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Ascot Gavotte from My Fair Lady

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So I kind of hate My Fair Lady, but at the same time I always end up singing a long with it whenever I hear any of the songs played at showtunes night at JRs.  One song I never really thought to much about was Ascot Gavotte. It’s not a normal showtune where you sit there and sing a long or enjoy or have fun with, but when I asked someone who works with me what her favorite showtune ever was, she instantly said Ascot Gavotte from My Fair Lady.

Ascot Gavotte is the scene that is performed at the race tracks when the main character Eliza yells out “Move Your Bloody Ass” to the horse in the horse races.  I thought that might be the reason that the person I work with likes this showtune, but when I asked her she actually didn’t even mention Eliza’s outburst.  Instead she said she loved it because she remembers watching the movie with her Grandpa.  This scene stood out to her because she thought the choreography was amazing because everyone would dance or move on their own and then all of the sudden all of them would freeze and move in unison to watch as the horses would race.  Something always amazed her with how the Actors could be that coordinated to be able to all of the sudden freeze and move together and all have the same look on their face.  The truth is that it actually isn’t that hard, especially after you’ve rehearsed it a million times and had a director yelling at you if you are off.  It also helps when you have a ton of dancers in the cast because they are used to counting notes and moving even when the room is quiet while keeping the same rhythm as everyone else on the stage.  When looking for a good cast or fun clip of Ascot Gavotte to add to this post I ended up finding the London Revival cast of My Fair Lady and instead of looking like something from My Fair Lady, it almost actually looks like the dance scene from Wicked.

If you look at the costumes, the background and even the movements, they are almost exactly the same style as the dance scene in Wicked.  They have crazy hats and insane hair and everyone moves in their own directions and then all of the sudden together.  It was kind of cool to see another routine that was almost the exact same as one of the most popular scenes in Wicked.  The biggest difference is that this cast is wearing all black and in Wicked they were all wearing green.  It also made me realize why she loves this scene from My Fair Lady.

I love the dance scene in Wicked because of the music and costumes and the way that the cast interacts with each other.  I love how everyone moves and then freezes and how they go from being in unison to doing their own routine and then all of the sudden everyone is back to being in unison.  It’s amazing to see how a cast can turn a scene that is used to change the mood, sets and costumes into something that quickly becomes one of the audiences favorite scenes and one that almost everyone remembers.  I guess that’s why she loves Ascot Gavotte from My Fair Lady.

miss adams morgan pageant

We Let Our Freak Flags Fly – Shrek – Check Out The Pictures Inside

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Last weekend was The Miss Adams Morgan Pageant that takes place in Washington DC each year. Unlike other drag shows or pageants, this one is a star studded event with over 1,000 people showing up in drag, ridiculous costumes and insane outfits. If there was an appropriate event for a Freak Flag to Fly like in the showtune from the musical Shrek, this is the event where you can let your Freak Flag Fly. Our table’s theme this year was Greek Gods and Goddesses, but the theme of the 2013 Miss Adams Morgan Pageant was Asia and Silver. Asia because of the olympics, which I don’t understand, and silver because it was their 25th anniversary. Also, the reason I said Miss Adams Morgan Pageant 2013 instead of 2012 is because they crown the winner for the next year so this year is technically 2012 but it is the pageant to crown Miss Adams Morgan 2013. I couldn’t figure out what to do with my costume for Asia or Silver and I didn’t really want to do the Greek Theme so I was originally going to fill huge boobs up with pingpong balls and have a dress made of paddles, but instead I figured out something a bit more ridiculous. I went with the silver theme and completely overdid it.

I ended up finding and falling in love with a silver and white dress that I turned into a ghost. I added a silver and somewhat shiny Marie Antoinette wig, silver jewelry, white beads and painted my face with white powder, black eye makeup, red blush, eye shadow and lipstick to create a dead Marie Antoinette. I decided to keep her head on though and gave her vampire fangs for fun. Shrek the musical would have been proud of everyone at the 2013 Miss Adams Morgan Pageant because everyone let their Freak Flag Fly and had an awesome time.

There were insane drag outfits. Greek gods, chinese takeout boxes, muscle bears dressed as pandas, Phylis Diller even made an appearance from the dead with her sequins outfit, crazy hair and cigarette holder in hand. The only thing missing was the drag queen wolf from the musical Shrek who let his Freak Flag Fly as well. The pageant is an awesome annual event and if you are lucky enough to meet one of the drag queens that are performing and you can get a ticket, I definitely recommend you going. It’s the perfect reason to go crazy and have an insane costume, party with your friends and then go crazy in DC showing off your outfit. Here are a couple of photos of me at the Miss Adams Morgan Pageant in DC.

miss adams morgan pageant

miss adams morgan pageant 2012

miss adams morgan pageant 2012

Cabin Fever from Muppets Treasure Island – Awesome Muppets Showtune!

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One of my favorite things to watch growing up were the muppets. I actually still love to watch their movies today. The songs are great, the characters are awesome and the jokes are great for people of all ages. With Halloween in one week, I thought of one of my favorite Muppets Movies, Muppets Treasure Island and because I love Halloween, I always get excited to go out. Because of that I instantly though of the song Cabin Fever from The Muppets Treasure Island movie.

The Muppets Treasure Island movie is a parody of the classic story. They have all of the main characters from the book, but some of them are replaced by Muppets, some are humans and there is a ton of extra things added in and of course showtunes and comedy routines. You can’t expect the Muppets to take on a classic story and not turn it into a comedy. Luckily they kept the story in tact and actually did go to far away from the book. That’s another one of the reasons I love movies like Muppets Treasure Island. They take a story and keep the main theme and major scenes in tact. Instead of keeping everything serious, they add in a ton of jokes, comedy and music which makes it fun for everyone. The song Cabin Fever from The Muppets Treasure Island is an awesome addition to the book and the movie.

The pirates are stuck on their ship for weeks at a time and they are all starting to go crazy. Instead of just talking about going crazy and wanting to take over the ship with a full mutiny, the Muppets take over and turn it into a salsa song and dance routine that you would expect to come from someone like Gloria Estefan. The song Cabin Fever from Muppets Treasure Island is absolutely hilarious and a perfect fit for Halloween if you are playing videos along with a soundtrack for your Halloween party. The movie is awesome and so is the soundtrack. It isn’t my favorite Muppets movie or song, but it is definitely in the top of them for me.

Buy Jekyll and Hyde Tickets on Sale Here

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If you’re thinking about which touring casts to see and want to buy Jekyll and Hyde Tickets on sale or at least get a good deal on Jekyll and Hyde tickets, you can click the following link to buy broadway tickets for the touring casts in your city here.  If you’re looking for a show for adults, for a date night or just to go see with friends for a night out, Jekyll and Hyde is a great show.  It would probably be boring for kids under 14 or 15 since it is more themed for adults, unless your kids have read the book or even seen the cartoon parodies like the one Bugs Bunny did in the Looney Toons or Scooby Doo with the diamond thief or any of the other old cartoons.

Jekyll and Hyde the musical is about the story of a kind and nice man Dr. Jekyll who invents a potion that can transform you into someone or something else.  Dr. Jekyll’s potion ends up turning him into the horrible alter ego Mr. Hyde.  The two men are 100% different from each other and when one has taken over the body, the other doesn’t remember what had happened.  The show is an awesome one for Halloween Musicals and also a perfect show for you to enjoy with your partner.  The songs and playlist are also extremely memorable and there are a few famous ones from the show.

Probably the most famous song from this musical is This is the Moment.  Almost everyone knows and loves this showtune and it is extremely popular.  Another song I love from this show is Once Upon a Dream.  Once Upon a Dream is a gorgeous song and one of the best ballads from the show.  It is a classic showtune that everyone expects to hear when they see a show and as long as the Actor who is performing it is on key you will fall in love with this song as well.  One of the other famous ballads from this show is Someone Like You.  Someone Like You is a song that you can almost guarantee will get your girlfriend or boyfriend to want to hold your arm and hold you close.   It is a gorgeous and romantic song that will easily get stuck in your head and actually make you want to buy the soundtrack.

The songs from the show are amazing and if you listen to the cast recording, you’ll definitely want to buy tickets to Jekyll and Hyde the musical.  If you already want to go see the show, but don’t want to spend a ton of money, click the links above and you’ll be able to buy Jekyll and Hyde tickets on sale from one of our advertisers.  Buy buying them through our advertisers you’ll also help to support this blog and enable us to keep bringing you new and fun showtunes as well as fun shows and broadway reviews.  If you’ve already seen it or you have your tickets to Jekyll and Hyde, feel free to leave a comment below with what you think of the show and what your favorite song from the musical is.

Phantom of the Opera Halloween Party in DC – You’re Invited

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I met some awesome people at happy hour tonight and they invited me to their Opera themed Halloween party this year. Hot topless men serving food and drinks, full bar and tons of opera themed costumes, how can you resist going? Not only did I think Phantom of the Opera party, but when they showed me the house, I fell in love and will definitely be there. I just can’t figure out if I should do drag or go as the Phantom. Tons of people will be going as The Phantom of the Opera, which is a hot costumes, but not many will do full drag in a masquerade ballgown. Although I want to do the full ballgown, I think I might actually do The Phantom of the Opera, but change it around to make it more of my own version.

If you want to come to the Opera Halloween party in Washington DC, they said it was an opened invite. If you cannot read the information on the invite I posted here, leave a comment with your working email address and I’ll make sure to send you the information so you can come. The house holds hundreds so it should be an amazing party with a seriously fun theme. If anyone else from DC wants to split a cab out to Alexandria where the party is, let me know and we can go together.

The Phantom of the Opera is an awesome halloween musical and one of my favorite shows. I am completely excited to get to go to this party and cannot decide to do drag or do The Phantom of the Opera for the Opera Halloween party in DC. If you are going or think I should do drag or go as the Phantom, feel free to leave a comment below and let me know what you think I should dress as. If you want to come to the party, let me know and we can match or even head over together. I hope you all have a fun Halloween planned and I cannot wait for this Opera Halloween Party.