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For Our Mommy Readers – Let It Go from Frozen – Your Style!

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So we have quite a few Mommy bloggers and Mommy readers that come every once in a while to visit.  They want a new showtune to listen to, see what we’ve been writing about and they love to comment which is something we love since our regulars only send private messages on Facebook and email.  Anyways, this one is for all of our Mommies who come and read our blog and who are as equally obsessed with Let it Go from Frozen.

I’m a gay guy and not a woman.  I am a god father and love my nieces and watching friend’s kids if they go out for a night, but I am very thankful that it isn’t my full time job.  I don’t know how Mommies can do it.  That’s why you are going to love the Frozen Let it Go video for Mommies.

Not only can most of you relate to the Mom in the Mommy version of Let it Go from Frozen, but you will end up wanting to share it…that is what you ladies do best and that’s also how I keep up with what’s going on in the world of deals, sales and most importantly, celebrity gossip!  Without you, we wouldn’t be here so this is my way of saying thanks to all of the Mommies who come to this blog, comment, share it and support it.  We love you!

Take a quick minute to “Let it Go” and have fun watching this funny parody of the Mommies version of Let it Go from Disney’s movie Frozen.  Thank you all again for reading, watching, sharing and commenting and we love you.  I also need to call my mom and say hi since it’s been a few weeks.  I know, bad son,,,but at least I’m remembering to do it and always send flowers for her birthday, Mother’s Day and also the holidays.  Enjoy the Mommy version of Let it Go from Frozen and feel free to comment, share this post and don’t forget to call your Mother and thank her for doing a good job if you aren’t a Mommy and you do find this post.

I Wasn’t Going to See Stomp, Until I Saw This Video – OMG

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It’s very rare that I post a non broadway, showtune or movie musical video on this blog, but I love when you can find someone that has amazing rhythm and that can turn every day things into something that sounds like something else.  This guy not only turned buckets and pavement into something that sounds like a very expensive drum set, but he rocked them like there was nothing else in the world that mattered.  That made me think of the show Stomp which is coming or was just at the National Theatre and is currently touring across the US.  (You can find discount tickets to Stomp on tour here.  You’ll need to find the show and then log in to find when it is coming to your city).

I never really get excited for shows like stomp and usually don’t go out of my way to buy tickets to them.  I always forget how much I really enjoy percussion shows and the cool sounds and effects they can make.  Then I see videos of really talented musicians like the guy above and it makes me remember how much I love percussion shows like Stomp, Blue Man Group and others.

It’s absolutely amazing what they can do with regular things like pvc pipes, buckets and even saws and metal.  The scenes with the brushes going across the floor or even when they are just banging on everything are amazing.  I kind of wish I did buy tickets to stomp but unfortunately I think it has left DC already because I went to look for tickets to Stomp and found Rock of Ages and American Idiot instead.  Anyways, watch the video above and if that doesn’t get you excited to buy tickets to stomp, I don’t think anything will, unless you watch the trailer.  Stomp isn’t normally a show you get excited about because there aren’t any big songs or always famous celebrities, but there are a ton of talented musicians that can put on an amazing show with normal things that you can find in almost any hardware store or even your house.  If you didn’t buy tickets to stomp when it was in or didn’t want to buy tickets to stomp when it is coming to your city, the video above will probably help to convince you why you should.  Click here to buy broadway tickets as well as touring casts and local shows.

Idina Menzel Wins – Gets to Sing Frozen @ Academy Awards!

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Idina Menzel Sings Let It Go from Frozen at Academy Awards

I am soo excited that lead Actress Idina Menzel will sing Let It Go from Frozen at the Academy Awards.  When they said it was a toss up there were a million good reasons.  Idina sang Let it Go in the Cast Recording (I’m not calling it a soundtrack because it was real singing by the cast) but the other girl (who is very talented) sang the remake.  Although the remake is amazing, it is a different song and requires different talents vocally, especially if they are going to sing Let It Go at the Academy Awards.

Idina Menzel and Frozen Cast Members - Idina Menzel Sings Let It Go at the Academy Awards

Idina Menzel and Frozen Cast Members – Idina Menzel Sings Let It Go at the Academy Awards Source:Courtesy of Walt Disney Studios Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney

The music changes, there is more backup and more lifts and drops which Idina can do well.  The thing that was missing from it was the insane belting from the movie version of Let It Go from Disney’s Frozen, and the only female cast member from this show who will pull that off well and have a voice that can sell to all of America and the world who will be watching the Academy Awards is Idina Menzel.  The voice has to belt, sound amazing and appeal to everyone.  That is what she did with Wicked and what she can do with Let It Go from Disney’s Frozen the Musical.

I cannot wait for the Academy Awards now and will actually watch this year.  It isn’t normally one of the shows I get excited for, but now that Idina Menzel is singing Let It Go from Frozen at the Academy Awards, it will be amazing to get to hear her belt it out live and I can’t wait to post it here as well if they allow sharing Idina Menzel singing Let It Go at the Academy Awards.  If you haven’t seen Disney’s Frozen yet, you need to.  Here are our Disney’s Frozen reviews if you want to read them first.

peter and the star catcher reviews

Peter and the Starcatcher – The First Show I Have Ever Walked Out Of

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Peter and the Starcatcher is the very first show that has ever gotten a 1 out of 5 stars from me.  It is the first for a lot of things.  The first show I have ever walked out of, the first show I have been offended by and the first show with an insanely talented cast, amazing staging and incredible lighting and still failed to keep people wanting to stay for the second act.  If you’ve ever wondered what must be going through the mind of someone on massive amounts of hallucinogenic drugs and overdosing on something painful, this is probably what comes from that.  The worst part is that no matter how talented the cast is, Peter and the Starcatcher is the worst thing I have ever seen on stage.

peter and the star catcher reviews

peter and the star catcher reviews

I struggled my way through Dead Man Walking the Opera, I even suffered my way through watching Constantine destroy Jekyll and Hyde, but I could not make it through Peter and the Starcatcher.  Like I said above, the cast was amazing.  The stage was gorgeous and the lighting and the use of props blew me away.  That is what kept me watching the entire first act.  I was soo impressed with the talent and the production of Peter and the Starcatcher that I could ignore the crappy attempt at humor.

The issue with Peter and the Starcatcher is that the writing and script is awful.  It’s like Benny Hill and Mr. Bean but with words and unfortunately unlike those two, not funny.  You laugh at all three, but Benny Hill and Mr. Bean keep you laughing, not wanting to slit your wrists to let the pain from the crap being fed into your ears from continuing.

I’ll probably have some people come on here and complain that I am ignorant, I cannot appreciate theatre or anything avant-garde.  Guess what, I also think that blowing up silver balloons and putting them in a room with fans and pretending it is art or sliver clouds is a joke too.  Sure it’s cool to look at and play with, but it doesn’t take talent and is a load of crap.  Have fun at MOMA, I’ll take the museum of natural history or the Louvre any day.  It takes a bunch of pretentious idiots who think they are better than everyone to praise a joke.  That is what Peter and the Starcatcher is and the people who call the writing art and theatre.  The acting, lighting, staging, sound, that is amazing theatre.  The writing and script is absolute crap.

Captain Hook (i.e. black stache) is definitely a flamboyant character in almost any rendition of Peter Pan.  The brilliant writers that created this abomination of a show took it and made him an offensive version of a gay man.  I’m all about stereotypical jokes and poking fun at myself as a gay person…The Birdcage (La Cage Aux Follies), Priscilla, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, etc… all did it and it was tasteful.  This was offensive, rude and any gay man that sees it and isn’t offended should be ashamed.

Yes I laughed as he made a mockery of gays, but when I thought about it, it wasn’t cute.  It was the same feeling I had when I was being called faggot when I was in high school.  When I walked out of Peter and the Starcatcher during intermission I felt really bad about being gay and as a person.  I did laugh and I did think it was funny when I was watching, but then I realized it was actually offensive.  Offending me is nearly impossible and this unfortunately did it.

peter and the star catcher tickets

peter and the star catcher tickets

The only reason Peter and the Starcatcher’s script can be bearable is because the cast was insanely talented and turned shit into something almost tolerable.  The Dodo Bird language was pulled off amazingly well.  The use of props, slapstick comedy and vocal inflections were unbeatable.  I was scared at how good the cast is.  The cast deserves all of the Tonys and Oscars in the world for being able to stop people from leaving during the first act.

The lighting in Peter and the Starcatcher was flawless and the use of props was perfect.  It’s the script that destroyed the show.  The writers tried way to hard to be creative or clever or in your face avant-garde.  I’m sorry if you disagree with me, but if you’re thinking about going to see Peter and the Starcatcher, save your money for another show.  The Kennedy Center has some awesome shows coming through like The Lion King and SideShow and those will be worth your money.  If you want to risk seeing something that caused me to walk out of my first show ever, then feel free to buy tickets for Peter and the Starcatcher.  I personally could not stand Peter and the Starcatcher and it was hard to walk out when it costs a lot of money for a ticket.  Unfortunately even after spending money to sit in the orchestra, on a cab there and back, I could not get myself back into my seat and waste any more of my life watching Peter and the Starcatcher.

Again, it is not the cast.  It is not the stage and it is not the lighting.  All of that was perfect.  It was the script and writers that tried way to hard to be creative or clever.  Yes it is a show about storytelling, but it was also like that person that tries so hard to impress everyone that it is painfully obvious how fake, boring and obnoxious they really are.  I encourage you to go to the theatre and to go to see the other shows at The Kennedy Center, The National Theatre, etc… but I cannot recommend you waste your money on Peter and the Starcatcher.  It isn’t worth the risk.  I definitely want to hear other opinions since mine is very one sided right now.  If you enjoyed the writing, not the acting, the staging, etc… of Peter and the Starcatcher, please feel free to leave a comment.