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A Whole New World – Aladdin – Guest Post from a Recent Grad

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This is a guest post from a recent college graduate that decided to write a post for us. I really liked the post and I think the show is going to Broadway so I figured why not post it. Here is his guest post of A Whole New World from Aladdin.

A Whole New World, from the Disney Musical Aladdin, has special meaning for a recent college graduate who has just started a new career.
I graduated last December from an undergraduate program, and worked in a grocery store for eight months following my graduation. I enjoyed working there, but I always had a nagging feeling that I could use the skills I learned in undergrad for another career. Finally, after eight months of searching for a different job, I have begun working at a news agency, helping to fact-check and pitch story ideas for senior journalists.

Just like with starting any new job, I was nervous at first. However, like Princess Jasmine from A Whole New World Video from Aladdin, I knew it was time to get over my nerves and take a plunge into the unknown. What’s followed has truly been “a magic carpet ride.”

“A whole new world… A hundred thousand things to see.” Jasmine’s words from A Whole New World Video from Aladdin couldn’t ring more true to how I’ve felt about my recent job transition. Since joining my news organization, I’ve been exposed to so much new information. Each day brings new responsibilities, emails that I need to respond to but that I may not have all of the knowledge I need, and new stories I have to find information for. Thankfully, I have a mentor at work who has helped to instill in me the confidence that I can handle these new responsibilities. Just like Alladin tells Jasmine in Whole New World Video from Aladdin, he’s informed me that with each new responsibility, there will also be “new horizons to explore,” and that I should “hold [my] breath,” because it “only gets better.”

So, like Jasmine in A Whole New World Video from Aladdin, I feel that “I’ve come so far…I can’t go back…To where I used to be.” I often feel overwhelmed, but the amount of knowledge I’ve gained has been so exciting, and with each new task I complete I gain more confidence in my ability to handle the unknown. In my whole new world, there will be moments when I “soar” and others when I “tumble.” But one thing’s for certain- I can’t wait to enjoy the rest of this “magic carpet ride.”

Twerkin in the Rain – Singing in the Rain Parody

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Todrick Hall has been making a name for himself with his parody videos and “Twerkin in the Rain” which parodies the classic showtune Singing in the Rain is amazing.  At first I was like great, a dumb freaking twerk video where they mash up a song, but Todrick Hall delivers an awesome parody like always with “Twerkin in the Rain”.  What I love is that he actually keeps the original theme and feel of the song by incorporating everything into the lyrics.

In “Twerkin in the Rain”, Todrick raps instead of sings for the majority but what I love is that he mentions the cast and the leading celebrities of the time like Fred Astaire and other greats.  He goes back and adds the original chorus from Singing in the Rain into Twerkin in the Rain and instead of tap dancing, he twerks to help keep everything remain consistent and with the theme of the video.  I think the only thing missing would have been having tap dancing while twerking…the girls could have come on tapping and broken out twerking from their splits, dancing and other poses.

Todrick Hall has been producing amazing parodies of movies like Mean Girls and has now started to take over broadway parodies lie Twerkin in the Rain. He is insanely talented and I hope you all subscribe, follow and pay attention because I am sure he is going to deliver some more amazing videos and parodies like Twerkin in the Rain.  This one might not be as close as some of you would hope to the original broadway songs, but Twerkin in the Rain is a perfect hit for me.

I hope you all enjoyed Twerkin in the Rain from Todrick Hall and if you have a different favorite Todrick Hall parody, or want to comment on this one, please feel free to comment below.  Also, please feel free to share this post with anyone else you think would like it.  Thank you again for reading and I hope Todrick Hall produces more broadway parodies like Twerkin in the Rain.  This one was amazing lol.  Thank you again for reading.
flashdance the musical tickets

Flashdance the Musical Reviews – Should You Go?

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I couldn’t find Flashdance the Musical reviews for the tour that is in DC at the Kennedy Center right now, but my one friend has already gone to see Flashdance the Musical twice this week so I knew it had to be good. Normally I hate when people use letters like OMG as words or phrases, but when it comes to Flashdance the Musical, OMG, Amazeballs, Go Now! It brings back everything I love about theatre and more. BTW, you can find discount tickets for Flashdance the Musical on sale by clicking here right now. Since it is in the Eisenhower theatre there are no bad seats and there should be tickets on sale in any other city the touring cast goes to.

flashdance the musical tickets

flashdance the musical tickets

Should I Buy Tickets to Flashdance the Musical?

If you are thinking about buying tickets to Flashdance the musical, I highly recommend it.  Not only does it feature a ton of the original songs, but there are new ones mixed in.  It features amazing 80’s styled music but more importantly, 80’s acting, singing and dancing.  Singing songs instead of mimicking singers, actually feeling them and having fun with them instead of turning them into theatre like in the show Rock of Ages is something that has been missing from Broadway.

Flashdance the Musical stays very close to the way the movie was which makes it amazing.  The characters really feel the music and although they do turn some of it into more of a broadway styled song, the heart of the music is actually there.  You actually feel what they are feeling, but hear real singing like you’d expect to hear on a movie soundtrack instead of a broadway cast recording.  That is one of the reasons that Flashdance the Musical ended up being a show that I loved.  The next is the dancing.  You have amazing dancing in Wicked, great routines in other shows, but Flashdance the musical actually has real dancing in the show.

A lot of people will yell at me for saying that other shows don’t have real dancing, or that Flashdance the movie and Flashdance the Musical are shows about dancing so it has to be good, but when you watch the show, you see real style, grace and actual lines, variations of styles and movement.  The dancing is insanely spot on and they are 100% dancers on stage as well as actors, singers and performers.  They climb and swing from poles, flip around stair cases, spin, leap, breakdance, tumble, jump, lift, dance with props, form patterns and everything else you think of when you think of dance.  The amount of talent in the cast of Flashdance the Musical is above and beyond what I have seen in any broadway show or touring cast in years.

I hadn’t heard of any of the Actors in this cast before, but there was not a single bad performer, character or anything I could say.  Everything was perfect.  The sound, lighting, dancing, music, singing, acting, staging and overall performance was perfect.  This is the first movie to broadway show I have ever seen that I could say that about and probably one of the very few musicals that I haven’t been able to think of anything I didn’t enjoy with it.  Flashdance the Musical was absolutely amazing and if you get a chance to buy tickets to Flashdance the Musical, don’t think about it, buy them.  You can click this link to see if they are on sale in your city, or you can wait until it is in your city and once it is, chances are you will be able to find tickets to Flashdance the Musical on sale.  If you’ve seen Flashdance the Musical or are going to see it, please feel free to leave your comments about the show below.  Thank you again for reading and I hope you get to see the show, it is definitely worth going to.