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Broadways Best Working Girls – 3 – Rizzo

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Rizzo is the tough girl from the Pink Ladies in the musical and tv musical Grease. Although she doesn’t get paid for putting out, she never has a shortage of men to help her out when she’s looking for fun. Even though she isn’t literally a working girl, she still has the tough girl attitude and acts like a mean girl. During the show she even sings a song called Look at Me I’m Sandra D which is about making fun of the new girl Sandy for being such a prude. Even though Rizzo is a mean girl, she is still actually a likeable person which is why Rizzo is one of the most fun and lovable working girls (or at least loose ladies) on broadway.

Grease is full of a ton of side plots and stories dealing with teenage issues like sex, peer pressure, being popular, being careful and safe, doing dangerous things like racing cars and even gang violence. Rizzo’s stories carry her through the tougher plots from teenage pregnancy scares, what it must feel like if you are the girl who is labeled a slut and singled out for being pregnant. She is part of the car races and also puts the peer pressure on the other girls when she is sneaking out, making fun of people and trying to take control over their gang. At the same time Rizzo also shows that she is one of the most loyal and best people to have as a friend since she stands up for the other Pink Ladies when something goes wrong or one of them needs help.

Rizzo is the stereotypical person who puts up a wall that makes her look tough but in reality she is a great person. Her character comes through as one of the strongest and most memorable in the show and everyone loves watching as she kicks people off a bench at the lunch table, feels sorry for her when her boyfriend is dancing with someone else and gets angry when the opposing school and gang calls her out for being a bit easier than most of the girls would admit to being back then. Rizzo is an amazing character and if the actress does a great job, she can always get a standing ovation for playing this role in the musical Grease. Rizzo isn’t technically a working girl, but she definitely fits into the list of broadway’s best and most loved working girls or ladies with loose morals. She is also one of the most popular characters from Grease that tons of people always want to audition for.

Broadways Best Working Girls – 2 – Fantine

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Fantine from from Les Miserables is one of the characters you love the most. She lives in a very poor time just before the French Revolution and sells everything she has, including her body, her necklace and her hair to help generate money to be able send to the inn keepers who are watching her daughter Cosette. You cannot help but to feel bad for Fantine because her life is dedicated to taking care of her daughter. It costs her everything she has and she never even gets to see her. The only reason she survives is to make sure she can provide for her daughter who she doesn’t actually get to see. What she doesn’t know is that Cosette isn’t actually being taken care of as well as she possibly could have been.

Cosette is at an Inn where Fantine left her in the care of the Inn Keeper and his wife. Even though Fantine sends them money, they don’t provide the same or an even slightly similar lifestyle for her as they do for their own daughter Epinine. The Inn Keepers are definitely not well off, but at the same time they love their original daughter when their Inn is doing well and give her everything that they can. Unfortunately at the same time they make Cosette work, treat her extremely poorly and also makes sure that she knows she is only welcome as long as her mom is sending money and she can work.

Eventually Fantine meets the main character of the show and when he falls in love with her. Unfortunately she is also dying at this point. Instead of being selfish or even caring about herself, she makes her last dying wish about her daughter and asks Jean Val Jean to go and rescue her and begs him to give her an amazing life. Because Jean Val Jean was in love with the former working girl he instantly rushes to the Inn and barters to take the girl away.

Jean Val Jean takes Cosette and ends up providing her with everything she could want. Not only does she have everything, but she now has a Father who loves her and does everything he can to make her life as good as Fantine would have wanted it to be. Later on in the show Fantine comes back as a ghost and gets to see that her only dying wish had come true and that Jean Val Jean raised her with everything she could have wanted.

Broadways Best Working Girls – 1 – Aldonza

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Aldonza, or Dulcinea depending on how you see her is a prostitute that Don Quiote falls in love with in the show The Man of La Mancha because she has no other way to get food, support herself and doesn’t believe she has anything to offer the world. She sings about being born on a pile of dung and how she will die on one too. Her life looks bleak and she struggles to survive not realizing that she could actually have someone love her. That’s where Don Quiote helps her both emotionally and with her life.

Don Quiote is an inspirational character to numerous people. He sees monsters that turn out to be windmills and fights fake dragons. He always sees the best in things and loves everyone. When he comes across Aldonza and finds her as a working girl, he instantly thinks she is the most beautiful girl in the world. Everyone thinks he is crazy including Aldonza, but after he helps her realize that she is more than just someone that has to sell her body to survive, she starts to realize that she is a person who has the same feelings, emotions and opportunities as everyone else. Eventually she falls in love with Don Quiote and when he eventually dies she becomes a much stronger person and begins to change her life. She no longer feels the need to have to die on a pile of dung and she also has the self confidence to pull herself out of the gutter and start to build a better life.

What I like about the character Aldonza is that she just needed someone to tell her she is worth something and push her to make something of herself. Most people have the ability to become amazing people, they just need someone to help get them on the right path. Aldonza needed a push and when she got it she began to become something. She had the brains and she was tough, she just needed inspiration and someone to help her. It’s amazing how many people just need that first person to believe in them and then they are able to do anything. That is what I love about the story of Don Quiote and Aldonza. All she needed was someone to believe in her and then she was ready to conquer the world.

Showtunes About Transportation Week – 6 – Showtunes About Buses

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One of the most well known buses is Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. Thanks to Bette Midler, the movie musical became an actual musical and is currently on broadway. The bus is one of the most important props in both the show and the movie. It helps to show emotion, protection, bigotry, drunk driving and murdering teletubbies, as well as a way for people who don’t get a long to bond with each other and two new people to fall in love. The Bus is one of the most important props and even characters in Priscilla. It not only is what each character relies on, but it is part of a ton of jokes.

Bernadette uses it to run over animals and teletubbies. Felicia uses it to perform an opera in mid air on a giant high heel shoe over the audience’s heads and the people who disliked gays used it to get their message across about gays not being welcomed. In the regular movie it was a huge part, not to mention gave the movie it’s name, but in the show they took a regular bus and added in a ton of LED lights that work like a movie screen and something to paint on, an entire set inside with a bar and even a moveable and trap door filled roof where the characters can come in and out of in new costumes to surprise you. The bus is one of the most important parts of this musical and it helps to teach people to rely on each other, get a long and even deal with stress when you realize you need to focus instead of panicking. It’s kind of funny when you think of the show because you think of it as the story of three drag queens on a bus, but when you actually think about it, without the bus you wouldn’t have a show.

If it didn’t break down you wouldn’t have met Bob and Felicia wouldn’t have ended up doing drugs and learning that not everyone is gay friendly. You wouldn’t get to learn about the characters and hear about their lives and you wouldn’t get to see messages that really drive what hate means home. The bus is one of the most important things in Priscilla Queen of the Desert which is why it is on the list of showtunes about travel and transportation.

Showtunes About Transportation Week – 5 – Trains

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Before any argues the showtune Another Hundred People Just Got Off of the Train from Company, I don’t think there is a show more dedicated to trains than a show that “stars” them called Starlight Express. Starlight Express is a bunch of people on rollerblades that are train cars that race each other. Just like many other Andrew Lloyd Webber musicals, each train has an emotion, a theme and songs about them. The show is actually kind of fun and what’s neat is that the stage actually comes out into the audience a bit so that the Actors skate right by you. I remember seeing Starlight Express when I was a little kid.

I thought it was incredible to see the trains on the movie screens and then all of the sudden they would come skating out. They would go up and down ramps, spin and look like they were flying. It was one of the most incredible shows and a perfect one for you to bring kids to. Not only do the trains entertain them, but the music was actually fun as well since it is about trains if you’re a kid and about a love story and wanting to be the best if you’re an adult. The show was perfect for everyone of all ages and I still remember being in the audience and being amazed with how well the cast was able to sing and dance on skates, not to mention come out of the movie screens. It’s kind of funny how Andrew Lloyd Webber can take something like a train or a cat or any other random object, write a ton of stories about them, then write music to match the story and come out with an amazing show.

He takes a ton of types of trains like a coal train vs. a steam train and then has an old train, a caboose, an engine, etc… and creates characters for them as well as songs. Then he combines them all together and has them compete while also telling a love story. That is one of the things that makes him unique with his shows and one of the reasons that there are so many people who flock to his shows. When I was thinking about what show or showtunes to write about or include for trains, this was the only one that I think was absolutely perfect for it.