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Neil Patrick Harris Christmas Performance at Disney

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Ever since he hosted his first Tony Awards, Neil Patrick Harris has been putting together fun performances with a ton of guests, comedy and jokes for numerous events, festivals and now holiday parades.  When you combine him with a ton of amazing cast members, characters from Disney, Star Wars and both Orlando and Hollywood, you get something that is completely ridiculous and amazing.  That’s why I wanted to share Neil Patrick Harris hosting the Disney Christmas parade this year for our annual Christmas showtunes post.


The Best Drag Queen Christmas Performances – What’s Your Favorite?

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We’ve already done a ton of posts like the best christmas showtunes, reviewed shows like Elf, Irving Berlin’s White Christmas and even holiday showtunes like Turkey Lurkey Time, The Muppets Singing It Feels Like Christmas and Betty White Christmas, so this year we’re going to change it up and do our favorite Drag Queen Christmas Performances.

Whether they’re famous, local or it’s fun, here are some of the best drag queen Christmas performances and showtunes that we love.  Feel free to add your own favorite drag queen Christmas performances below in the comments section and have a great holiday!

Cashetta from Blue Moon Rehoboth Beach.

The cool thing about this one is that she sings live, she’s funny and even though it is the intro to the drag queen Christmas show, she still gets the crowd going.


RuPaul Santa Baby. In the 90’s it was all about drama, attention and being in the spotlight. What better way to do it than to throw your own holiday special with your favorite fellow divas. That’s exactly what RuPaul did when she created her holiday album “Ho, Ho, Ho”. Not only did she redo classic Christmas songs, but she created videos for them and made sure she let Santa know exactly wants for Christmas. (more…)

Drag Queen Performs If You Got It, Flaunt It From The Producers

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My friends and I went shopping in Rehoboth for Black Friday and of course we ended up going to Blue Moon (It’s the only bar open in the winter for the most part) and because it’s our favorite.  Luckily there was a drag show that night and the ladies were performing showtunes!   You may be curious why I said luckily and drag show in the same series of words.

If you know me then you know I avoid drag shows.  They can be boring, annoying and obnoxious.  Normally that’s true, but when you go to a drag show at Blue Moon in Rehoboth Beach, you get an actual show…not just great drag queens lip syncing.  That’s why I’m very happy to share this lovely lady performing If You Got It, Flaunt It from the Producers.


top broadway gifts for theatre lovers

10 Cool Broadway Gifts You Must Have!

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top broadway gifts for theatre loversOne thing that’s kind of cool when I do my must have Broadway gift guides or must have Broadway gifts posts is that I get to see what people like, are interested in and sometimes some of you go through and buy things for me from the list.  This helps me to not only get to see what Broadway gifts you are most interested in, but I also get to have the fun of having them as well!

That’s why I wanted to do another list of top Broadway gifts that you must have for Christmas this year!  It features 10 gift items again and are all ones that I looked up.  You can click through the buy here links and find them all ready to go for the holidays, or whenever.

Thank you again for reading and here are our top Broadway gifts for the year.  (more…)

inspirtational broadway characters that die

Did You Ever Notice, Inspirational Characters on Broadway Die?

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inspirtational broadway characters that dieBroadway is known for making a statement.  Whether its one of many broadway songs that belt out a theme, or giving you in your face wording and acting, playwrights and producers like to make sure they get their point across.  Maybe that’s why many inspirational characters end up dying during the show.

Below are 6 amazing and inspirational roles on broadway where the inspirational leader dies.  Feel free to add your own favorite role of inspirational broadway characters that die on stage.  (more…)