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Ain’t Nothing Like a Dame Parody – Seriously, not a dame!

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I know I haven’t updated the blog for a while but its because I’ve been swamped with work.  Sorry about that.  I finally had some time to update this morning and even though I was in NYC last week and saw On The Town which is about to close, instead of reviewing my favorite song from the “I Can Cook Too”, I found this parody of Ain’t Nothing Like A Dame.

Normally I’d go into why it’s a parody, how it’s a parody, why it’s funny…..but that’s boring since this one does it for itself.  Instead, why don’t you watch this fun cast perform Ain’t Nothing Like A Dame as a parody and then share your favorite things about it.  Once you watch you’ll easily understand why I don’t need to say why there ain’t no “dame” thing to comment on why this is an awesome parody.  (Sorry, bad pun)