, since her career began when she was born in 1922. I’d imagine she was probably just as lively back then as she is now. She’s been everywhere from the Mary Tyler Moore show to starring in the Golden Girls and even had a few stage appearances. The videos below are a few of my favorite Betty White moments, including her performing Hello Dolly which she auditioned for, but didn’t get because it was an all black production, and her last name is white. There are a ton of other fabulous Betty White videos out there like her I’m so Hot one, anything from Saturday Night Live and one of my favorites which I didn’t include where she plays a sweet version of Betty White on a movie set but makes one of the Actors lives hell. When he tries to show people how much of a bitch Betty White is, no one would believe him because, she’s Betty White and who could hate her.

Here are a few of my favorite Betty White moments you might remember or might not. Feel free to leave your own favorite Betty moments in the comments section and I’ll be happy to add it and the video to the post.

Here’s a quick and short one where Betty takes over Zac Effron’s audition for a singing role on the tv show The Voice. Betty works it and Zac has to walk away.

This is a rare Betty White and Bea Arthur performance before the Golden Girls where they were singing at a piano and then performed a number together from 42nd St.

No one can perform like Betty, and no one can work a senior dance a thon like her either. Check her out in this fun clip from the Golden Girls.

If you thought Liza performing Single Ladies in Sex in the City 2 was amazing, check out the Golden Girls performing it without even trying to. This is an awesome video.

One thing that is nice about Betty is that she cares about everyone. That’s why she wants to make certain we are all prepared for the apocalypse. Here is her survival guide for you so you too can survive the apocalypse like Betty White.

The last clip is Betty Performing Hello Dolly for Morgan Freeman.