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I Just Want To F*cking Dance – Broadway Dance Mix

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I was going to post a sad or boring song because I broke up with my partner a few weeks ago, but then I realized that I should just say screw it. I was at showtunes night the other day and they played the broadway dance remix I Just Want to F*cking Dance which is a really bad dance song, but a great video mash up of a ton of broadway shows. Although I Just Want to F*cking Dance isn’t the best song, I love that it is all about just having fun and not caring.

Instead of being depressed or wanting to stay in, I ended up calling my friends and going out. There is completely not point in just sitting at home being sad or complaining about people being jerks. Instead it is important to go out and have fun and meet someone new. That’s why I love songs like I Just Want to F*cking Dance. It is a ton of random fun scenes from different shows and broadway stars just having fun.

Even though I Just Want to F*cking Dance isn’t an actual showtune, it does feature a ton of musicals and is about having fun so if you’re in a bad mood or had a breakup or just want to sit through a really bad remix but a pretty cool video mashup, then watch the video for I Just Want to F*cking Dance. They do use the F word in the song so if you are at work, you may not want to play this song. If you don’t mind or you won’t get in trouble for playing a song with the F word, then go for it. I Just Want to F*cking Dance is a fun mash up and perfect if you need something to make you get out of a bad mood. I’m over the break up and ready to go out and have fun and meet someone new. If you are down or just got over a break up, then find something to help pull yourself out of it and have fun. Thank you again for reading and feel free to share this post by clicking the tweet or facebook icons above.

La Cage Aux Folles Tour Reviewed – Should you see it?

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Last Sunday I went to see George Hamilton and Chris Sieber star in one of my favorite shows, La Cage Aux Folles. Although I loved the choreography, singing and dancing in other versions that I’ve seen, this cast fell short in soo many ways.

La Cage Aux Folles brought us amazing songs like Put a Little More Mascara On, I am What I am and The Best of Times. Unfortunately this cast could not pull off a single one of them. The Best of Times was flat, nobody sang out or really hit a solid note to make you smile or want to cry with I am What I am. The tap dancing you expect with the show basically didn’t exist and the actors couldn’t pull you in. It was the very first show I have ever seen that did not get a full standing ovation at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC.

George Hamilton is a bit older, probably to old for the part, but he did do an ok job. It wasn’t the best performance, mainly because he reminded me of Bob Barker hosting The Price is Right instead of a drag queen nightclub owner dating a star. I have seen and heard much better performances from Chris Sieber before which is why I was shocked to see such a bad show from him. I was hoping that at least he could take it up a few levels and make the show amazing. Unfortunately neither of them could pull it off. Luckily for them, there were two characters who stole the show. Jacqueline who was played by the fabulous Gay Marshall and Jacob the Butler/Maid played by Jeigh Madjus.

Jacqueline and Jacob stole the show. They both had more than enough presence to take a show that people would have walked out of and bring in comedy, life and entertainment. The two of them lit up the stage and got everyone smiling and laughing. They are the only reasons that a few people had stood up and were the only two characters that people were loving after the show was over. I hate giving bad reviews because I know how hard the actors work, but if you are going to see the tour of La Cage Aux Folles, save your money if there is something better to do. It isn’t the worst show I have ever seen, but it isn’t one I would recommend spending more than $40 on for good seats.

If they would bring in new choreography, better singers and actors for Albin/Zsa Zsa and Georges as well as add some life back into the show, it would be a hit. I give the touring cast of La Cage Aux Folles 2 out of 5 stars because I just didn’t fall in love with it. It may have been an off night, but after talking to people who had seen other performances with this cast, they all said the same things. Jacqueline and Jacob saved the show from getting 1 or no stars at all.

Here is the original broadway revival cast singing The Best of Times from La Cage Aux Folles.

Don’t Tell Mama Piano Bar, NYC Reviews

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On a recent visit to New York City with my cousin, his wife and my youngest daughter, Clementine, we traveled from our hotel on the lower east side to Broadway to see the magnificent musical “On a Clear Day you can see forever” starring Harry Connick, Jr. It was a Saturday night and although we had a fantastic time at the show and wonderful early dinner in a little Italian bistro in the West Village, I was ready to go back to the hotel and crash. My cousin, however, had a different plan in mind. He took us on a tour of restaurant row, which ended at a small piano bar and restaurant named ‘Don’t Tell Mama’ on 46th street.

The place was hopping but we walked in and were welcomed by the hostess who made it her mission to find us somewhere to sit. The one room was really crowded and we didn’t want to sit in the restaurant and have a full meal. However, it turned out that our timing was perfect. The ‘Show Tunes’ room had just opened for the night and we were one of the first groups in. We were seated close to the piano and gradually the place started to fill. The pianist was extremely talented and entertaining. He sang and played many tunes including an amusing version of ‘Part of My World’ from The Little Mermaid and a rousting rendition of ‘Caberet’ which had everyone in the room joining in. The ambiance was relaxed and very friendly. Our waiter and barman also had incredible voices and took turns entertaining us as well as supplying us with great cocktails and delicious desserts. Several of the audience, including my daughter, Clementine, signed up to sing at the ‘open mic’ and the quality of the talent did not disappoint. We didn’t leave until 2am and it was well worth staying up late for. All in all a great place to end a fantastic Saturday night in NYC!!

Added in by Adam:

This was the night before I went to see Priscilla Queen of the Dessert and while I was having fun with my ex-boyfriend and his friends at Don’t Tell Mama Piano Bar in NYC, the talent didn’t stop with just the piano player. The Bartender sang a great version of I’m Alive from the show Next to Normal and other members of the audience, including myself who had laryngitis at the time gave an effort to completely destroy a There’s a Fine Fine Line from Avenue Q. One person in the audience happened to be Julie’s Daughter Clementine.

Clementine sang a few songs from Once Upon a Mattress and did an excellent job for someone who is only 16. She has a great voice and is learning how to make a connection with the audience. Once she learns how to give eyes, sing out and how to turn a song into her own, she will be absolutely ready to hit a school for musical theatre or even start auditioning for shows. Clementine Harvey could make it if she learns how to really push herself out there and I am very happy to say that her Mom who wrote the top part of this review about Don’t Tell Mama Piano Bar in NYC, gave me a couple of videos of Clementine Harvey singing to share with you.

Don’t Tell Mama Piano Bar in NYC is one of my favorite places to go. Not only do I get to meet tons of fun theatre lovers every time I go, but I also get to hear people who are trying to make it on Broadway. It is absolutely fun and I highly recommend you stop by and sit in the showtunes room at Don’t Tell Mama Piano Bar in NYC.

On My Own from Les Mis by Clementine Harvey.

Shy from Once Upon a Mattress by Clementine Harvey.

Coffee in a cardboard cup from 70, girls 70

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I heard this song the song Coffee in a Cardboard Cup from 70, Girls 70 on Sirius XM the other day and absolutely fell in love with it. The song Coffee in a Cardboard Cup from 70, Girls 70 is a song about two waitresses or servers, depending on the time frame and how PC you want to be, singing about how everyone is in a hurry now a days and no-one has any time to even sit down for a real cup of coffee. Instead they just want their coffee in a cardboard cup and to move on.

The ladies sing about ready whip and other instant products instead of enjoying home made cream, whipped cream, coffee boiled at the right temperature and everything else. They are frustrated with how fast the world is moving and how they don’t see why everyone is in such a rush. Why can’t they sit down and enjoy a good cup of coffee instead of needing to have it to go in a cardboard cup. The reason this song stuck out to me is that I was with a client the other day and she was amazed with how things worked now.

When I was setting up an account, I used my cell phone to verify that we were legitimately the organization that wanted the account. I typed in my number and within seconds got a text with a passcode and we were instantly approved. The client was amazed at how technological eveything has become and was impressed, but also realized it’s time to catch up…which is why they hired me. That is why I loved getting to listen to the song Coffee in a Cardboard Cup from 70, girls 70.

Instead of just playing one version of the showtune, I figured I would give you two options. One is Mandy Pitinken who you may remember from Patti Lupone. The other is two women playing the characters how they are supposed to be played. I love that you can take a broadway showtune and tweak it to be able to mean anything. Mandy makes it his own version about how he feels like is going to fast and the two waitresses make it there own. Listen to how different the two versions are and think about how fast everything is moving and if you’ve taken any time over the past couple weeks to enjoy a cup of coffee or to just sit down and relax.