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Fiddler On The Roof – Tradition – The Tony Awards

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When I saw the touring cast of Fiddler on the Roof with Harvey Fierstein I didn’t really like it that much, but I also forgot about how the choreography during the song Tradition from Fiddler on the Roof was actually really good. When I was at showtunes night the other night, they played the broadway casts’ performance from the Tony awards of Tradition from Fiddler on the Roof and it was actually almost exactly like the touring casts except I really enjoyed it a lot more. I think the biggest difference between seeing the broadway cast perform vs. the touring cast wasn’t the singing, talent or dancing, it was where we were sitting.

The touring cast was full of broadway veterans and they were amazing. I saw them at a cabaret show after where they performed a ton of songs like Casting Call for a New Best Friend and also played instruments and sang a ton of great off beat and off broadway showtunes. We were sitting in the orchestra by the stage so we got to see the dancing up close and they were good, but it didn’t seem impressive. The video of Tradition from the Tony Awards is shot from a ton of different angles.

They have a camera above the audience like you are in the balcony, on stage and one that is directly in line with the performers. Actually getting to see them dance from these angles makes the performance look amazing instead of just like an ok routine. I usually try to sit in the first balcony in the front on the side when I go to a show because you get an awesome view of all of the effects and can also see the actual performances if it is a show that has really good choreography. The routine from the Tony awards was just like the routine from the touring cast of Fiddler on the Roof, but seeing it from the balcony or a better seat that wasn’t as close to the stage makes it look completely different and would have changed my opinion of the show. It’s funny how sitting in the balcony vs. the front of the orchestra changes your opinion of the show and the choreography and can turn a bad review into a good one.

America From West Side Story – Ok I Have Issues With this Songg

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Last night I was at showtunes at JRs in Washington DC and they played the song America from West Side Story. The song is awesome and one that everyone loves to sing a long to. Then all of the sudden I actually listened to some of the lyrics to America from West Side Story and I actually have a few issues with it. The song and the movie or musical version don’t make any sense at all to me.

The first thing that I have an issue with is that the girls are complaining about not having any room or space to yourself in Puerto Rico. It is crowded, cramped and there are hundreds of people in each room. Doesn’t this show take place in Manhattan New York? The last time I checked, even back then, Manhattan was extremely expensive, you didn’t get a ton o room unless you were a millionaire and almost everyone shared a room. When they are in their apartment singing, it looked like there were a ton of people in there anyways, so what’s the difference. I could be wrong and they could be very well off, they did have nice clothes, but if they were well off, why are they in a Gang and hanging out in a regular bar? Most New York socialites and millionaires probably aren’t in gangs and getting in knife or gun fights in the street. I also love the line about everyone there will have moved here. If they did, wouldn’t there be even more people there and wouldn’t it be more crowded making the girls that are complaining about San Juan have a reason to move back?

Anyways, there are a ton of issues I have with this song because it actually doesn’t make any sense to me. Tony runs through their section of NYC yelling the name Maria and only one girl responds? Maria was and still is an insanely popular name and Tony is hot as heck. It’s a bit hard to imagine that there is only one Maria in all of NYC, especially when I know a bunch of them that live there. Even if they didn’t like Tony, you’d think one would have said something and while we’re talking about it, how did she know it was for her? Besides his voice, she just randomly responds? Maybe she is the only maria in NYC.

The song America from West Side Story is definitely one of the most popular and famous songs from the show and one that everyone loves to sing a long too. When you actually listen to the lyrics of America from West Side Story the show ends up not making that much sense. The music is great and the songs are amazing, it’s kind of funny how they stop you from actually realizing that most of them don’t actually make sense. Anyways, it is an awesome song and an awesome show and if you can think of anything else that doesn’t make sense in West Side Story, feel free to leave a comment below.

My favorite Broadway Song about Flirting – The Bend and Snap

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Everyone loves the movie Legally Blonde and one of the most memorable scenes from the movie is when Elle Woods teaches her friend how to flirt with a move called the Bend and Snap. The bend and snap is a never fail way to do a couple of things. In the movie and the musical version of Legally Blonde the Bend and Snap helps you flirt with a guy. In the musical version of Legally Blonde, the Bend and Snap is also a way to tell if someone is gay.

To do the bend and snap all you have to do is slowly bend over to pick something up while keeping your chest facing forward as you bend over. Then once you have the thing you dropped, you quickly snap back up with your arms by the sides of your stomach and bounce so your boobs bounce too and smile. Unfortunately when tried in the movie and the show, Elle’s friend breaks the UPS guy’s nose. He does however fall in love with her anyways.

The bend and snap from Legally Blonde is one of my favorite scenes from the movie. Unfortunately they killed it in the musical version by changing the music and adding in a ton of lyrics. Although the song isn’t horrible, people don’t really like it at first if they’ve only seen the movie version of Legally Blonde. If you do see the show or listen to the musical version, the song eventually grows on you and can easily become one of the best songs about flirting on broadway.

The reason I am posting about broadway songs about flirting is that I broke up with the guy I was dating and it’s time to learn how to flirt again. Mimi does a great job with it in Rent when she is singing Would You Light My Candle to Roger, and Lola is very up front with it when she sings Whatever Lola Wants in Damn Yankees, but neither of those songs actually teach you how to flirt. They just show you ways like by blowing out a candle and asking for matches so you can stay longer or dancing around like a slut and being flirty. Bend and Snap from Legally Blonde is actually teaching you a funny way to be able to flirt with someone which is why it is probably my favorite broadway song about flirting.

One Song Glory from Rent – The DC AIDS Walk

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Broadway has a ton of amazing charities like Broadway Cares Equity Fights AIDS, but there are also a ton of other amazing charities and awareness walks out there like the DC AIDS walk which attracts thousands of people to participate. Because the Washington DC AIDS Walk is coming up soon, I was thinking about a show that would be a good fit or a song that would be good and instead of Seasons of Love which everyone thinks of immediately, I thought of One Song or Glory from the Musical Rent sung by Adam Pascal (The original Roger).

The song One Song Glory from Rent is about a guy who has AIDS and is going through a lot in his life. He’s wondering where his life is going, what is happening with the virus and disease and how he is going to hope and deal. One of his biggest worries about having AIDS is his girlfriend Mimi who doesn’t know but eventually finds out that he is positive and lets him know that she is too. Roger is an awesome person and cares for a lot of people. His character goes through a breakdown and moves, but comes back to NYC after for Mimi and to try to make it again.

I think that Roger is actually a pretty inspirational character. He has a disease which wasn’t treatable and is still not curable in a time where little was known about it. People were still afraid to be near people who had AIDS and instead of killing himself or giving up on life, Roger fought through it and continued to try to do what he loved, produce music. The Song One Song Glory from Rent is his way of figuring out what his life is about and is what helps him figure out what he needs to do. Although he moves away at first, he eventually realizes that that wasn’t the correct thing to do and One Song Glory is all about that.

It is about not caring what obstacles are in your way or what you need to overcome. It is about dealing with those issues, moving past them and then creating something amazing for yourself. Songs about coping with things are extremely common in broadway shows, but not many of them are as memorable or as loved as One Song Glory from Rent. This is probably one of my favorite songs from the show but one that I don’t listen to very often. It is an amazing one to hear and when you are prepping for something like the AIDS walk or a fundraiser it is a perfect song to have on your playlist. I love this song and thing that it is the perfect one to congratulate everyone who is doing the walk and who works hard to find a cure for this disease. One Song Glory is the perfect song from Rent for the walk and I wish everyone walking the best of luck and you are doing an amazing thing to help find a cure to fight this disease.

Cookie Monster – Share it Maybe Spoof Video

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I logged onto Facebook randomly this morning and found this video of Cookie Monster singing Share it Maybe which is a spoof of Carly Rae Jespen’s Call Me Maybe. Cookie Monster singing Share it Maybe isn’t technically a showtune, but Sesame Street does have a broadway show that tours and is a musical show so it sort of works…and I love Cookie Monster and the song so it is going to count and I am putting it on this site.

If you’ve turned on the radio, watched anything on YouTube or been to any club or bar in the last few months, there is absolutely no way that you haven’t heard Carly Rae Jespen’s song Call Me Maybe. There are a ton of fan videos like the Ambercrombie and Fitch models dancing and lip singing to it or even Justin Beiber with Selena Gomez, Ashley Tisedale and a couple of their friends singing it or any of the tons of spoof videos that are out there. They are all fun and the song is extremely addictive but none of them were worth sharing until I saw the Cookie Monster version of Call Me Maybe called Share it Maybe.

Just like on the show, Cookie Monster makes the song all about cookies and a ton of different types of them. I don’t know what it is, but I always end up craving cookies when I see cookie monster…well you are sort of supposed to, but this song actually made me go out and buy some. It’s kind of insane how much a song or a character can influence us, especially when it comes to cookies and something as cute as Cookie Monster. Not only does he have probably the best spoof of Call Me Maybe, but it also makes you crave cookies so be careful watching if you are on a diet. Anyways, I need to head to brunch but wanted to share the Cookie Monster Share it Maybe spoof of Call Me Maybe before as something fun for Sunday. Feel free to leave your favorite Call Me Maybe spoof videos below in the comments section if you’d like to and have a great Sunday! Also, feel free to send cookies to us if the video makes you crave them as well.