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Two Performances That Made Me Go Wow

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It isn’t often I hear something and go wow. That’s actually a complete lie since I am always impressed by people or shocked at how bad someone who is usually amazing is. These two videos got the wow thing from me. The one is a guy named Gabriel Lopez who randomly takes on Glitter and Be Gay from Candide and actually pulls it off without having to go into a high soprano. The other one is from Glee, which I stopped watching, and is Rachel Berry singing Being Good from Swan Song. I heard it last night at showtunes at MOVA lounge in DC.

We all know Rachel (Lea Michelle) has an amazing voice. Whether I am a fan of hers or not, I love her voice and think she is incredible. I don’t know how much of this song is the studio making it sound amazing, and how much is her actually singing, but it sounds amazing. She’s a bit like Barbara Streisand when she’s singing this song, but at the same time her character wants to be Barbara. It’s great to see that they are letting her show off what she can do with her voice and this song is absolutely amazing when she does it. When the VJ was talking about the song being a wow song, I didn’t understand why until he played the clip and you hear Lea Michelle belting it out. The way she performs it really is a wow moment and the song is absolutely amazing.

The reason Gabriel performing Glitter and Be Gay from Candid is a wow moment is because 1. he is a guy and 2. he didn’t have to try and go soprano. The song is insanely hard and takes a ton of control. To take it randomly and perform it without trying or practicing is insane. That is why I had a wow moment when I heard him sing this song and not even mess it up. It was a definite wow moment because I was waiting for him to go high and he didn’t or to have him mess up and he pulled it off perfectly.

It’s a White Christmas – A Betty White Christmas

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Ok, I love this b*tch more than life itself. She is funny, fabulous and an absolutely amazing performer. Whether she is on TV, in a movie or on Stage, Betty White is amazing and that is why I wanted to do a Betty White post instead of a White Christmas.

Betty has been around, longer than most people, since her career began when she was born in 1922. I’d imagine she was probably just as lively back then as she is now. She’s been everywhere from the Mary Tyler Moore show to starring in the Golden Girls and even had a few stage appearances. The videos below are a few of my favorite Betty White moments, including her performing Hello Dolly which she auditioned for, but didn’t get because it was an all black production, and her last name is white. There are a ton of other fabulous Betty White videos out there like her I’m so Hot one, anything from Saturday Night Live and one of my favorites which I didn’t include where she plays a sweet version of Betty White on a movie set but makes one of the Actors lives hell. When he tries to show people how much of a bitch Betty White is, no one would believe him because, she’s Betty White and who could hate her.

Here are a few of my favorite Betty White moments you might remember or might not. Feel free to leave your own favorite Betty moments in the comments section and I’ll be happy to add it and the video to the post.

Here’s a quick and short one where Betty takes over Zac Effron’s audition for a singing role on the tv show The Voice. Betty works it and Zac has to walk away.

This is a rare Betty White and Bea Arthur performance before the Golden Girls where they were singing at a piano and then performed a number together from 42nd St.

No one can perform like Betty, and no one can work a senior dance a thon like her either. Check her out in this fun clip from the Golden Girls.

If you thought Liza performing Single Ladies in Sex in the City 2 was amazing, check out the Golden Girls performing it without even trying to. This is an awesome video.

One thing that is nice about Betty is that she cares about everyone. That’s why she wants to make certain we are all prepared for the apocalypse. Here is her survival guide for you so you too can survive the apocalypse like Betty White.

The last clip is Betty Performing Hello Dolly for Morgan Freeman.

Someone Like You – Jekyll & Hyde – Lea or Linda? Who is Better?

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Today when I was jogging I was listening to the orginal cast recording of Jekyll and Hyde starring Linda Eder. I know, I think I’m one of the only people that likes to workout to showtunes instead of house music. The worst part is I sing and act out the songs while I’m jogging so it’s even worse than you can imagine lol. Anyways, Deborah Cox had an amazing voice when she was starring as Lucy in the touring cast of Jekyll and Hyde the Musical, but unfortunately her voice isn’t able to shatter glass, instead it just fills up a cup and soothes you. I never got my fix of glass shattering notes from the show, even though there are a ton of amazing songs in it, so I listened to a couple of versions and the two that I love the most by broadway stars are Lea Salonga and Linda Eder.

What’s kind of cool about the videos of them performing it is that they both start out by explaining what the song means to them and comparing it to other things. The comparisons are similar, but each one has their own twist on it. The other thing I love is that both of them tweak the song a bit to make it work with them and they both do an amazing job. The problem is I can’t figure out which one I like more.

They both shatter glass, they both make you focus on them and actually feel what they are feeling and they both have amazing tweaks to the song. That’s why I could figure out which one to post so I wanted to see what you all think. Which version do you like more, Linda Eder singing Someone Like You (who was the first Lucy in the original cast) or Lea Salonga who is absolutely amazing and one of my favorite performers. I can’t decide which one is better, so I’d love to hear whose version you like more.

Lea Salonga singing Someone Like You from Jekyll and Hyde the musical.

Linda Eder singing Someone Like You from Jekyll & Hyde the musical.

America from West Side Story – I usually don’t get political, but….

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I usually don’t get political, but I have some conservative friends who were talking about moving to Canada because of Obama. Others were talking about hoping to sucede from the US. The funny thing is that I don’t think they really thought of what they were talking about, especially the ones who were saying they were going to move to Canada. Here’s why it would make sense for Liberals if Romney won, but not why it would make sense for Conservatives any time.

1. Canada legalized gay marriage, at least in Ontario. Isn’t this something that they are completely opposed to? Isn’t this one of the reasons they are leaving the US?
2. Universal healthcare. They oppose this here, no matter who pushes through it and complain about people going to Canada to buy their perscriptions because they are cheaper. Why would they then do this, it seems a bit hypocritical.
3. Extremely liberal. Canada is one of the most liberal countries in the world. This should be a nightmare place for Conservatives. Instead a Conservative should check out Saudi Arabia, Pakistan or somewhere with a lot less tolerance.

The next thing is Puerto Rico becoming the 51st state.

I love this idea, but am kind of pissed they get to be a state before we do here in DC…just bitter about the no representation since we get none in congress. Our votes actually don’t count. Now to be serious, I think it is awesome that Puerto Rico wants to become a state. Just like Hawaii it is an awesome place to visit with a ton of great people. Why shouldn’t they want to join our country officially? It shows that America is still a great place, somewhere people want to move to and after being a US territory for a long time, we are finally at a place where they would want to join us as an official state. I think it shows a lot for America right now that they want to join and shows that this country may have issues, no matter if you are Democrat or Republican, but it is still moving forward. I think it’s a good sign and am excited to see them moving towards becoming the 51st state. That’s also why I think America from West Side Story is an awesome showtune for today.

when broadway people travel

Kristin Chenoweth, Christina Applegate & Carrie Underwood + Crazy Broadway Fans

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When you think of the people who star on Broadway, chances are you think they’re a bit crazy. Who else is going to get up on stage night after night, pretend to be someone else, sing at the top of their lungs, sometimes strip and most of the time have to make a fool of themselves. Broadway people are a bit insane, but so are some of their fans. The nice thing though is that even though they might have a bit of insanity, they are still regular, normal people like the rest of us and still get nervous around other celebrities. Check out this clip I found of Kristin Chenoweth, Christina Applegate and Carrie Underwood performing a mashup together.

I love in the video when they go over the awards they’ve won and Christina goes “I won a TV Guide Award” and Kristin goes “What’s That?” and someone else says, no a TV. (This was before GCB and I think Pushing Daisies, but I don’t think it was before West Wing.) Anyways, it shows they are a bit crazy but they also love to have fun. What’s nice is that so do all of their fans. Here are a few examples of how you can tell when a broadway fan is traveling or vacation. The first one is a reaction I had when I was doing the Avon breast cancer walk in Keystone Colorado.

As we were driving up to Keystone I saw a sign for Steamboat Springs and there was the word to after it. I instantly shrieked and made my friend stop the car. When I told her she has to get out to take a picture, she thought I was insane. Unfortunately we couldn’t find any paper, but what I wanted to do was have a Julie Andrews moment and write La Paz and hold it after the word to.

The second one is my friend Adam who is in Europe right now. You can always tell a broadway person because you’ll notice them in weird poses with absolutely no reason for it. If you ever see someone doing a weird pose at a building or monument, there is a chance it was from their favorite show. Check out this fun photo he posted to Facebook today.

when broadway people travel

when broadway people travel

This next one isn’t the image I was looking for and I took one in front of a Book of Mormon bus jumping in front of the poster in the same pose he was in, but this one is still ok. You have to love that Broadway fans are pretty much as crazy as the Actors. When they see a sign they can interact with, they kiss the main character, pose with the poster and sometimes even jump in the air to match it. The Book of Mormon probably has the most pictures of people jumping with the signs out there and it is definitely a fun one to see.

book of mormon jumping picture

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If you have a favorite moment from when you were traveling and had a broadway moment or took a picture, feel free to comment or leave it below. I moderate all comments so it might take a day or two to post. Thanks again for reading and don’t forget to join our newsletter.