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13 the Musical – A Little More Homework to Do – An Awesome Song!

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13 the Musical is one that most people don’t remember or forgot about.  It was actually a really good show, especially if you have kids that are around that age and trying to figure out life.  The entire cast was made up of teenagers so it was an easy show for them to be able to relate to.  The show is also about issues and problems that the teenagers are going through.  It could be stress, being bullied, moving to a new city, making friends and avoiding drama.  That’s why I like the song A Little More Homework to Do from 13 the Musical.  It brings together all of the themes, the issues and story lines from the show and even adults can relate to it with their own lives.

During the song the main characters is being bullied by the Football player, being ignored by his best friend and the weird kid is trying to blackmail him.  It’s a song about what he needs to do and how he needs to try harder and also what he did wrong that could have helped to prevent him from being in that position.  Almost all of us have felt like we had no friends, we screwed something up or like the entire world is against us.

At work you could feel like everyone is out to get you.  In a relationship you could feel like you did something dumb and that is why your partner won’t speak to you.  In a social group, you could say the wrong thing, or because someone doesn’t like you they can start rumors or cause issues for you.  The song is about issues that teenagers face, but most adults can relate to it as well.

A Little More Homework to Do from 13 the Musical is an awesome showtune that helps you to get motivated and also gets you to think about how you can do things better.  It is sort of inspirational because you can use the characters singing to help you pull out of a depression and start fixing whatever is causing you to feel down.  A Little More Homework to Do from 13 the Musical can help you with anything from eating disorders to making up with friends or even just help you motivate to get through a work day where you know you are falling behind.  A Little More Homework is an awesome showtune and if you haven’t heard it before, it is a great one to listen to.  Here is A Little More Homework from 13 the Musical.