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The Top Ten Broadway Songs For Gays – About Being Gay

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What I love about broadway is that for decades they have been opened and accepting of everything from race to age to being gay. In Cabaret there is a scene about being bisexual and gay moments go back even further. Because of this I wanted to try and think of the top ten broadway songs about being gay or for gay people.

The top ten broadway songs about being gay are both positive songs as well as negative ones. There are songs sung by the people around them, the gay character coming out or singing about being gay or about why being gay is bad. Either way, broadway has always embraced and loved different cultures and people regardless of orientation or color or age and that is why I wanted to do this post about the top ten broadway songs about being gay.

Broadway songs about being gay

I am what I am from La Cage Aux Folles

This is probably one of the most famous broadway songs about being gay. It is the main character singing about not caring what other people think and being who he/she is. I am what I am from La Cage Aux Folles is one of the most loved and sung or performed songs at pride festivals and from the show.

Keep it Gay from The Producers

Keep it Gay from The Producers is one of the funny gay songs. It is the two main characters approaching an extremely flamboyant Director (Roger Dupree) who thinks that everything should be gay. The gayer you make things the better. Anyways, he takes the musical about Hitler and makes it about as gay as it can be and this is the scene where the main characters convince him to do the show.

Today for You Tomorrow For Me from Rent

Today for You Tomorrow For Me from Rent isn’t really about being gay, but it also is at the same time because it is when Angel is introducing himself to Tom’s best friends and performing in drag singing about today being for them and tomorrow is a day for her. Take me or leave me or some of the other songs are more about being gay or in relationships, but this one stood out when I was thinking about what songs to put on the list of the top ten broadway songs about being gay.

Don’t Ask Don’t Tell from Zanna Don’t

Don’t Ask Don’t Tell from Zanna Don’t is a reverse gay song. In the show everyone is gay but two characters who are in the closet being straight. Since being straight is bad in the show, Don’t Ask Don’t Tell is a song about trying to come out but being scared too. It is one of the hardest things for gay people to do which is why I wanted to include Don’t Ask Don’t Tell from Zanna Don’t on this list.

We Belong from Priscilla Queen of the Dessert

We Belong from Priscilla Queen of the Dessert is about belonging no matter who you are. In the end of the show the entire cast comes out in drag and sings that they belong. On the trip to Alice Springs the three main characters go through numerous things from being made fun of to being attacked and even having someone spray paint their bus. The song We Belong from Priscilla Queen of the Dessert is about everyone belonging regardless if they are gay or straight.

If You Were Gay from Avenue Q

If You Were Gay from Avenue Q is about a roommate singing that he is ok and will support his roommate if he were gay. Unfortunately his roommate is in the closet and scared to come out because he is a conservative republican. The song is one of the funnier songs in the show but also causes a fight between the two characters even though the one was just trying to say that he supports his roommate if his roommate decides to come out of the closet.

My Father is a Homo from Falsettos

This is a song about a kid singing about his father being a Homo. It is basically a song about a kid realizing their Dad is gay and how they deal with it, think about it and if they are ok with it. Each kid reacts differently when they find out one of their parents are gay, and here is how this kid reacted to finding out her dad is gay.

Turn it Off from The Book of Mormon

Turn it Off from The Book of Mormon is a funny song about Elder McKinley being gay and finding a way to turn it off. One thing that is kind of different in this song is that one of the straight characters says that it’s ok to be gay as long as you don’t act on it, but because of their religion the gay character is convinced that being gay is bad so it is better to turn it off. The song is hilarious and they do a great spoof, however in real life there are a ton of gay people who are scared to come out because they have been told that being gay is bad or evil or a sin.

His Name is Lancelot’s – Spamalot

His Name is Lancelot’s from Spamalot is a hilarious song where Lancelot is supposed to be saving a princess who turns out to be a prince that is gay. At first Lancelot is turned off but then realizes that he is gay and in love with the prince. The song is absolutely hilarious and one that everyone in the crowd loved.

Broadway Isn’t Just For Gays Anymore – Neil Patrick Harris at the Tonys.

This is just funny. It’s Neil Patrick Harris singing to all of the straight people in the audience at the Tony’s that Broadway isn’t just for the gays. He goes through why straight people should like it and then goes into the audience and even shows some of the straight Actors and Actresses who love broadway and are also straight.

Broadway has always supported gay people as well as brought up issues from different groups of people. There are a ton of other broadway songs about being gay, but these are my top ten broadway songs about being gay. Feel free to leave a comment below and share your favorite broadway song about being gay.

Elaine Brier Live at Don’t Tell Mama NYC

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After you go to a show and have dinner in NYC, the only place to go if you want to sing a long for a while longer is Don’t Tell Mama. Don’t Tell Mama is a sing a long piano bar with a ton of fun cabaret performers and talented singers like Elaine Brier. When I was there a couple weeks ago Elaine was working and ended up performing as well.

She performed a ton of her new songs from her album Jique De Soleil (pronounced Jerk De Soley like Cirque de Soleil) including You F*cked Up My Life as well as other songs like the Deli Song that everyone loves. Not only does she get the audience going, but she gets everyone to sing a long and sway and have an amazing time. That is what I love about her random performances and her cabaret acts. She is fun to watch, fun to listen to, extremely fun to sing a long with and best of all she encourages you to do it all. Some cabaret artists in NYC get pissed off when you join in or sing a long. Not only can that be a huge turn off for your audience, but it takes down the level of fun that the audience has and removes part of what makes cabaret, cabaret.

I don’t mind if the performer wants quiet for a few songs and when they are telling stories, but during the show or at the end they need to have some sort of audience participation. Performers like Matt Yee and Elaine Brier are experts at having the right mix of sing a long vs. listening and that is one of the things that makes their cabaret shows so much fun and their performances more memorable. One of the other things I recommend when you go to these shows is to buy the cds they have for sale.

Not only do the cds let you remember the show when you get home, but they help to give the performers extra money but more importantly, extra exposure to new potential fans. They push them a bit during the show, but you have to remember they don’t always get paid much if they even get paid for performing at all. Some only get the money from their cd sales and others only get the tips they get while performing or have to split them with the piano player. They work extremely hard to help give you an awesome show and buying their cds is one of the ways you can say thank you. Here is Elaine Brier performing live at Don’t Tell Mama.

Ethel Merman Vs. The Muppets Broadway Mashup

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If there is one broadway star who everyone could agree was the queen of belting out a tune it has to be Ethel Merman. Not only was she able to belt a note, but that voice is one that everyone will remember for many years and generations. One other iconic diva who loved to belt out a note was Miss Piggy, so what happens when Ethel Merman meets the Muppet Diva and has a sing off?

You basically get an awesome version of Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better. However, before they go off on their challenge, you get to see Ethel Merman perform a huge variety of showtunes with different characters from the muppets. Not only does she look like she is having an amazing time, but in this video you get to hear a ton of shows and songs that you don’t always think about or remember. That is one of the things that I love about the old and hard to find videos and mashups from broadway stars.

In the Ethel Merman sings showtunes with the Muppets Video, you hear her hit a few notes that only she can do as well as hear how she could pull off so many different types of roles and shows without even having to change her mood, mind or character. Many Actors and Actresses have to get into character to really pull off a voice, but Ethel Merman was able to easily change her voice and tone instantly when a new Muppet came into the video and began the next song. Her face didn’t change that much but you could actually feel and notice the difference in her voice which is one of the hardest things to do when singing.

Ethel Merman singing showtunes with the Muppets is one of my favorite hard to find videos and that is why I wanted to share it with all of you here. Feel free to leave a comment below or share this post on twitter or facebook if you love Ethel Merman or if you love the Muppets. This is an awesome video of Ethel Merman singing with the Muppets that I know you will love.

Stephen Sondheim and Andrew Lloyd Webber sing together

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Today is both The Legendary Stephen Sondheim and Andrew Lloyd Webber’s birthdays. Not only are these two of the most amazing people in Broadway History bringing us countless showtunes, musicals and performances, but they have helped many Actors and Actresses become famous stars. Their shows have been turned in to Movies for the TV and the Theatre and their songs are known and sung by generation after generation. These two broadway giants also share the same birthday today and one other thing you may not have known is that they also share something else, a video of them playing and singing at the piano together.

In this video you’ll see them playing two of their most well known and loved songs in a mashup, Send in the Clowns and Music of the Night. Both songs are amazing songs with a ton of emotion in them and to hear these two broadway celebrities perform them with each other is absolutely amazing. This amount of talent playing and singing each other’s songs is absolutely insane and I am very excited to be able to place the YouTube video version of it here for all of you to enjoy.

I grew up listening to both Stephen Sondheim and Andrew Lloyd Webber and have always loved their music. Their songs speak to everyone and their shows are timeless pieces of art that will always be remembered and hopefully performed throughout history and in touring casts. When I saw the video of Stephen Sondheim and Andrew Lloyd Webber playing the piano together I had to watch it and when I found out they have the same exact birthday, I had to play it for you all on their birthday. Happy birthday Stephen Sondheim and Andrew Lloyd Webber and thank you for creating such amazing shows, music and everything else you have done. Here is the video of Stephen Sondheim and Andrew Lloyd Webber playing piano and singing together. Happy birthday again and looking forward to your next shows.

Kristin Chenoweth performing on Tony’s Night at DAR

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Buy Kristin Chenoweth Tickets Here. You can find other cities by searching for her name.

If you’re n DC on Tony’s night and don’t mind missing or recording it on TIVO, Kristin Chenoweth is performing at the DAR theatre in Washington DC.  Not only is it going to be an amazing performance, but Kristin has been releasing some brand new videos as well as songs which I am completely excited to get to see her perform.

We all remember her amazing performances at the Tony’s like Kristin Chenoweth performing Glitter and Be Gay from Candide or her performance of My New Philosophy from You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown.  Not only is she amazingly talented, but she is a broadway diva, a TV Actress and also has appeared in a ton of Movies.  She is an amazing person and an incredible activist for Gay Rights and someone that I absolutely cannot wait to see perform.

I already bought my Kristin Chenoweth tickets and am soo excited to see her.  I got to meet her briefly when she was starring in Promises Promises at the Broadway Theatre.   Not only was she incredibly friendly, but her singing and acting is absolutely amazing.  She is one of the performers that can belt as well as sing dramatically and go either rock or opera.  Kristin is one of the most talented broadway stars of our time and I am always excited when I get to buy broadway tickets for a show that she is starring in.

Tickets are still available for Kristin Chenoweth’s performance on Tony’s night at the DAR and you can find them on either Goldstar or TicketLiquidator by clicking either of the banners on the right side of this blog.  You can also find a ton of other tickets and there may actually be some other shows that you’ll want to catch for Tony’s night and the parties that you can find there as well.

I love when broadway stars give solo performances because you get to learn a lot about them as well as the music that they love and actually like to sing.  Since they choose their playlists and they get to sing them how they want to, you really get to hear what they can do and also discover how they think a song should be sung or heard.  I cannot wait to see her at the DAR and hope that all of you can make it as well.