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Kyle’s Mom is a Big Fat Bitch from South Park

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Ok, normally I am opposed to putting up songs that are purely offensive or have swear words in them…when it is just for the purpose of swearing, but there is something that I love about the song Kyle’s Mom is a Big Fat Bitch from South Park. Not only is it hilarious and completely immature, but I love the version from the movie musical where Cartman ends up not only singing Kyle’s Mom is a Big Fat Bitch, but he has the entire school singing it, then goes into other languages and even changes key.

South Park has always created hilarious songs and contributed to musical theatre, especially with their new show The Book of Mormon which is currently on Broadway. Not only are they amazing at satire and creating offensively funny songs and lyrics, but the songs are completely catchy and can easily get stuck in your head. I have no clue why, but for some reason Kyle’s Mom is a Big Fat Bitch from the South Park Movie was running through my head. They played it at showtunes night yesterday at Jrs in DC, but usually that doesn’t get songs to stick in my head.

Anyways, if you get offended by swear words or if you are at work and shouldn’t play something with swear words, then don’t play the video below. If you want to laugh at a completely immature song that I absolutely love, then play it. Kyle’s Mom is a Big Fat Bitch from South Park the musical is one of my favorite showtunes of all times and even though there are tons of broadway songs with swear words from numerous shows, for some reason people only really get offended when it is from shows like South Park. Thank you again for reading and feel free to comment below or to share this post by clicking on the tweet or facebook buttons above.

Thank Goodness – Kristin Chenoweth – Perfect for Thanksgiving

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When I was thinking about showtunes that are perfect for Thanksgiving, I instantly thought of all of the political ones, the scene from The Addams Family where they are at camp and have the play about the Pilgrims and even thought about using Charlie Brown. Then when I was thinking about the perfect song to use I instantly realized that the perfect showtune for thanksgiving is actually the song Thank Goodness from Wicked. Thank Goodness is all about saying thank you for the things around you.

The munchkins are thankful that the Wicked witch isn’t bothering them. Galinda is thankful she has a fiance who “loves her”. Madame Morrible is thankful that she has been able to climb the political ladder and the fiance is thankful that he can escape and go find Elphaba. The song is actually one of my favorite songs from the show, even though it doesn’t have anything amazing in it like Defying Gravity with the huge dress and high notes or the Wizard and I with the really high notes and loud singing or For Good which is extremely emotional. The part of Thank Goodness that I love is the long note that Galinda sings and belts out.

The song is actually beautiful and even though it isn’t one of the best or most well known songs from the show, it is a great one and a perfect fit for Thanksgiving. Even though Kirstin Chenoweth isn’t doing Wicked anymore, her version of the song Thank Goodness is probably the best. In the video below, it takes a couple minutes before the camera shows the stage, but when it does you’ll see how amazing Kristin Chenoweth does with this song and how incredible she did in the show Wicked. Anyways, I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving an here is Kristin Chenoweth singing Thank Goodness from Wicked.

Book of Mormon Harry Potter Parody – Hello Video.

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I was looking for something to review today and I found this video parody of the Book of Mormon’s song Hello by a seriously talented kid who plays the characters from Harry Potter. The Book of Mormon Harry Potter Parody is extremely well done. The lyrics match up to the song from the show almost perfectly but make complete sense for Harry Potter instead. What I love even more is that it looks like it is the same girl playing all eight characters and doing them extremely well.

The Book of Mormon Harry Potter Parody video Hello is sort of only funny if you have either seen The Book of Mormon on Broadway, have heard the soundtrack or original cast recording if you’re a theatre buff and you are a fan of or have seen the Harry Potter books and movies. It has most of the major characters in it and each of them are holding a different book from the series. One of my favorite lines in the parody video of Hello from The Book of Mormon is when Harry Potter sings “This book is about my life” instead of the lyric “This book will change your life”. The entire parody is done well and each character stays in character and their lyrics match up to how they were in the Harry Potter books.

I absolutely love this parody and think that the girl in the video who does the Book of Mormon Harry Potter video has a huge career ahead of her. Not only did she do an amazing job playing all of the characters, but if she wrote the lyrics too, she is the next Miranda Sings or even Seth Rudetsky. If you haven’t heard the song Hello from The Book of Mormon, I put the video of it below the parody video so you can hear what the real version sounds like.