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Happy St. Patrick’s Day – Muppets Take On Danny Boy!

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Soooo it’s St. Patrick’s Day and even though there is Once and other awesome musicals for Ireland, about being Irish, Irish singers, etc… I ended up seeing this video on Facebook and unfortunately it wins out.  It’s the muppets taking on Danny Boy the only way they could.  It’s the ultimate St. Patrick’s Day showtune, even though it’s a TV one.

Sooo apparently I forgot to hit post yesterday with this post for St. Patrick’s Day showtunes, but the song is still funny so I’m going to post anyways.  Sorry ahead of time about that and I’ll try to do better for the next holiday lol.


Gwen Verdon & Chita Rivera Perform Nowadays Video

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There are some pairings on broadway you wouldn’t think could work, then there are some that blow you away.  Think about Carol Burnett singing and competing with Julie Andrews, Nathan Lane performing with Matthew Broderick, or Idina and Kristin which went great on stage but may have ended not so well.  One pair that took over the stage and “killed it” was Chita Rivera and Gwen Verdon.

When I opened a copy of a book I got, which is listed under my favorite broadway gifts posts, one of the first things you see is Chita.

In the brief section she talks about one of her favorite memories is dancing along side Gwen.  I know this is going to sound horrible, but I had no idea the two had ever performed together, especially in a huge show like Chicago.  I went to YouTube to see if there is a video of the performance and not only can you find the one below, but there are a ton of others from their PR tour.