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Keep it Gay from the Producers on Broadway!

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So lots of people think that broadway is for the gays. The truth is that gay people tend to love broadway, but so do straight people, conservative people, liberal people and everyone in between. Live broadway shows don’t have to be gay, unless you end up with a show by the fabulous Ms. Roger Dupree. If you remember in the show the Producers, Roger is the fabulous producer that they need to take over the show Spring Time for Hitler. The two main characters also think that he is about the only person who is able to take this show and get it as tacky, campy and insane as possible so that it can fail. When you finally get to Roger’s house, you all of the sudden figure out why they had selected him to put on the show.

Roger is an extremely flamboyant man who enjoys introducing himself as a lady sometimes and enjoys everything that being gay has to offer him. His staff is gay, he is gay and everything about them is gay. Because everything is gay with him, obviously his shows have to be gay too. That is why when they approach him to take on the show, he has a vision of how it should look and the most important part is to keep it gay.

Keep it Gay from the Producers is one of the most popular songs. It is fun to sing, fun to watch and even more fun to watch the characters perform. Keep it gay from the Producers helps to set you up for what the official show is going to look like and how gay and campy it is really going to be. Keep it Gay from the Producers is one of my very favorite showtunes from the show and I love watching them play it at showtunes nights. Broadway does have a huge gay following, but it is meant for everyone regardless of if they are gay or not. Everyone loves a show and if you think that broadway is for the gays, the only person who may agree is Roger Dupree who thinks that the only way to make a show work is to keep it gay.

Should you Buy Priscilla Queen of the Desert Tickets on Broadway?

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After coming back from Vegas I had to go to NYC for a couple of meetings. Since I was in NYC anyways it had to take a lot of convincing me, but I ended up deciding to see a show. Instead of going to see Follies with Elaine Page and Bernadette Peters, I decided to see Priscilla Queen of the Desert the Musical because I wanted something happy and fun. I had a great seat in the center of the first balcony which was absolutely the best place to buy a ticket for Priscilla Queen of the Desert the Musical. But should you buy Priscilla Queen of the Desert tickets?

Priscilla Queen of the Desert the musical is a show produced by Bette Midler. If you have ever seen a Bette Midler show then you know to expect a ton of foul humor and jokes, tacky but fun music and everything done over the top. If you’re a fan then you’ll probably love the show. If you liked the movie version then you may enjoy the show. If you hate bright lights, glitter, beads, sequins and feathers, do not go to this show. Would I recommend going to see Priscilla Queen of the Desert on broadway, yes, but only if there isn’t another show that you are dying to see.

Priscilla Queen of the Desert the musical is a fun filled and high energy dance musical with as much shiney things as you could ever want to see. The only way to fit anymore sequins on the stage would be to actually bedazzle it, but the actors would probably have an issue with that. The show stays very true to the movie and they keep all of the important scenes, but they do update the show to include cell phones, they changed Abba to Madonna and also upated some of the jokes which are from when the movie was produced. One thing that I absolutely loved was that Bette added in her own sense of humor and took it overboard. Not only did they add a ton of new jokes in, but they added in a few new props as well.

When Bernadette is driving the bus, she ends up killing a few things. You see a street sign go by with a Kangaroo and all of the sudden a dead kangaroo goes by with glitter blood all over it. Then you see a sign for Koala’s and a giant dead Koala goes by covered in glitter blood. After the Koala you get Tinky Winky and sure enough, a giant Tinky Winky from Teletubbies goes by covered in glitter blood. The show is absolutely hilarious and with the new jokes is even better.

Bette Midler keeps everything from the ping pong ball routine in the bar to Felicia singing on the high heel on the bus. If you want a great seat for Priscilla Queen of the Desert on broadway, you shouldn’t sit in the orchestra, but you should sit in the first balcony. You will not only get to see Felicia come out over the middle of the crowd in front of you, but you’ll get to see everything on stage better as well. Tickets for Priscilla Queen of the Desert the musical are reasonably priced and you can order them through this site by clicking on the banners to the right. If you want a fun show that is really off beat and will get you singing, Priscilla Queen of the Desert the musical is a good fit for you. I probably wouldn’t see it again, but I would recommend going at least once if you are looking for a show to see. If you’ve seen Priscilla Queen of the Desert the musical on broadway, feel free to leave a comment below and if you haven’t order your Priscilla Queen of the Desert tickets by clicking on the banners to the right.

Absinthe Las Vegas Tickets & Reviews – Ceasar’s Palace

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Last week when I was in Las Vegas I wasn’t sure what show to see. I love the Cirque shows, but I’ve seen them all and Celine wasn’t performing so I ran into the promoters of a new show at Ceasar’s Palace called Absinthe. Not only did they sell me on why I should see Absinthe at Ceasar’s Palace, but they also gave me complimentary tickets so that I could share the show with all of you here. Feel free to leave a comment or any Absinthe Las Vegas Reviews below.

Absinthe the show at Ceasar’s Palace is a spoof of a Cirque De Soliel show. Although they do have amazing acrobatic and dance acts in the show, they tie in a ton of raunchy X rated humor, traditional burlesque dancing and singing as well as a ton of actual audience participation. The show can run anywhere from 1 hour and 15 minutes to 1 hour and 45 minutes depending on the acts, audience participation and how much fun everyone is having. The show is set up in a tent outside of Ceasar’s Palace and the stage is a circular platform that rises and lowers.

The seating style is arena where everyone sits on very uncomfortable wooden chairs in a circle around the platform stage. The walls are covered in pictures and random trinkets that makes you think of the movie Moulin Rouge and they have a bar which sells a ton of different themed drinks including Lucent Absinthe. The lighting definitely fits the seductive and erotic theme of the show, and I love the opening and consistent green theme to stick with the Green Fairy which is one of the most well known characteristics and nicknames of absinthe.

Absinthe Las Vegas starts out with a contortionist and acrobat names Vladimir who comes home to his house and prepares a shot of absinthe for himself. All of the sudden he begins his journey through the show and performs the first routine of the night which is him stacking chairs and performing acrobatics on them. Not only is his routine insane, but he does a press handstand at the very top of the tent just before it’s time for the first burlesque act to come out of the roof and perform a song as the Green Fairy.

This is Vladimir’s intro and the next video is the chair routine.

Absinthe Las Vegas is an extremely erotic and seductive show with X rated humor, incredibly hot performers and everything you could want from a show in Las Vegas. The ring master makes fun of the entire audience, Penny tells off beat jokes and they even have an impromptu lesbian surprise with two random audience members. If you’re looking for a cirque de soliel styled show but that has all of the sin that you hope to find in Las Vegas, Absinthe at Ceasar’s Palace is perfect for you. Tickets to absinthe are well worth the money and although the chairs are uncomfortable and the drinks are overpriced, you will love the show. I highly recommend buying Absinthe Tickets at Ceasar’s Palace and would probably go back to see the show again since it will change nightly because of the audience participation and the ringmaster. If you’re looking for a new show that is a bit different but is still something you would expect from Las Vegas, buy tickets to Absinthe at Ceasar’s Palace and you will get everything from comedy to singing and some incredible cirque de soliel styled performances. I highly recommend Absinthe Las Vegas.

This is the roller skating routine without the end performance which was absolutely insane. You’ll have to see Absinthe Las Vegas to find out what they do!