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Memphis The Musical Original Cast Recording Giveaway

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I love when you go to a show and you remember something amazing about it. Certain shows you remember the music from it like Phantom, others you remember a character like in Les Miserables or a routine like in any show that focuses on dancing or comedy and sometimes you don’t remember much of it but still enjoyed the show. Although the only character’s name that I remember is Huey (because he was seriously funny), I actually remember more than half of the songs and fell in love with the music in Memphis the Musical.

Memphis the musical is all about music which is why it was important for them to get the music perfect for it. They cover everything from ballads to rock and roll and also have R&B throughout the show. The whole store is about a white DJ that loves “colored” music and wants to play it on the radio. He eventually finds this singer from a club in the black part of Memphis and instantly falls in love with her and her voice. Unfortunately her brother gets in the way and tries his best to keep them apart. Huey makes a deal and promises her that he will get her on the radio and that she will be a hit. He believed in her music and “colored” music enough that he broke into a DJ booth when interviewing for a job and took over so that he could put “real colored music” on the radio and introduce rock and roll to Memphis.

Memphis the musical has an amazing cast recording and almost every song on it is incredible. Because I fell in love with the music from Memphis, I wanted to share it with all of you and with one lucky reader, you can win a copy of the original cast recording of Memphis the Musical from To enter our Memphis the Musical cast recording giveaway, just read the rules below on the Rafflecopter raffle and enter as many times as you’d like or can. Most of the ways to enter are able to be done each day so don’t forget to come back and enter as many times as you’d like. I’ve also included a way for you to get 25 entries and a chance to have a blog post placed on

Thank you again for reading Broadway Reviewed and good luck with the giveaway. I’ll announce the winner of the Book of Mormon cast recording giveaway shortly as well. Have a great weekend and good luck!

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By The Sea from Sweeny Todd – Happy Labor Day!

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I couldn’t think about what to write about today because I’ve sort of checked out for the long weekend for Labor Day, I was completely brain dead.  I couldn’t actually think of a showtune to write about or anything, even though there are a ton of showtunes about the USA that would be perfect.  Instead I was thinking about everyone going to the beach to relax this weekend as well as finally having time to sleep and relax and do nothing but drink wine and read a book and hang out with friends.  I’m also completely excited for the new Tim Burton movie to come out and so when I was thinking of what to write about it finally came to me, Sweeny Todd.  By the Sea from Sweeny Todd by Stephen Sondheim is a classic song about relaxing and taking time off which is what Labor Day is all about and when you combine Tim Burton whose new movie is coming out soon you have a perfect song and show for Labor Day weekend.

By the Sea from Sweeny Todd is when Mrs. Mooney and Mr. Todd are tired of working and Mrs. Mooney wants a break from her pie shop.  Mr. Todd is still focused on revenge against the Judge that destroyed his wife and kidnapped his daughter, but even when he is thinking revenge, he actually considers taking a break and relaxing with Mrs. Mooney.  Unfortunately for her she is thinking that he will fall in love with her and he is thinking that although he likes her as a friend, all he wants is his daughter and revenge on the Judge.  By the Sea from Sweet Todd is an awesome showtune and I love how Tim Burton took it and turned it into something that looks like Halloween.

He was able to take light colors and turn them dark with costuming.  He shows the sun and clear skies but also has people dressed up in dark colors with pale skin and dark make up to turn it dark like it is Halloween at the beach.  I love the color contrasts of this song in the movie version and even though they do a good job with By the Sea in stage productions, I love how Tim Burton directed it in the movie.  By the Sea from Sweeny Todd is the perfect showtune for Labor Day and if you are going to the beach I hope you have a great holiday weekend.

book of mormon tickets

I Got My Book Of Mormon Tickets in DC Early, Here’s How.

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If they are already sold out of Book of Mormon Tickets in your city, click here to find Broadway Tickets on sale or in auctions so that you don’t have to miss the show.

Yesterday I was able to get my Book of Mormon Tickets which aren’t even on sale yet for the Washington DC show at the Kennedy Center. I also actually got my seat picked out and reserved for me which is even better. The Book of Mormon tickets at the Kennedy Center aren’t actually on sale yet and are not even remotely available, but that doesn’t stop the savvy broadway fan from finding a way around and securing their tickets. Here’s how you can try to get your own Book of Mormon Tickets before they go on sale for the touring cast as well.

book of mormon tickets

book of mormon tickets

1. Go to the Theatre’s website and look at the entire season of shows they have. You’ll also want to see if they have subscription options for their season. With the Kennedy Center, you can either buy a full season or create your own season. This year they have a ton of good shows from The Book of Mormon and Jekyll and Hyde to Anything Goes, War Horse and a few tributes. If you want to see the whole season you can, if not then you can choose to create your own subscription. That’s what I did. (All subscription seats at the Kennedy Center are orchestra as a heads up and you cannot get cheaper options than Orchestra when you buy a subscription.)

2. If you buy the whole season you are almost good to go. If you don’t like all of the shows and don’t think anyone would want the tickets for the ones you don’t want to see, select create your own subscription like I did and select at least three shows to create a subscription. You still cannot pick seats, but you are guaranteed a ticket if you buy a subscription.

Now that you have your subscription picked out, checkout and purchase it. You still don’t have seats picked out for that theatre so this is where you have to go an extra step and call the subscriptions office. Make sure you have your subscription order number with you when you call.

3. When you call the subscription office, let them know that you’d like to upgrade your seats or choose seats for shows that are all one price. For the Book of Mormon tickets at the Kennedy Center in DC there are numerous cost options for orchestra seating. For this one you’ll need to say that you want to upgrade to the next level or the higher level to guarantee that you’ll be in the front section of the orchestra and if you’re lucky you’ll have someone on the phone that will help you pick a seat right there. For shows that are all one price for the orchestra, ask if they can help you pick a seat while you’re on the phone.

And that’s it. Now you have all of the shows you want to see and tickets for The Book of Mormon in DC at the Kennedy Center before they are even available to the public with a seat picked out. It takes a few minutes to do, but it is worth it to not miss out on your tickets since the show is almost guaranteed to sell out. If you’re looking for Book of Mormon tickets and the show is sold out, try the link at the top of the page to find local show tickets as well as tickets to the Book of Mormon in NYC on sale or in an auction. You can also click on the banners to the right to find if they have any on sale or in my favorite ticket auction marketplace.  Also, if for some reason you don’t want to see the other shows but you do buy tickets to them to get your Book of Mormon Tickets before anyone else, you can always try to sell them in a marketplace like the one in the link above, depending on if the theatre allows you to sell them.  You’ll need to check with the theatre.

Live Performance of Ghost the Musical at the Tony Awards

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I missed the Tony Awards this year because I was watching Kristin Chenoweth’s tour and apparently I missed a ton of amazing performances.  One of them is the from the new broadway show Ghost. Normally I don’t like or want to see a broadway show that came from a movie, but when I saw some of the clips from the show and the stage design which was basically done by professional magicians, It actually made me excited to see it. When you watch the movie version of Ghost, you become an emotional mess and can’t help not crying during the movie. It’s amazing watching Demi Moore acting while they are playing one of the most memorable songs as she is by herself at her potters wheel and at a restaurant wishing she was with her husband or fiance. What makes it even more amazing than in the movie is that in Ghost the Musical, instead of just watching her act while someone else sings the song, you have another amazing Actress not only acting during the song, but actually giving off emotions while she is singing it making it even more powerful.

The scene and set of Ghost the musical looks amazing. The walls have projections over them and make the stage come to life and almost like it is moving and making you actually exist on the stage with the cast. Besides the moving projections on the wall, there are a ton of magic tricks and illusions in the show like when the main character’s hand passes through a door and when the stage comes to life.

One thing I hate when they make broadway shows out of movies is that they normally destroy the movie and take out some of the most important parts. In Ghost the Musical they apparently kept it extremely close to the original movie which could have been a show on it’s own. I usually never recommend going to see a show that came from a movie unless I’ve seen it first, but I highly recommend going to see Ghost the Musical based on the reviews I’ve seen, the clips and from my friends who have gone to see it. I’m hoping to see the show when I go back to NYC in a couple of months and then I’ll be able to give it a real review. If you’ve already seen Ghost the Musical, feel free to leave a comment below or if you want to see it, feel free to leave a comment as well.

Book of Mormon Performing “Hello” at The 66th Tony Awards

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The Book of Mormon on broadway has completely taken over as far as high grossing shows. Besides Wicked, it is one of the hardest shows to get to see in NYC, unless you use the tricks here on how to buy broadway tickets. The show is absolutely hilarious and the touring cast is starting shortly. If you want tickets, you have to go fast, otherwise they will sell out before you get a chance to buy them. Everyone loves shows that are parodies and funny and when you have a show like this and let them perform at awards shows or in opening numbers like at the Tony awards, there are a ton of ways that they can tie in one of their songs. I was at Kristin Chenoweth on tour on Tony’s night so I didn’t get to see the performance of the song “Hello” from The Book of Mormon at the 66th annual Tony awards, but I did get to watch the video on YouTube and couldn’t stop laughing.

Don’t forget to enter our Book of Mormon Cast Recording Giveaway.  You can enter each day until the contest is over.

What I love about this is that they completely parody Mormons who go door to door to recruit new people to their Church, which is also the opening act of the show and what they did was combine the two of them together and make a parody out of the religion as well as the show and perform it by recruiting Actors and Nominees from the 66th annual Tony Awards to the church with the song “Hello” from the Book of Mormon.

The show is awesome and the songs are great and what I love about the characters performing Hello from the Book of Mormon at the 66th annual Tony Awards is that they actually pull it off really well. I’m pretty sure they told the Nominees that they would be coming to their doors, mainly so they’d actually be there in their dressing rooms, but I don’t know if they actually told them that they would be performing one of the songs while they were getting ready and actually acting like Elders recruiting them for the church. The performance of Hello from the Book of Mormon at the Tony awards was amazingly well done and the parody video of Hello from the Book of Mormon at the Tony awards is seriously fun to watch. Please feel free to leave a comment below with your favorite Tony Awards opening acts and parodies.