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If You Didn’t Think Broadway Could Get Gayer – The British Have Done It!

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When Bette Midler took on Broadway and launched Priscilla Queen of the Desert the Musical around the same time that Harvey Fierstein’s show La Cage Aux Follies was in revival, we thought that broadway was about as gay as you can get. Now instead of having a ton of gays in musicals about gays, the British comedy team of Jennifer Saunders and Joanne Lumley who have entertained us as Patsy and Eddie on the hit tv show Ab Fab (Absolutely Fabulous) have put together a movie version of the show. It isn’t just a movie though, it’s an actual Musical according Vogue Magazie in the UK.

Not only is the show Ab Fab an iconic gay standard, but turning it into a musical takes a gay show to an entirely new level.  What’s even more shocking is that Jennifer Saunders, the writer and star of the show, just finished writing a new musical based on, for or featuring the music of the Spice Girls.  I don’t think it is going to get much gayer than this, but if anyone is going to be able to do it and to bring even more gays back to the theatre, it is definitely the two of them.  Even people who hate theatre, which are a few of my friends, love the show or the Spice Girls and having both of them being produced, worked on and coming out around the same time (I hope at least), is absolutely amazing.

If you’ve never seen the show Ab Fab, I highly recommend it.  It is a British comedy so there is a lot of humor and things you may not get.  It is also about two women who work in PR and fashion, do drugs, go to clubs, party, shop, obsess over designer clothing and also cause issues without any regard for anyone else or how much things cost.  By the time you finish watching the original seasons and episodes, I don’t think you’ll be able to resist saying sweetie darling, having a cigarette or even a bottle (not glass) of Stoli on the top of the nearest sky scraper waiting for your best friend to show up via helicopter to rescue you.  I can’t wait for both shows to come out and to see what they come up with.

One Woman Disney Show vs. One Man Disney Show – Who Do You Like Better?

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I found this video of a girl with an ok voice and a ton of creativity. Although she doesn’t have the most amazing voice, she is talented with video and able to sing on key which helps her to harmonize her voice and make her sound awesome. She put together a Nick Pitera styled video for a one woman Disney movie.  She goes through a ton of Disney Songs and showtunes and performs them all with her own voice doing all of the vocals (which is insane and shows off her talent).  What makes her video a bit more impressive to me than Nick’s videos is that she does all of hers acapella while Nick uses music instead of his own voice.

For her video of a one woman Disney show she had to learn every part and then create them all with her own voice which must have taken an insane amount of time and energy.  That is definitely not an easy thing to do.  That is why she impressed me enough to post another one woman Disney movie or any other one man or one woman show video.  During the video she does a few things that make her a bit more unique than Nick Pitera. She does a ton of makeup and actually dresses like the characters.

Her voice might not be as good as Nick’s, but her variation of his style of video is a lot more fun to watch because there is always something more unique happening.  She also adds in her own versions and commentary to parts of songs which I love.  Nick does have an advantage over her in his video version of a one man Disney movie, he works as an animator for one of their largest animation studios.  He probably eats, breathes and lives these characters and songs during the day which gives him a stronger look into their lives, emotions and helps him to be able to relate to them better.

Both of these people do an amazing job with their one woman disney movie and one man disney movie videos.  One is acapella and has to create every sound and voice on her own.  The other uses music but has an amazing voice.  One can do a ton of makeup and perform while the other does have a few funny moments when his characters are waiting to sing and they interact with the character that is singing.  Let me know which one you like better.  The one woman Disney movie video or Nick Pitera’s one man Disney movie.

The one woman Disney movie video

Nick Pitera’s one man Disney movie video

Les Miserables Flash Mob at a Wedding Video

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I’m completely over the whole flash mob thing, but I am deathly afraid that this will end up happening at my wedding as well…especially because of all of my musical theatre, junky friends.  Not that I’m getting married soon, but this is definitely a possibility lol.  I saw this video and wasn’t going to share it originally, but then I heard some of the male voices and began to fall in love with it.

Thernardier and his wife were pretty weak which was disappointing, but the girl in the black dress sounded amazing.  The blond girl in the beginning was really weak as well.  There is a shorter girl that had an ok voice, but you don’t actually get to see her, except when she is finishing.  The majority of the men in this video had great voices.  I can almost guarantee this is probably a wedding from a bunch of people who either go to karaoke or went to musical theatre school and remained friends.  My freshman year of college I went to Point Park College, which is now Point Park University which is known for dance and musical theatre.  This is actually sort of what lunch was like.

Whenever a new show would come out or someone would start singing a melody to themselves, a lot of other people would join in.  During finals or mid terms, you’d hear everyone practicing in their rooms or in the halls until at least 3 or 4 in the morning.  I almost miss being able to hear really amazing voices all day and being able to walk into any room, say I have a song stuck in my head and have at least one or two people belt it out perfectly and on tune.  It was actually kind of fun.  Later this month a few of us are getting together in NYC to go see a couple of shows as well.  I haven’t actually seen some of these people since 1999 and the early 2000’s so it’ll be a lot of fun to get together again.  We’re also having another meetup in the West End in London for a couple of us that moved out there.  Anyways, I am completely afraid this will end up happening at my wedding, and if it doesn’t, I’ll probably be even more pissed that it didn’t.

Phantom of the Opera Turns 25 – BroadwayReviewed’s 1,000th Like & More!

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Tomorrow is a huge day for both Broadway and  Tomorrow the Phantom of the Opera turns 25 years old.  I remember seeing it when I was younger and being amazed.  On our way to Hebrew School my sisters would always make my mom play it on the car tape player and all of us would sing along and love the music.  It’s scary that the show has made it for 25 years and is still going strong with Hugh as the lead role.  Unfortunately the cast has changed so many times, the scenes and special effects in the Phantom of the Opera have changed, but the music is still one of the best scores ever.

Whenever I see the show I always cry.  I don’t think I’ve made it through without at any of the shows I’ve seen.  I’ve probably seen at least 4 or 5 products and casts and each one has been amazing.  The music is amazing and even before the had LED lights, 3d effects and before Disney brought their insane stage effects, They managed to turn a stage into liquid and have a boat float across a river of floating and moving candles.  The candles rise and fall and they even got the audience to scream with a giant falling chandelier.  The Phantom performs an insane routine without being able to see in a huge mask at a ball and the audience always falls in love with the show.  The Phantom of the Opera is an amazing show and always one of my favorite ones to see or go to, no matter how many hundreds of times I’ve listened to it or seen it.  I can’t believe it’s 25 years old and there was a huge event for it which you can see in the video below.  Christine performs one of the classic songs and is surrounded by 5 different Phantoms.  What’s even more shocking is that Christine is played by Sarah Brightman and she even has Micheal Crawford on stage with her.  When you have a show that is as loved and amazing as the Phantom of the Opera and you get the original cast back together for a performance, it is a once in a lifetime event.

On another note, I just checked the FanPage on Facebook and we’re about to get our 1,000th fan!  Thank you everyone who reads this blog, comes here and clicks on the links to shop for broadway tickets (both locally and in NYC or in Europe) and supports this blog.  I love writing it and love having you all read and write posts when you want to.  Thank you again for reading and congrats Phantom of the Opera.

Nick Pitera Performs All Major Characters & Songs from Les Mis. Holy Crap!

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I was absolutely shocked when I saw this video on YouTube.  It is from someone I haven’t heard of before named Nick Pitera and he flawlessly performs almost all of the main characters from Les Miserables and their main songs.  Not only can he alter his voice to be male or female, but his inflections, tone and his acting behind it is absolutely amazing.  Although I normally hate these brady bunch styled videos, this one is freaking amazing!  He starts out in a girls voice and lets face it, he doesn’t look like the butchest kid on the block.

Because of this I expected him to continue with a high pitched song and not be able to change.  His voice is pretty good as a Fantine so I wouldn’t have been angry or upset and would still have loved the video.  However, when he goes into his next role, Jean Valjean, he all of the sudden lowers his voice and becomes a completely new person.  It’s amazing.  It also shows you how much talent is actually out there right now.  I haven’t actually seen or noticed Nick Pitera on any playbills or casts that I have seen, so I don’t know if he ever made a show or cast yet, but if he works on his presence and not overacting everything, he could definitely start to make a name for himself on the great white way.

Nick Pitera has a ton of talent and you can tell he is getting ready to explode with videos like these.  He also has a ton of other videos uploaded to his channel, however I haven’t watched any of them so I can’t actually comment on if he is better at broadway or ballads or regular pop music.  I have watched this video of Nick Pitera singing all of the major roles and songs from Les Miserables and I am completely blown away by it.  If Nick ever reads or finds this post, I want to say great job and we love your video.  My assistant who hates musical theatre, showtunes and high notes even went wow when he heard you sing and watched the video.  Awesome job!