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Memphis on Broadway Reviews – The Touring Cast of Memphis Reviewed

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When you hear of the show Memphis you know there is going to be something about race. The story is about a white disc jockey back when everything was segregated and the birth of rock and roll was about to begin with a black girl named Felicia, because as Felicia knows, Rock and Roll is just “black, negro music sped up”. So if I were going to give the touring broadway cast of Memphis a review, I’d give it just to the middle of the dial, which in the show means 4 out of 5 stars. Want to know why?

In other broadway reviews, I’ve been kind of harsh, and with this one I won’t be any different. The show was awesome. It got me laughing, saying wow with a couple of the vocals and the dancing was great. I also loved the story line, but at the same time I had already seen this entire show before. It just wasn’t one show in particular, it was a bunch of them combined.

To me, The show Memphis is a mix of West Side Story, Hairspray and Dream Girls. To be honest, if you’d watch all three in a row you’d have the same show, you’d only have spent more time in front of the TV. The choreography of Memphis is almost exactly like Hairspray but with a few extra flips and acrobatics. The music also somewhat seemed like a rip off at certain points. They did however tweak it to make it their own. The storyline is also very similar to the show Hairspray, but this story line created a show I would actually go back to see again probably one more time at the most. The theme was definitely stolen from West Side Story and I could almost see the Sharks and the Jets on stage with the ballet and the acrobatics. There was even a routine that I could have sworn would have been America from West Side Story if I had ear plugs in or had the cast recording playing on my iPhone so I had the show blocked out. The Dream Girls part of the show is because of the overacting and the drama with trying to make it famous. You also get some amazing gospel voices and rhythms throughout the show that sound a lot like Ephie’s character. If you’d combine those three amazing shows and put them into one, you get dancing, comedy, great singing, a political message and an amazing job of combining them called Memphis.

If someone asked me what I actually thought of the show or for Memphis Reviews, I’d have to say that it is 100% worth seeing. Especially because you can get awesome deals on broadway tickets by clicking on the banners to the right or the link before this that says broadway tickets. You’ll get a show with incredibly fun choreography, some great jokes and comedy as well as incredible singing. Some noteable voices and acting in the touring cast of Memphis include Alexander Aguilar who played Huey in the version I saw. His acting was dead on and even though he is an understudy, he should be given the role for the energy and fun that he brought to the show. Felicia Boswell who played Felicia has an incredible range and great pitch within her voice. She is also able to change from a young girl to a mature lady within the show and you would never have guessed it was the same girl. Will Mann who played Bobby and sang Big Daddy’s Got Big Love, worked it out on the show. Not only did he shock everyone with his ability to dance, but his voiced completey kicked ass!

For Memphis Reviews or the Touring Cast of Memphis Reviewed, I give the show 4 out of 5 stars for it’s energy, choreography and ability to get everyone singing, dancing, and laughing. I loved the show, but think that the choreography and some of the stage direction was purely ripped off of other shows which is why it doesn’t get the fifth star. If you are looking for a show in NYC or you are thinking about going to see the touring cast of Memphis, I highly recommend it as it is a very fun show to watch and you will definitely want the cast recording after. Click here to buy broadway tickets including Memphis on tour. It’s a great show for a night out and an even better show for a date.

Belle sings in the Ghetto – Beauty and the Beat.

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like for a Disney Princess to be in the real world? Not like enchanted where she meets someone with a huge apartment in Manhattan, but in somewhere like the slums of a city. Thanks to a really fun and fabulous production company, you can now really get an appreciation for what it would be like for a Disney Princess to be real and live in the Ghetto.

Beauty and the Beat is an absolutely fabulous redo of one of the most classic and loved songs from Beauty and the Beast. Not only does Belle actually sing a real song from Beauty and the Beast, but she even acts it out almost exactly like the real character did in the movie version of Beauty and the Beast. As she is singing and leaving her house in the morning she runs into a ton of townspeople, just like in the cartoon version of the movie and each of them have reactions very similar, but in their own way to the way that Beauty had in the movie.

Without trying to spoil the video for you, you’ll definitely fall in love with this version of Belle from Beauty and the Beast. They played the video for Beauty and the Beat last night at JRs when we were out for drinks and everyone stopped talking to watch. It is an absolutely hilarious version of the song Belle from Beauty and the Beast and you will absolutely love it, especially if you are a fan of Disney movies and spoofs of Disney movies as well.

Besides Mad TV doing a funny parody called The Real Housewives of Disney, this is one of the better spoofs that I’ve seen and actually thought was worth sharing. Please feel free to share this post and video with your friends and family on Twitter and Facebook by using the icons and sharing buttons at the top of this post or by using the Facebook and Twitter share on the video. It is definitely a funny enough video and everyone who loves Disney will love this video as well.

I Want to be a Producer – The Producers

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My friend was complaining the other day that all he wants to do is quit his job because he hates it.  I did that a while ago and started my own company and although you don’t have the security and things like Health Insurance that a 9 to 5 job pays you, you do have a ton of other freedoms like me getting to work outside today instead of being trapped inside of an office.  There are always upsides and downsides of working for yourself but the truth is that if you are actually good at something, or your job, then you can go out and do it for yourself if that is what you really want to do.  That conversation made me think of I Want to be a Producer from the show The Producers.

The song starts with Leo Bloom sitting at his cubicle which is actually an opened air office and looking miserable being an Accountant.  He’s sitting their hating his boss, not having any privacy and doing the same boring things over and over again.  While he’s working at his desk, he starts to think about how amazing it would be to leave his job as an Accountant and go do what he really wants to do, become a Producer on Broadway.  Not only is it his dream, but he finally has the guts and the courage to become a producer and quit his job when the dancing girls suddenly appear from his filing cabinets and his co-workers have disappeared.

It’s kind of funny to watch this song because I remember sitting there hating having to report into people and not having any freedom.  Sure I had a huge budget and a ton of security, but I couldn’t just randomly go for a walk, take a day off without telling anyone or just go and work from a park or coffee shop whenever I wanted to.  One day I finally said screw it and got the courage to quit everything and go out and be on my own.  It definitely wasn’t easy and still isn’t at times, but it is one of the smartest and best things I have ever done for myself.

After this song, Leo Bloom finally had the guts to go out and start working for himself.  He eventually meets the person who gets him to come on board and from that point on all he can think about is that he is going to live his dream and become a broadway producer.  That’s what I love about the song I Want to be a Producer from The Producers.  It helps people to realize that they don’t have to stay at their jobs and they can go out and do what they are good at and be their own bosses.  They just need to have the guts to make that first step and actually quit their job.  The thing to remember before you quit though is to have a plan in place and be ready for it.  My friend made me think of I Want to be a Producer from The Producers and since it’s stuck in my head I wanted to post it for today.


Somebody’s Getting Married from The Muppets Movie

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This week on Facebook two of my friends announced that they are finally getting married. I know I haven’t been posting as much as normal but work has kept me seriously busy. Anyways, the two friends who are getting married are the sweetest couple on earth, but they kind of remind me of the Muppets a bit. The one is silly and goofy and the other is funny but a bit more serious. I don’t want to out and say who they are because a bunch of you may know them, and if you do know them then you’ll know why Somebody’s Getting Married from the Muppets Take Manhattan is the perfect song for them.

I always love when the Muppets do a ridiculous song like Somebody’s Getting Married. Not only do they find a way to make you laugh by throwing in the Swedish Chef or the guy who throws the fish, but they also get you in the mood to want to sing a long, laugh and actually think you are seeing a real event like a wedding. A couple of my favorite parts of the song Somebody’s Getting Married from the Muppets Take Manhattan is when they have all of the bears in the airplanes for no real reason at all. The random things they put in like that or the random rats skating around and farm animals coming out of no where to create a chorus. Somehow Jim Henson was able to create the most unrealistic world and have everything in it become a reality. That sort of reminds me of their relationship since I’ve known them.

The two of them have been together for a long time and all of us were wondering when they were finally going to get married. They know everything about each other including a random Krispy Kreme fetish and having to have one all the time to knowing when to back off and how to prepare the perfect meal for the other person when they are having a bad day or even to celebrate. The two of them are absolutely perfect for each other and that’s why when they finally got engaged this past week everyone just said it’s about time. It also instantly made me think of the song Somebody’s Getting Married from The Muppets Take Manhattan. This is one of my favorite songs from the Muppets Movies and I’m excited that I finally get to use it on this site without having to do a top ten wedding showtunes post.

kristin chenoweth the shoe song on tour

Kristin Chenoweth Live – Maybe This Time & Bring Him Home (The Prayer)

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kristin chenoweth the shoe song on tour

Kristin Chenoweth the shoe song on tour

I still cannot get over how amazing Kristin Chenoweth was in her live tour. I’ve seen her in Promises Promises and heard her in Wicked, but the songs she chose and hearing her sing them the way she wanted really showed you how amazing and powerful her voice is.  It’s amazing the way that a singer can take certain songs that they love and add their own twists and ranges to it to really show off how they want the song to be heard and how incredible they can make even the most classic song sound and become something unique that only they could do.  Look at Dolly Parton’s I Will Always Love You.

Whitney Houston took the song for the movie the Bodygaurd and made it her own.  People forgot that Dolly Parton was the original singer who wrote and performed it.  During the show, Kristin Chenoweth decided to perform I Will Always Love You as well, but she decided to use the original Dolly Parton Version instead of the Whitney Houston Version.  Although she could have taken it and created her own version, instead she loved the original enough, not to mention her love for Dolly Parton, that she kept it the way Dolly sang it and still sounded great.

Kristin Chenoweth singing I Will Always Love You live on tour.

Kristin Chenoweth – Maybe This Time Live

On a quick side note, the song starts coming in clear at the 20 second mark. I also did not include the ending because you have to see it live to really appreciate it. It doesn’t matter if she is in your city or not, go buy tickets to see her! She is amazing and you have to hear her sing this song live!

Kristin Chenoweth singing Bring Him Home (The Prayer) from Les Miserables Live On Tour.

Les Miserables is one of my favorite shows. Not only did Kristin take this amazing song sung by a guy and make it her own, but she got everyone in the audience to just about break out into tears. The emotion she put behind it and the expressions and feeling in her voice were able to drive an audience to quiet down to the point you could actually hear a pin drop because there was nothing else but Kristin Chenoweth singing. Her voice was amazing for this song, even though it wasn’t my favorite for the night, and she made it absolutely amazing. Although I would have loved to hear her sing other songs from Les Miserables, this one was perfect for her and she did an incredible job.

If you get a chance to see the Kristin Chenoweth tour, you have to go. You’ll not only have an amazing time, but you’ll get to hear versions of songs you had heard on cast recordings like Popular, but with her own twists and versions of them. The show is amazing and you will definitely not regret buying tickets to see her perform.