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Ethel, Fanny & Even Judy – Be Glad This Lady Wasn’t Around When You Were

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I never post anything that isn’t directly related to broadway, but this video had me cracking up and it is about a movie, but not a song so I kind of had too.  Thank god she wasn’t around in the days of the Follies, because even if she doesn’t have a good singing voice (Carol Channing (who is actually one of my favorite performers ever)), she would have completely made it!  Check out her presence, overacting and insane commentary in the background and how she somehow actually makes it work.

This girl is a seriously talented comedic actress and someone I would probably love to see once and then never care about seeing again later on.  Her skit is about creating a flaming butter something drink because it is a cocktail for harry potter fans, who are 21+ of course, to drink before they go.  She created it because of the butter beer in the movie and turned it into her own fun and flaming beverage.  When you’re done watching her create her flaming butter beer cocktail for the harry potter movie, you can also check out this really talented person that put together an awesome spoof of The Book of Mormon using Harry Potter characters.

One thing that I love about sites like YouTube is that you can discover some amazingly talented people like the guy who pulled off Glitter and Be Gay from Candide without practicing or even the Les Miserables post that I am doing tomorrow.  It always shocks me how amazing some of the people are out there and because of these sites and then other people finding them and loving them that they can actually help to make a career for themselves.  This girl is awesome and would have probably killed the rest of the competition if she had ever auditioned for the Ziegfeld Follies, and if she was alive back then.  This skit had me cracking up and I’m glad she isn’t going after a comedy in NYC, otherwise I’d be scared crapless if I was another girl auditioning against her.  Feel free to leave a comment with what you think in the comments section below or share it on Facebook and Twitter with the share buttons at the top of the post.

It Takes Two from Into The Woods – Because We Alll Have Those Friends

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I love the song It Takes Two from Into The Woods. It’s a song about how it takes two people to have a kid or a child, but also can be heard as it takes two to pull off a scheme, plan an awesome night out or even just cause trouble with a friend. I think everyone can relate to this song when you think about your best friend or someone who you absolutely love to see and cause trouble with.

We all had our best friend in high school or college where we would be excited to see them because the two of you would always have an awesome time.  You would constantly pull pranks on each other or plan them for other people.  You would be the first one in line to get a shot if they were celebrating and the first person to call their ex a b*tch or be there with really bad food ready to listen when they were upset.  That’s why I love this song.  It reminds me of my old friends and group where we were always ready to have an awesome time.

My old best friend and I were pretty much in-seperable and people were always confused if they saw one of us without the other.  I think some people actually thought the two of us were dating or a couple for a while, until I met my ex boyfriend and they realized there was no way we would ever hookup…she was female lol.  Most of us are happy that the days when we would go out partying until 4 and 5 in the morning are over when we had to be up at 7 or 8 in the morning for a final or school, but we love to remember and think about them.  That’s one of the reasons I love this song.

I always think of my old friends and a few of my old best friends who I used to always call when I wanted to go out or ever got depressed.  I know some of you are going to disagree with me that that is not what this song is about, but you can always pull the song out of the show and add it to a different one which can completely change the meaning.  Feel free to leave a comment below with what the song It Takes Two from Into The Woods means to you.

Read This Before You Buy Broadway Posters – Don’t Get Scammed

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A few years ago I bought a few broadway posters on Amazon and was completely excited to get them.  I ordered the broadway posters framed and ready to go so that I could hang them on my wall.  Unfortunately what I didn’t realize is that I also didn’t pay attention to the ad.

When I opened the broadway posters that I ordered on Amazon, they were print outs of the broadway window card for sale and then framed in the frame that was described.  I was pissed.  Instead of an actual window card, I was stuck with pieces of paper I could have printed on an 11×17 sheet of paper and then framed for cheaper with a frame from Bed Bath and Beyond or another store.  That is why I’m writing this post.  I am able to see what is bought through my amazon links and someone just bought a broadway poster and is getting an 11×17 print out instead of an actual window card.  Before this happens to you, here is how to help reduce the risk of buying a fake paper print out instead of an actual framed broadway poster or window card.

Look at the size being advertised.  If it doesn’t say 14″ x 22″, it isn’t an window card.  14″ x 22″ is the standard size for broadway posters and window cards.  If the size is 11″ x 17″, then it is fake and you should not order it.  I included a couple of fake broadway posters and a few actual window cards in the Amazon widget above (BTW, if you buy from it, make sure you purchase right after clicking so I get credit for the sale and can keep paying to keep this site alive).  I also included a couple of actual broadway posters so you can see the difference. The next thing you should look at is the description.

In the description, look for 11″x17″, print out, copy, replica or other words that don’t say original.  If it does say original, then make sure you also write to the seller and ask for the size.  You also want to ask if it’s a print out or an actual poster purchased from the theatre.  You can also check the reviews from past shoppers through the seller and on the product itself.  If people complain it isn’t a real window card, then avoid it and move on.

One last thing you can do is visit the seller’s website by doing a google search for their name.  From there you can find out more details, see if they have 11″x17″ fake posters or if they sell real window cards.  You should also look on the site to see if they are legit resellers for the shows, if they are partners in the broadway charities and equity companies and if they are authorized to sell them.  If they don’t have this actually displayed then they are not and you need to move on.

If I ever order from Amazon again, I am going to make sure that the descriptions says 14″x22″ broadway poster or window card.  I’ll also look at the reviews and make sure it says original poster.  If it has all of this then it should be a real window card and actually be what you wanted.  Thank you all again for reading and if you buy broadway posters online, make sure you check out everything in this post before hand.


The Perfect Broadway Birthday Gift – Best Broadway Gift Here!

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Today is my birthday, and also New Years and I was going to buy myself something for fun.  I was on Facebook to see if anyone was up and I saw and ad for the Original Cast Recording Broadway Box which is on sale by clicking the link below the image above.  When I saw it I just thought it would be another stupid collection with old shows, etc… but it actually ended up kicking a ton of ass and is the perfect broadway birthday gift for anyone.  Instead of just being a bunch of random shows, or a box set dedicated to one or two composers, it is an amazing mix of quality shows and they actually used shows for people of all ages.  That’s why this is the perfect broadway birthday gift.

The shows included on the set include the original cast recordings or other really amazing cast recordings of:

  • Annie (Original Broadway Cast)
    Anything Goes (1987 Lincoln Center Theater Cast)
    Cabaret (Original Broadway Cast)
    Camelot (Original Broadway Cast)
    Carousel (1965 Music Theater of Lincoln Center Cast)
    Chicago (Original Broadway Cast)
    A Chorus Line (Original Broadway Cast)
    Company (Original Broadway Cast)
    Fiddler on the Roof (Original Broadway Cast)
    Guys and Dolls (1992 Broadway Cast)
    Gypsy (Original Broadway Cast)
    Hair (Original Broadway Cast)
    Hello, Dolly! (Original Broadway Cast)
    How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying (Original Broadway Cast)
    Into the Woods (Original Broadway Cast)
    The King & I (1964 Music Theater of Lincoln Center Cast)
    Man of La Mancha (2002 Broadway Cast)
    My Fair Lady (Original Broadway Cast)
    Oklahoma! (1979 Broadway Cast)
    Oliver! (Original Broadway Cast)
    Show Boat (1966 Music Theater of Lincoln Center Cast)
    The Sound of Music (Original Broadway Cast)
    South Pacific (Original Broadway Cast)
    Sweeney Todd (Highlights) (Original Broadway Cast)
    West Side Story (Original Broadway Cast)

The shows run everything from classic to more modern and you have shows that could appeal to any age or mood you might be in.  If you’re angry and feel like killing someone, you have Sweeny Todd.  If you feel like singing then you have West Side Story or The Sound of Music.  If you want something to have playing in the background while you work, you have how to succeed in business and if you have to watch your kids you have shows for them as well.  The broadway box cd set is perfect for anyone for a broadway birthday gift and one that I think I’m going to end up buying.  I found it on Amazon today for $59 + shipping and it goes up to $120+.  If you do buy it, make sure to click the button on the image above and shop within the same visit or this site doesn’t get credit for the sale.  Thank you again for reading and have a great New Years everyone!