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Disney’s Frozen Reviewed – OMG – Click Here Now!

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The only thing I have to say is HOLY CRAP!  I had a fever and the flu when I went to see Disney’s Frozen Musical in 3D at the movies.  I was cranky and grump so I expected my Disney Frozen Reviews to be horrible because of my mood.  I had a bunch of mommy blogger friends that were invited to do Frozen Reviews in LA and they went crazy over it, but at the same time whenever they get a free trip and to see a premier they always give good reviews.  That’s probably why I don’t get invited all the time, I’ll say why I hated it if I didn’t like it.  This time though, all of the amazing Frozen Reviews were 100% on target!  I loved Disney’s Frozen the Musical and if you haven’t seen it, get off this blog and go now!

When I was sitting in the theatre, I could have sworn I recognized the speaking voices and then all of the sudden when the song “Let it Go” came on I dropped my popcorn and said, Holy Sh*t, that’s Idina Menzel.  Then Olaf started talking and I realized it was Josh Gad from the Book of Mormon.  Then I recognized Jonathan Groff’s voice from Glee and Spring Awakening and the list keeps going.  The funny thing is that Disney’s Frozen is almost parallel for Idina Menzel in Wicked.

You have a woman who loves her sister but has a magical power that her family and she needs to hide and keep secret.  She can’t control it and eventually it causes her to be banished.  All of the sudden she is running wild and in a castle singing about Letting Go which is almost the same as No Good Deed from Wicked.  The story lines are very similar in some aspects and if you loved Wicked, you will go crazy for Disney’s Frozen the Musical.

Disney’s Frozen is campy, happy, fun and everything you love in a show.  Some of the songs are kind of cheesy, but most of them are awesome.  The voices and talent mixed with Disney’s animation and the great score will literally have you singing when you leave the theatre.  Our Disney Frozen Reviews are,,,why are you still reading this….go to the movies and watch it now!  You can also buy the music and eventually the DVD or BluRay by clicking on this link. a Seriously Cool Gift for Theatre Lovers

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A friend of mine recommended I work with this advertiser and to be honest and clear with you all, I am being paid to write this post.  However, with that said, it is a cool sounding service.  I haven’t tried using, but I do trust the person who recommended it to me and if they do offer broadway packages like proposals on stage, meeting broadway stars, etc… then I would add them anyways.  So what is and why am I in love with and their gifts.  It’s easy.

The IfOnly Constellation Caramel Collection - Order Now!

Have you ever watched a tv show where someone got an amazing meal from a top level chef or where their dream date happened and thought to yourself, ya right, “If Only” that happened in real life.  Well, that is the goal of, to provide you with those types of experiences and unique gifts that could only happen it were real.  I’m a foodie and one of my other blogs is a cooking blog.  For me, the cooking deals are amazing and something I would dream of.  Ranging from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands of dollars, you can give foodies a gift that they will never forget.  You can have Chefs like Tyler Florence cook a meal at your actual home or get an actual email with cooking tips from Michael Chiarello. is providing those dream experience that you think to yourself If Only they were real.  I kind of got a laugh out of it because I just saw If/Then and when I saw the name I thought of meeting Idina Menzel for dinner and thought If Only lol.  That would be cool!  My friend did see her in a bar here in DC.

Anyways, I will eventually try using for a gift and see if it works, if it is real and if it is legit.  I also wrote to them saying that if they can make dream dates and things happen here are some that broadway fans would love.  Not that having dinner prepared by amazing chefs before a show wouldn’t be memorable enough.

5 Broadway Experiences I Hope They Offer

5.  Getting back stage passes to watch the show from the sides.  Not only would you get to hear all of the sound, stage and cue calls, but you’d get to see what it’s really like to be in a show from the Actor and Crew Point of View.

4.  Sitting in the conductors pit.  This would be cool and completely doable.  The trick is having the seat so you can see the stage and experience the music from the instruments and not the speakers.

3.  Getting a backstage pass to meet the cast.  Again, this is doable, especially shows that are going to last for a long time.  It is memorable, would be an amazing date and is a perfect experience.

2.   Getting on stage for a marriage proposal.  If you’re going to get married, you’re already going to spend a ton of money on the wedding.  Why not have an proposal that will almost guarantee a yes and do a broadway marriage proposal like the ones in the post I linked to.

1.  A walk on role in an actual broadway show and taking a bow.  I think it was the Howie Mandel game show where you guess the suitcases to win $1 million, but they offered someone a chance of a lifetime, an experience type of deal to give up and take the walk on role in a broadway show.  If they can do it, could hopefully do it.  That is one of those experiences that you would never forget.

The IfOnly Constellation Caramel Collection - Order Now!

Anyways, hopefully they offer broadway experiences in their deals and packages eventually and one of these would end up on the list.  All of them are doable if the  shows last and would make amazing gifts.  Broadway fans love theatre, have disposable income and this would be something that they may actually go for.  If you’ve using, please leave a comment below and let us know how it went.  I haven’t used them but eventually I probably will, especially if they offer a broadway type of package and it is a fit.

Top Ten Muppets Christmas Songs and Videos

Top Ten Muppets Christmas Songs – Because We Love Them!

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Top Ten Muppets Christmas Songs and Videos

Top Ten Muppets Christmas Songs and Videos


I love the Muppets.  When you combine happy music like Christmas Songs and happy things like the Muppets you cannot lose.  Because of that I wanted to do something to cheer myself up since I have the flu and post the top ten Muppets Christmas songs.  Although they are somewhat in order, there is no specific order for my favorite Muppets Christmas songs.  They are all amazing, funny have special guests or are just insane which is why I love them.  Here are my favorite Muppets Christmas Songs and I hope they help to cheer you up or make you feel better too. (more…)

The Name Game – Jessica Lange & American Horror Story

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I have to admit that I stopped watching American Horror Story half way through the first season…but Coven has gotten me hooked!  I love it and cannot wait to watch it tonight.  We finally get to watch the war between the Coven and the Supreme, Voodoo vs. the Coven and the Supreme and Marie Laveau vs. the Supreme all go at it.  It won’t be a blood bath, it’ll be a massacre that I am excited to watch.   Not only are all of these ridiculous characters going at it, but you throw in an Axe murderer who is obsessed with Jazz music, a witch who switches sides and a bunch of Zombies that were brought back and are taking sides, we have a great war coming and it takes place in New Orleans.  With all of the excitement, I heard this video clip at DIK Bar in Washington DC on their Wednesday night showtunes and didn’t know it came from American Horror Story season 2.  I think I’m going to have to start from season 1 again and then watch all of asylum.

Not only is it Jessica Lange singing and playing a crazy woman and I think the Angel of Death, but it looks amazing.  It sucks that Glee is cancelled, but I stopped watching a while ago.  At least we have American Horror Story which is apparently getting better every season.  I hope they do a showtunes styled number this season so I can post it here as well.  If you love American Horror Story Coven and are watching tonight, feel free to leave a comment below or share this post.  I can’t wait to watch it and hope that you are as excited to see what happens with all of these groups about to go to war.  I think there may be another twist as well with the swamp witch.

Not only has she been bringing people back to life, but she has a hatred for the Coven and doesn’t trust them.  Some of the zombies are loyal to her and now that she is reviving an old council member, she may have her own force to go up against the coven and the Supreme with.  You also have the witch hunter that Marie Laveau hired to kill all of the witches who also married The Supreme’s daughter who also runs the school.  It’ll be interesting to see if he changes sides now that Marie has threatened him or if he goes after everyone and wipes them all out.  Feel free to leave your comments about American Horror Story Coven below and if you liked the show tonight or not.