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National Coming Out Day – Whose Got Extra Love – Zanna Don’t

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In honor of National Coming Out Day I wanted to share probably the gayest musical there is, Zanna Don’t. Zanna Don’t is all about a world where the majority of people are gay and straight people have to come out of the closet. There are scenes about falling in love, having to hide who you are and one about a straight couple that falls in love and has to hide it. The main character Zanna is a flaming gay guy who goes around trying to help everyone fall in love and in the very end, he wakes up out of his dream and finds himself in our world where the majority of people are straight and he is the one who has to discover what it’s like to be different. The song Whose Got Extra Love from Zanna Don’t is the song I chose for this years National Coming Out Day instead of the song about coming out and staying in the closet.

The reason I chose Whose Got Extra Love from Zanna Don’t is because it is about finding love and happiness and if you aren’t ready to find that, then you probably aren’t ready to come out. Knowing that you are gay is tough and you can come out because you want to, but coming out when you’re in love with someone makes it easier because if your family disowns you, your friends throw you aside and you don’t have anyone who supports you, that one person who you love and are in a relationship with will help you and be there for you. That is why I chose Whose Got Extra Love from Zanna Don’t for this years national coming out day post.

If you are just coming out, have been out for a while or have a friend who you are helping come out, this is an awesome show for them or for you. It is all about being gay, it is tacky and extremely trashy and the music is actually kind of fun to listen to. It is a completely horrible show, but one that you’ll actually fall in love with and if you have someone that is just out of the closet or want something to do that most people don’t know and won’t expect, Zanna Don’t is an awesome show for that. It opens with Tank (the schools DJ, since a gay school would have a dj instead of a morning announcement person) welcoming you to their school and then Zanna Waking up in bed about to sing the song Whose Got Extra Love. Happy National Coming Out day everyone and if you know someone who is coming out, give them your support.

The Money Song from Cabaret – F*cking Lazy People

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One thing that annoyed the crap out of me and still does are the people that bitch that they don’t get paid enough or make enough and never actually work a full day in their life. I remember when I used to work for another company one of my employees would constantly bitch about not making enough and always say how he/she deserved a promotion. I was always shocked when this person would complain about it because this person not only either clocked out on time every day instead of staying late, but the person never actually did anything at work or met a single deadline. It was almost amazing the amount of confidence this person had when he/she would request a raise every couple of weeks and complain about not getting paid enough when they actually had zero relevant skills and couldn’t actually get any work done. It always made me kind of pissed and also think of The Money Song from Cabaret.

The Money Song from Cabaret is all about money and wanting or getting more. It’s an awesome song that completely shows this new generation of people who are in the work force and automatically expect to get promotions, raises and extra bonuses without actually having to work. In The Money Song from Cabaret, Liza Minelli and Joel Grey both sing about money and wanting and having more. They sing about different currencies and how they love having a ton of it. It’s almost like each of these people that are entering the work force are these two people singing about money and not realizing that until they actually learn enough to be promoted or actually sell enough of the company’s services, generate enough revenue, work long enough, they don’t actually deserve a raise. Showing up for work on time is what you are supposed to do, not something that should get you a promotion. It’s kind of funny how the new generation of people going into corporate America think that just because they show up on time, stay until they are supposed to leave, not later, and because they don’t take their entire lunch they should get paid more. It’s called doing their job, not doing extra. It always shocks me when I hear them talk and complain about doing a project on time and not getting a thank you for it. They are getting paid for doing a good job, not for completing something and then expecting praise. HR departments and other people are making excuses for them, but it’s freaking ridiculous that they think this way and it’s almost sad to see that these people are going to be in charge of our economy one day. Listening to them talk is actually like listening to The Money Song from Cabaret and although it’s funny to watch and sing a long to, it’s kind of scary that these people actually think like this. Anyways, just wanted to vent about it for a minute.

I’m Not That Girl – Wicked – For Single People with Low Self Esteem

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I was at dinner with my friend last night and our server was talking about how he doesn’t think he’s cute. He was upset that he wasn’t an anorexic like the other servers at the restaurant or had a perfect body and how he felt like he had to compete with them. The thing is that not everyone likes anorexic guys or loud queeny twinks. To be honest, not many people actually do like them and it was kind of sad to see how he was upset and that he doesn’t get that most people can’t stand them. It also reminded me of the song I’m Not That Girl from Wicked.

I’m Not That Girl from Wicked is a song about not being pretty enough or talented enough or the girl that the guy you like would want to date. It’s like our waiter at the restaurant. The thing is that if you are competing with someone who is an anorexic and their life revolves around going to a club, their goals are to sell tshirts at a store in the mall and they think their life is over if they can’t get into a club, you are pretty lame. If you want to find someone of quality then you shouldn’t care about the guys who go for idiots like those other people, instead look for someone who likes you. My friend and I actually both thought the server was hot and were shocked when he almost cried because he didn’t like the way he looked. It was kind of insane. The issue with him is that he didn’t really get why he couldn’t find someone.

If you answer an ad or respond to someone who is in their late 20’s or older and has an age limit where you can’t be over 25, guess what, they aren’t looking for a relationship. They might date you, but when you get older and hit that age limit, they are going to move on and you just wasted your time. They want to date someone for their age. The person does have to be attracted to you so body type, top or bottom, etc… is important, but there are a ton of guys who are in shape or stocky that like stocky, fat, in shape, chubby, or not anorexic figures. The important thing is to find someone that likes you for you, can be attracted to you and doesn’t have hang ups on stereotypes, age or body types. When you meet the person who likes you for who you are, none of that will matter. It’s sad to see younger people feel like that, but most of us did at one point when someone we had a crush on didn’t like us back. Unfortunately for him he is working at a gay bar in DC and when I saw who his friends are, the things that don’t actually matter are what he cares about and until he realizes that those things aren’t important and he should focus on school, a job and not about what he thinks he looks like compared to other people, he probably won’t actually realize that he is cute and is just not thinking about what things are actually important. He sort of reminded me of the song I’m Not That Girl from Wicked because when he was talking it sounded like he was watching as everyone else was falling in love or getting the guy that they wanted and he was alone. Unfortunately he has the wrong friends and wrong idea of what is important but most people grow out of that when they get older.

Robin Hood Men in Tights – Men in Tights Song

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For some reason I thought of the Men in Tights song from the movie Robin Hood Men in Tights Movie. I remember watching this movie when I was a kid with my family and my Dad used to love it. It was always one of the movies that my family would love to watch together and we’d always laugh. I used to get most of the jokes, but I didn’t understand why they were funny.

In the scene where Robin is with Maid Marianne and they are walking through the woods, I never understood why everyone would laugh when they were singing to each other and all of the “Merry Men” were sitting in front of a screen like it was a movie. I got that Robin’s sword was like a penis and he was getting excited, but I didn’t actually understand the joke or the rest of the scene. Now that I’ve seen it as an adult I finally got all of the jokes. It’s kind of funny how parents and kids can watch a movie and everyone gets the jokes, but they actually mean two different things. Then when you watch the movie again when you’re an adult it all of the sudden makes sense and you can enjoy it even more. I’m still kind of surprised watching Robin Hood Men in Tights as an adult that my parents let me watch the movie, but at the same time it is an awesome movie and the Men in Tights song is actually still really funny.

One thing that I love about these movies is that there are always awesome showtunes in them. Men in Tights is one of them. It almost reminds me of something you would expect to see or hear in the show Spamalot. You have a ton of men making fun of the story line of Robin Hood and how they wore tights as well as creating a parody of other shows and things in the story as well. The movie is awesome and one that I love. The song Men in Tights from the movie version of Robin Hood Men in Tights is an awesome showtune that can easily get stuck in your head. Be careful watching it because you may end up singing it for the rest of the day. The movie is awesome and it is also a perfect showtune for you to play on your Halloween playlist.

Good Enough from the Goonies

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Good enough from the Goonies is one of my favorite movie showtunes. The movie the Goonies is one of the most popular and well known movies from the 80’s. Everyone remembers the characters like Data who has a million gadgets, the tall guy that the family keeps chained in the basement who loves Baby Ruth candybars and everyone remembers the Truffle Shuffle by Chunk. The Goonies is one of the most popular cult films ever and when you have someone like Cyndi Lauper perform the opening and theme song for the movie, it is almost guaranteed to be an instant hit. In the video for Good Enough from the Goonies, you have Cyndi Lauper acting like she is actually in the movie and acting like she is one of the characters.

What I love about the video for Good Enough from the Goonies is that Cyndi Lauper actually interacts with the characters like she is in the cast. Even though she wasn’t in the actual movie, she creates an awesome parody that makes you fall in love with the movie again and makes you want to watch it. The Goonies is one of the best movies for the 80’s and also one of the most popular 80’s movies for people to dress up as when they are going out or a costume contest when they want to do something that will stand out and be unique. Everyone loves them and everyone remembers them when you do a good job pulling off the costume. You can actually still go into most costume shops and find actual Goonies Costumes if you want something fun to do for Halloween this year.

Good Enough from the Goonies is one of the most well known movie showtunes and one of the most popular ones from the 80’s. If you want something fun to listen to or just to have on your halloween soundtrack this year, you should definitely add Good Enough from the Goonies. The video for Good Enough from the Goonies is also perfect to have on your playlist if you are playing videos at your halloween or costume party.