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Barbara Cook Performs Bloomer Girl Live!

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I was trying to think of a showtune to share and was thinking about spring, fun ball gowns and wedding season.  Then I found a musical called Bloomer Girl which also happened to have Barbara Cook as a singer (so I was immediately intrigued) and then it got a little better.

The opening images were of huge gorgeous ballgowns and the story starts with a dress maker that focuses on hooped skirts.  I know, could it get any more fabulous and perfect for the theme I was looking for?  Barbra cook, huge gowns and bloomers!  Unfortunately it took a depressing but very current turn.

Bloomer girl isn’t about gorgeous gowns and panties, instead it’s about human rights, equal rights and the same things we’re dealing with today.  Here’s a video of Barbara Cook singing a piece from the show, and then click read more to find out the rest.