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I Don’t Need Anything But You – Annie – Broadway Songs for Dads

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If there is one show that is all about Dad’s, it has to be Annie.  It’s about an orphan girl named Annie who ends up being adopted as a publicity stunt by a rich, old and bitter man.  Throughout the show he eventually falls in love with her and feels like she is his daughter.  Towards the end of the show the two are completely bonded and even when the Ms. Hanagan tries to kidnap her and take her back to the orphanage, he protects her which is why Daddy Warbucks is one of our favorite broadway dads and why I Don’t Need Anything But You is one of the best Broadway Songs for Dads.

If there way another show out there that wasn’t supposed to revolve around hair and looks, but hair and looks made it part of how famous it is, the show would have to be Annie. From the girl with the bright red hair and the old, bitter bald man, the unlikely friends become soul mates as a Father and Daughter Duo. The showtune I Don’t Need Anything But You from Annie is all about their love for each other.

With quotes and lyrics about loosing all their money and still being there for each other, it actually means more than just the words. Because everything in Daddy Warbucks life was all about money and now he’d give it up to make sure Annie was safe says a lot about him. It means he finally understands what it means to be a dad and how much a real dad would actually give up just to have a daughter and bond that he could feel just like he felt for his money. The difference between his money and Annie is that Annie can give him a hug back, make him smile with a joke and actually keep him company with human interaction. It was almost like he forgot about what it is like to be human and by adopting a girl and then eventually falling in love with her as his daughter he rediscovered how wonderful it can be to have a family. That is why I Don’t Need Anything But You from Annie is one of the best broadway songs for Dad’s and why we wanted to share it with you all for our week dedicated to showtunes for Father’s Day. Thank you again for reading and although there is one day left in the week, we want to hear from you on our Facebook page about what you think the best broadway songs for Dads are by leaving a comment here, on Facebook or by sharing this on Twitter.

Bring Him Home – Les Miserables – Broadway Songs for Father’s Day

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In this post for our Broadway Songs for Father’s Day week we are bringing you one of the best broadway fathers in existence, Jean Valjean. Although there is another male character with a daughter (The Inn Keeper), Jean ValJean never abandons his daughter, even though she isn’t biologically his. Not only does he adopt and take her under his wing, but he also finds her love and rescues him. That is what being a Dad is all about and why we wanted to share Bring Him Home from Les Miserables as one of our picks for Broadway Songs for Father’s Day and Dads week. Jean ValJean not only is the perfect father to everyone from his employees to the people of his town, but to strangers like Cosette and even her love Marius.

No matter what part of the show you are in, Jean ValJean is a Father. He lifts a wagon of a man who is being crushed. He takes care of the people of his town where he is the Mayor and he loves and cares for him employees. After one of them is fired because she wouldn’t sleep with her boss, he finds out and instead of hiring her back, he takes care of her. What he did and did not expect is that he also falls in love with her and wants to make sure she has an amazing life, even though they both know it is almost over. One of Fantine’s last requests is that he rescue and take care of her Daughter Cosette and without even thinking about it, Jean ValJean rushes to rescue her from the Inn Keeper and his wife.

No matter who he comes in contact with in the show, Jean ValJean acts like a Father and shows that he loves everyone. Even Jabert who has dedicated his life to destroying Jean ValJean is spared when Jean Valjean could have easily killed him. When he finds out Cosette is in love with Marius and that Marius is at the baracade where he will be killed, Jean ValJean puts his own life in danger for a complete stranger. That is something that only a Father could do and someone that loves everyone like they are their own kids. That is why Bring Him Home from Les Miserables is one of the best Broadway Songs for Father’s Day. It shows the emotions and love that Jean ValJean has for his adopted daughter Cosette and even the love and hope he has that he can rescue Marius in time to bring him back to her and raise him like he is his own. Jean ValJean is one of the most amazing Father’s on Broadway even though he doesn’t have a biological child and one of the most caring people. That is why we wanted to share Bring Him Home from Les Miserables as one of the best broadway songs for Father’s Day and Dads.

Lily’s Hazel Eyes from the Secret Garden – Father’s Day Showtunes Week

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As we continue with our week dedicated to the best broadway songs for Father’s Day about Dads, we thought of including one from a show where there is a Dad, but a Dad who has a new child coming in.  It’s a complicated story with this one.  Do we talk about his real son Colin or the new girl who has come into his life that reminds him of Lily who passed away and made him depressed for life.  Lily’s Hazel Eye’s is a song from the Secret Garden that makes you want to hug the two men singing.

Both have been hurt before and both have been in love.  Both of them are good people, but one of them who already has a child that he keeps in bed so he won’t get hurt by the real world now has a new child in his house that reminds him of the person he loved.  Lily’s Hazel Eyes is an entire song about him coming to terms with getting over his past love and being able to move on.  Because the girl reminds him of his true love, he realizes that maybe remembering her and having things around that remind him of her may not be a bad thing.  It is also the point in the show where he finally starts to lighten up and become human again.

Lily’s Hazel Eyes is one of my favorite showtunes of all time.  It is also one of the best Father’s Day showtunes because it is all about an Uncle becoming a Father for a new child and learning how to love again.  if you ever see the show you’ll probably cry during this song as it is very emotional and if they have a good cast, incredibly beautiful.  If you’re looking for Father’s Day Showtunes and you have a Dad who has a girl with hazel eyes and if her name is Lily, this is the perfect showtune for them.  Oddly enough we do have a Lily in our family and I think she may have hazel eyes so it’s kind of funny.  Lily’s Hazel Eyes from the Secret Garden is one of the best Father’s Day Showtunes and if you like it or don’t like it, please feel free to share why below by leaving a comment.  Thank you again for reading and come back again tomorrow for another Father’s Day showtune from Broadway Reviewed.

Little Wooden Head from Pinocchio – Father’s Day Showtunes

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When you think of showtunes and Father’s Day, there are a few that really stand out for me.  Instead of songs like You’ve Got a Friend in Me from Toy Story which could easily be a good one for Dads to use, There is a Disney Dad that people usually forget, Geppetto from Pinocchio.  One of my favorite songs about someone who makes an amazing Dad is “Little Wooden Head” from the Disney movie Pinocchio and sung by Geppetto.

Geppetto is a lonely guy who wants nothing more than to have a little boy.  Unfortunately he is not married and doesn’t really have the ability to have a son, but that doesn’t stop him from creating what his perfect one would be like.  Because he is an amazing craftsman and he can create just about anything, he makes a puppet that looks like a boy and gives him marionette strings so that he can move him around like a real boy.  Geppetto even names his marionette Pinocchio like he was his real son.  Once Pinocchio was finished, Geppetto tells Jimminy Cricket to tun on the music and he begins to sing a song about if he were a real boy and if he had a son.

Little wooden head from Disney’s Pinocchio is one of the best broadway songs for Father’s Day.  It is all about a Father who wants to have a son but can’t.  He can provide him with a great live, all of the love in the world and even with everything he could ever need.  Unfortunately we was missing one thing an adoption agency, a surrogate, a test tube or a woman.  Luckily Geppetto lives in the world of Disney where anything can happen and Disney gives him a woman.

Unlike in the real world, this woman doesn’t have to do anything with Geppetto but grant his wish.  The Blue Fairy meets with Pinocchio and overnight turns him into a real boy.  When Geppetto wakes up in the morning and sees that Pinocchio is a real boy, he couldn’t be happier and starts to sing again.  Personally, if this happened to me, I’d think he was Chucky from the horror movie Child’s Play and probably freak out.  Luckily for Pinocchio, Geppetto was excited and instantly became his father.  That is why Little Wooden Head from Pinocchio is one of my favorite showtunes for Father’s Day.  Thank you again for reading and come back tomorrow for another one of our favorite broadway songs about Dads for Father’s Day week at Broadway Reviewed.

scott polk and baby eva

Father’s Day Showtunes – Cograts Sarah & Scott – Buenos Aires – Evita

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scott polk and baby eva

scott polk and baby eva

Sarah Carling and Baby Eva

Sarah Carling and Baby Eva

I was going to do a real Father’s Day showtune post today with the top ten showtunes or broadway songs for Fathers, but instead I woke up to find my friend’s Scott and Sarah Carling had a baby and named her Eva.  Enough said, This is now Father’s Day showtunes week here at Broadway Reviewed and we will be posting a brand new showtune about Dad’s from all over the world of broadway, except from Oliver because that Dad is creepy.  Anyways, a huge congrats to Scott an Carla and sorry for stealing the pics from your Facebook page.  Eva is gorgeous and here is why I picked Look Out Buenos Aires for your Father’s Day showtune.

The most obvious reason I chose Evita is because they named their daughter Eva and Evita is Eva. The real reason is that Scott and Sarah are two of the most amazing, smart and wonderful people. They love to travel, see new things and are extremely sweet. I don’t think there is a person anywhere that can say anything negative about either of them. Because of this, unlike Eva Peron, Baby Eva is going to get to experience all of the excitement and energy that the world has because of her parents intelligence and love of travel.

They already live in Costa Rica, so I am pretty sure making a trip to Buenos Aires will eventually happen. However baby Eva is going to get to experience more in the beginning of her life than most people will their entire lives. Scott and Carla love everyone and embrace new cultures from getting to talk to them a bit. (I actually don’t know them much outside of hanging out at work events). Eva is not only going to get to do things that most people dream of, but she’ll get to do it with two of the most welcoming and wonderful people in the world. That’s why Buenos Aires is one of the best showtunes for Father’s Day that I could think of. Congrats again Scott and Sarah and baby Eva.

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