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Whose Your Favorite Broadway Easter Bunny – Choose Below

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There have been a ton of random times when a Broadway Baby has become a Broadway Bunny for a role.  The range goes from Harvey Fierstein to Bette Midler and a ton of others.  What better way to celebrate Easter than with Easter Showtunes that are all about Broadway shows and stars dressed as rabbits.  Feel free to share your own favorite Broadway Stars dressed as bunnies and also share this post on Facebook and Twitter.

Bette Midler is the funny bunny telegram girl.

Even though this isn’t technically an easter showtune, it’s still a star dressed as a bunny and a movie everyone loves.

Spamalot didn’t feature the most friendly bunny, but it is one of the more famous ones from broadway.

I’d be pretty scared if this was the Easter bunny, but the killer bunny song is definitely worthy of being one of our Easter showtunes for our not so Easter Easter showtunes post.

Harvey Fierstein plays the Easter Bunny on Sesame Street as the Christmas Bunny in Elmo Saves Christmas

This is literally, an Easter showtune starring a broadway bunny.  Harvey sings a song about being the Easter Bunny making the list of our favorite Easter Showtunes.

Elle Woods shows up to a party as a bunny in Legally Blonde the Musical.

Or when the Muppets created this really creepy Easter Showtune out of Stand By Me about a monster dressed as a bunny eating bunnies and the bunnies singing…ummm thank you for this one….I think.

There’s always something fun on broadway and when you combine Broadway with Easter or Bunnies you end up with Easter Showtunes that are always a bit off.  Whether it’s Harvey Fierstein dressed as an Easter Bunny singing Easter Showtunes or it’s Better Midler dressed as a singing birthday bunny in Beaches, the songs get weirder and weirder.  The most weird Easter showtunes have to be from the Muppets starting with the bunny eating monster and they get worse and worse from there.

Instead of sharing normal Easter showtunes like we did for the last few years, this year we wanted to bring you something fun instead.  If you have other favorite broadway bunnies or broadway starts who have played bunnies, feel free to share them here by leaving a comment.  Have a great Easter everyone and thank you again for reading.

Passover showtune – The Deli Song by Elaine Brier

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Every spring we get ready for the Easter Bonnet contests at our favorite gay bars, sing Streisand’s version of Put on your Sunday blah blah blah, hearing Easter Parade or other Easter and hat related showtunes, and are tortured with Easter Bunny clips and showtunes like Here Comes Peter Cottontail.  What nobody does is share some amazing Passover showtunes!  Broadway wasn’t built by gays and Jews for nothing hunny and one of our favorite Cabaret Performers Elaine Brier doesn’t disappoint with her performance of “The Deli Song”.

As a quick heads up, there is some profanity in the song, but it isn’t real profanity once the joke is over.  Ok, to be honest, there are some good songs we could play for Passover Showtunes, but we haven’t shared a cabaret performance for a while, we love Elaine when we see her in NYC and she shared this video on her Facebook page so we decided to share it as well.

If you’re tired of bunnies and bonnets, try telling her favorite Jewish joke on behalf of the high holidays (I’m a Jew too so don’t tell me I’m being rude) and then make sure to like her fan page.  Elaine is an awesome performer and because this video is worth watching, it is our official Passover Showtune of the year.  Our people were free’d from slavery so we could create Broadway, make funny movies and perform cabaret numbers like this one.

If you like the Deli Song by Elaine Brier or have another favorite, please feel free to leave a comment below and make sure to like her page on Facebook.  Have an awesome Passover, a great Easter and we’ll do another post shortly with another showtune for Easter like we do every year.  However, now it’s time for our first and our favorite Passover showtune which is The Deli Song by Elaine Brier and performed at our favorite cabaret bar in NYC Don’t Tell Mama.  Have a great holiday no matter what you are celebrating and thank you again Elaine for the funny song and performance.  Happy Passover!


American Idol Meets Broadway – Big Wins & Then Some

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Some of the American Idols go on to Broadway, but not all of them light up the stars.  They may have a great voice when it comes to their own genre of music, but when you need to be able to sing out and belt a note, sometimes pop music or R&B doesn’t cut it.  Here are 7 wins and fails from American Idols gone Broadway.  This is a first contribution by a new writer here.

American Idol Fantasia Barrino in After Midnight: Stormy Weather
How did she do? WIN

I love this number by Fantasia. Forget the fact that she has great energy and playfulness with the quartet of cute guys, she encapsulates the 1920s-1930s style and her voice brought me back to the jazz age. She plays up a great range in her voice, my favorite being her effortless mix of sultry and innocent. A definite Win.

American Idol Star Diana Degarmo in Hair: Easy to be Hard
How did she do? Not bad, keep going and they will love you!
While I’m not a big fan of smooth jazz, Diana does a great job on “Easy to be Hard.” Her sweet crooning and powerful voice made me feel the melody, and she did a great job making a not-so-great song into a tolerable sing-a-long.

American Idol Runner Up Clay Aiken sings Home at Broadway Backwards.
How did he do? WIN
Clay Aiken had fantastic energy in the number “Brave Sir Robin.” He had me tapping my feet and laughing out loud. But there is a better performance than his awesome job in Spamalot. The American Idol star kicked a broadway songs ass with his version of Home in this video. We all remember Kristin Chenoweth destroying it in Glee and making it famous again, but when Clay took on Home, he gives you Goosebumps making it a definite win for American Idol stars on Broadway. This is an awesome performance.

American Idol’s Justin Guarini in American Idiot: Jesus of Suburbia
How did he do?  MEH,,,go back to pop music.
I loved Justin Guarini as Will in the Rock Opera American Idiot. Jesus of Suburbia, not so much. He almost seemed drowned out, and it was hard for me to really get into this particular number. While he looked the part and sung the part, I didn’t feel like this was as emotionally-driven as the original Green Day song is. Meh.

American Idol Constantine Maroulis in Jekyll and Hyde: This is the Moment
How did he do? FAIL,,,get off our stage!
Didn’t love it. He looks too soft for the part, too young for what I imagine Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde to be. This song sounded more like an 80’s love song , and did nothing for the inner turmoil inside the mail character. Fail. You can click the link above to find our full review of the show when we saw it with this ex American Idol star turned broadway.

American Idol Diva Frenchie Davis in Rent: Seasons of Love
How did she do? WIN,,,nice job, great vocals and performance!
I loved Frenchie in this role. Not only is this one of my favorite show tunes of all times, I really loved Frenchie’s addition to this rendition. I think she looks fabulous and really gave some Diva soul to the piece. Her range was fabulous, her pitch was fabulous, absolute WIN.

American Idol Jordan Sparks in In the Heights: Breathe
How did she do? WIN,,,this was basically the Kelly Clarkson performance that won the show and made Jordan one of our favorite American Idol stars gone Broadway.
I loved Jordan in this show. This song was amazing, she really captured the mood and hopeful starlight in the character. She hit those high notes perfectly, and it gave me shivers. Her energy was up and she engaged the crowd, and ultimately this song was a WIN.