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Everybody Wants to Be a Cat from Disney’s Aristocats

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On my way home today, I remembered the song Everybody Wants to Be a Cat from The Aristocats, and as I started to whistle it, it struck a chord with me. You see I work in an office with a cat. While I am sending out hundreds of emails, the cat is sleeping. While I am getting yelled at by my boss, the cat warily opens its eyes to stare at us, then goes back to sleep. When I leave my desk, I come back to find the cat with its whole head submerged in my glass of water — if it decided to stop sleeping that is. While I don’t get angry, I do sometimes get jealous. Everybody Wants to Be a Cat from The Aristocats perfectly summarized why I feel this way. Cats don’t work hard. They lounge around, being cool with humans at their beck and call. If they want some excitement in their day they just have to try to catch a laser pointer or taunt the neighbor’s dog. A lot of cats are living a life of complete indulgence and luxury. The Aristocats are smart enough to recognize this, so they know that everyone else is jealous and that everybody wants to be cat.

Asides from the envy I feel towards felines in the work place, I also like Everybody Wants to Be a Cat from the Aristocats because it is one of the best Disney songs I know of. It has some of the cutest cartoon singing and dancing I have ever seen — check out the kitten brothers falling into the basket and the sister kitten singing the “rikki-tikki-tikki” part if you don’t believe me. I love how it starts off smooth and jazzy, but then ends up as a crazy and raucous song with psychedelic lighting. Another thing I think is awesome are all of the incredible instrumental bits. For example, the pounding drum solo at 2:25, or the kitten who absolutely shreds the piano at 4:47. Speaking of the piano solo, you can completely tell that this song predates Disney getting politically correct by the ostensibly Chinese cat that sings “Shanghai Hong Kong Egg Fu Young/ Fortune cookie always wrong.” That bit definitely would no be OK in a G-rated movie today.

The part where Duchess starts playing the harp always annoyed me a bit when I watched Everybody Wants to be a Cat from The Aristocats as a child, and to be honest it still does now. My siblings and I were all in agreement that the alley cats were the cool ones — not those ritzy house cats. Who is she to come into their cool and hip pad with her lavish harp, trying to serenade them while they are singing a swinging song? However, the alley cats seem to become enamored by it though, so I probably shouldn’t judge. Anyway, the swinger cats regain control for the end of the song, and they certainly go out with a very big bang.

Growing up, my little sister and I would often get told off by my mother as the song was coming to an end. We both found it almost impossible to watch the entire ensemble of philharmonic felines pile drive through abandoned tenement without jumping and stomping around in the living room. Even after they arrive at the bottom of the floor, they keep going, taking their self-congratulatory cause to the streets. And why wouldn’t they? Like I said earlier, being a cat seems like an amazing life. You just lounge around getting petted, you have retractable claws and can sleep whenever you want. I’m sure life is a little rougher for the alley cats, but they just take advantage of these hardships by channeling them into their music. Even if I hadn’t already been jealous of cats, I would after watching Everybody Wants to be a Cat from the Aristocats.

The Best Animaniacs Songs to Teach You About Life – Buy the DVDs Here!

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I was shopping this weekend and saw the entire series for the Animaniacs on DVD and almost bought it.  The Animaniacs was an awesome warner brothers cartoon show when I was a kid and one that everyone loved.  They were funny and educational, even though they were a bit off in the way they would teach you things.  Even though they made a lot of comments I didn’t get when I was a kid, here are ten of my favorite songs from the Animaniacs TV show.  Feel free to share your own favorite songs from Animaniacs below in the comments section.

If you’re an American like me, you should be ashamed if you cannot name all of the presidents. Although I can’t, this song is kind of funny and is actually an awesome way to learn them in order, things about them and be able to repeat it. A couple of the things are offensive like when they make a joke about the first president to be assassinated, but at the same time none of us were around so it doesn’t effect us like JFK does, even though it probably should. This song is awesome and is actually probably the perfect song if you have kids who need to learn about the US presidents and be able to name them in order.

In this video, Yakko teaches us how to Multiply. I suck at math so anything like this should be helpful, and it was, but unfortunately also got me confused at the same time. Either way he makes a ton of sense, but I still cannot follow any of his logic or the solutions without a calculator.

I am proud to say that I can name all 5 states and most of them in alphabetical order. I learned with a song when I was younger. I am embarrassed to say that I cannot name all of the capitols of the states and which states they all belong to. Go ahead and try. I remember learning them when I was a kid, but cannot remember them all now. I know a few random ones like Bismark, but I always get messed up when you have a large city in a state and it isn’t the capital of that state. If you need a song to help you learn all 50 state capitals, try the 50 state capitals song from Animaniacs.

Now that you’ve seen they are a bit crazy, here’s their shrink singing about them being insane. The shrink episodes were always awesome. Not as good as some of the others, but he was always funny. Especially when they drove him crazy.

Speaking of driving him crazy, in this showtune about therapists, you’ll actually see how they drove him crazy. In this song he tries to split them up for individual therapy sessions. Instead of getting through to them, they drove him mad instead.

Now it’s time to go from therapy to something that can cause you to need a therapist, learning another language. Even though math drove me crazy, learning another language was harder. In this showtune you’ll see how they learn to speak another language,,,even if it isn’t real.

If you cannot name all 5 senses, 6 if you’re a demon kid from the movies, then this song will help you remember them. This is one of the most forgotten showtunes from the Animaniacs, but it is still a good one. It isn’t one of my favorites but it’s still a funny one.

Even though Love isn’t one of the senses, it still effects you and makes most of your senses react. You smell things harder, you feel tears and pain and you can also hear things when you’re happy that you wouldn’t have paid attention to before. When you get your first kiss from the person you fall in love with you feel and taste things you can only have when you’re with that person and that’s why they have a song to teach us about love.

One of the first things many of us do when we fall out of love is go and eat. Ice cream is one of the most popular foods you see people eating in movies when they first break up with someone. It’s also something I think most of us go for. That’s one of the reasons that the Animaniacs created a song about being careful what you eat.

If they haven’t covered anything else you can think of, try their song about the universe. In this song you’ll learn about everything that exists, at least in their universe. I actually forgot about this one when I was writing this post.

The animaniacs were famous for the showtunes. They have one where Yakko sings all of the songs in the English language, one about hay pennies and not being greedy and even parodies of actual showtunes. The animaniacs were one of the most popular shows and it was exciting to see that they are now selling the animaniacs dvds again. If you liked the videos and have a favorite song from the animaniacs, feel free to share it below. You can also buy animaniacs dvds on sale by clicking on any of the images in the widget above in the post.

13 the Musical – A Little More Homework to Do – An Awesome Song!

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13 the Musical is one that most people don’t remember or forgot about.  It was actually a really good show, especially if you have kids that are around that age and trying to figure out life.  The entire cast was made up of teenagers so it was an easy show for them to be able to relate to.  The show is also about issues and problems that the teenagers are going through.  It could be stress, being bullied, moving to a new city, making friends and avoiding drama.  That’s why I like the song A Little More Homework to Do from 13 the Musical.  It brings together all of the themes, the issues and story lines from the show and even adults can relate to it with their own lives.

During the song the main characters is being bullied by the Football player, being ignored by his best friend and the weird kid is trying to blackmail him.  It’s a song about what he needs to do and how he needs to try harder and also what he did wrong that could have helped to prevent him from being in that position.  Almost all of us have felt like we had no friends, we screwed something up or like the entire world is against us.

At work you could feel like everyone is out to get you.  In a relationship you could feel like you did something dumb and that is why your partner won’t speak to you.  In a social group, you could say the wrong thing, or because someone doesn’t like you they can start rumors or cause issues for you.  The song is about issues that teenagers face, but most adults can relate to it as well.

A Little More Homework to Do from 13 the Musical is an awesome showtune that helps you to get motivated and also gets you to think about how you can do things better.  It is sort of inspirational because you can use the characters singing to help you pull out of a depression and start fixing whatever is causing you to feel down.  A Little More Homework to Do from 13 the Musical can help you with anything from eating disorders to making up with friends or even just help you motivate to get through a work day where you know you are falling behind.  A Little More Homework is an awesome showtune and if you haven’t heard it before, it is a great one to listen to.  Here is A Little More Homework from 13 the Musical.

We Just Had Sex – Well We Didn’t – From Passing Strange the Musical

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This is a guest post from a friend.

Here in DC we seem to have skipped spring and jumped straight to summer. When I came across We Just Had Sex from Passing Strange, I knew right away that I had found a perfectly steamy Broadway song match the weather here. The song is so warm and surreal I that it captivated me right away and made me think of how this weekend I would finally be able to walk around out in the sun without being bundled up. We Just Had Sex from Passing Strange sounds just as dreamy and happy as I feel about the sun coming out and bringing along beautiful weather after the long winter.

Right off the bat, We Just Had Sex from Passing Strange is warm, spicy and inviting, yet at the same time cool and relaxing. The jazzy and tangy intro lets you know that it is going to be fun, funky, and saucy. No time is wasted diving right into the subject matter – people that just had sex and are totally ok with it. I don’t think I have ever heard a song that is so innocent, non-chalant, and even cute about such a sensitive subject. It is this lackadaisical attitude that makes We Just Had Sex from Passing Strange so hilarious.

As soon as the girl kicked off the song with the statement, “we just had sex” I found it impossible not to grin. Her wide-eyed eagerness and frankness in sharing what she had just done, along with her bedhead hair style was just too much for me to watch and keep a straight face. When a song is titled “We Just Had Sex” and opens up with the same lines, you have to wonder where they will take it from there. I was a little worried that they had peaked too early and the humor would fizzle out, but my fears were relieved as soon as the next verse launched with “We just had sex / that’s right all three of us.” While the song becomes increasingly kinky, it always maintains the innocent, unashamed, and non-graphic tone that it opened with. This is because the whole piece seemed to be arguing that sex is natural and not a big deal. As the cast makes clear, they don’t need any feelings of guilt or to make a big deal of it — except for how much fun it was. They just had sex and even though “you might think it’s quite risqué / It’s the European way!”

My favorite part, other than the tune (which is enraging everyone else in the apartment as I keep humming it) was the guitar player who gets caught stroking his instrument’s neck up and down. Yes, I know I said the song was non-graphic…. it is also called “We just had sex” so I was speaking in relative terms. The other highlight of it for me was watching the younger man at center stage in the button up shirt. To give a little context, he is a young American man from 1970’s Los Angeles on his first trip to Europe — and in this song he seems to be blown away with the culture and absolutely loving it. I thought it was great how he was so ecstatic and excited, especially considering how he contrasts with everyone else’s cool and casual attitudes.

We Just Had Sex from Passing Strange had me cracking up intermittently for almost an hour after I saw it. I feel like this is quite a noble achievement, especially considering that the song is less than two minutes long. With its funny lyrics and cool, surreal groove, I am seriously looking forward to putting it on my iPod and going for a stroll under the capital’s cherry blossoms while singing along to the lalala part.

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Hello Dolly at Fords Theatre Reviewed – Discount Tickets Here!

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discount broadway and local tickets

Discount Broadway and local tickets

I went to see Hello Dolly at the Fords Theatre in Washington DC the other night and absolutely loved it.  You expect Carol Channing to take the stage or Barbara to sing in her NY accent, but instead of having a lead that you would expect, Broadway Veteran Nancy Opel took on the role of Dolly Levi and absolutely killed it!  She was amazing!  When you have a show where there are no special effects and just props and place it in a small theatre where the lights are basically always on and you can see the audience, you have to rely on acting and talent.  That is exactly what Nancy Opel and the rest of the cast did.

Instead of worrying about having a giant flying gown or flying monkeys, they used their ability to act, sing and dance to take an audience of all ages and make everyone pay attention for the entire show.  Some of the best characters were Barnabe or Zack Colonna who was perfect at playing a dumpy but cute dimwit and his facial expressions and presence were amazing.  You have Nancy Opel who completely stole the role of Dolly Levi and gave it her own twists and made it unique.  One thing she also did was take some of the songs and add in her own drops, notes and belting and it sounded perfect.  It’s rare to get the sound working perfectly during an entire show, but somehow they did it and pulled it off so that everyone sounded amazing, no one’s voice took over and the entire cast interacted perfectly with each other vocally.  One last mention was the taller dancer.  You hit every step and did a great job, but you were showing off a bit to much and sort of took away from the other dancers.  You were amazing, but you also ruined the routines by trying to hard and really overdoing it with your hands, arms and lines.  You should try to fit in so people don’t keep looking over and so that you don’t ruin the routines which were actually extremely well done.  Especially when they are at the restaurant in the end.

When I was a little kid I got to see Hello Dolly with Carol Channing in it.  Although I didn’t get most of the show, Carol kept me entertained the entire time.  Although Nancy did an amazing job as Dolly, I did notice the kids would get slightly bored, but she did eventually bring them back with the added comedy to the show.   If you are thinking about going to see Hello Dolly at Fords Theatre and need tickets, don’t pay full price for them.  I was able to find discounts at almost 50% off on tickets to Hello Dolly at the Ford’s Theatre by using one of my advertisers.  I included a link in the top right section of this post.  Just click on the banner and you’ll go to their site.  Enter a new username, create a password and enter your zipcode and you’ll instantly have access to discounts on a ton of tickets including shows at the Kennedy Center, Spamalot at the National Theatre, Miss Saigon at Signature theatre and Discount tickets to Hello Dolly at the Fords Theatre.  If you don’t live in DC, they have discount broadway tickets in almost every major city and some smaller cities to so check it out to see if they have your city listed.