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I Believe Video from The Book Of Mormon

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I believe from the Book of Mormon is one of my favorite songs in the show. If you’ve listened to the song you have pretty much figured out that it is about hearing something you didn’t expect to hear and just having to have faith in the decision that was made. It could be when you were a kid and your parents told you you couldn’t stay out past curfew or go to a party. It could be a boss saying you aren’t ready for the promotion and giving it to someone else and because you love the company, you decide to just trust that your boss was right and has your best interest in mind.

We’ve all had people who were in charge of us make decisions that we didn’t agree with, understand or like, but since we put our trust and faith in that person, we just trust that they have made the best and correct decision. That is what I would think the song I Believe from the Book Of Mormon is about.

Elder Price finds out he is going to Africa (or if you’ve seen the show you know he is already there) and unlike his partner who thinks its like the Lion King, he knows it can be dangerous. He knows he is going to be taking on challenges like a warlord who shoots people in the face. He knows things are going to be different there, and he knows he just has to believe that his God is mightier and will protect him.

I Believe from The Book of Mormon is a song about just believing. It is a parody of the Mormon religion in that they bring up random “facts” which may not make sense but at the same time, because they are Mormons they just have to believe in them. He has to believe that ancient Jews built boats and sailed to America as well as the Garden of Eden being in the middle of America. I Believe from the Book of Mormon is one of my favorite songs from the show and if you have or haven’t seen it yet you’ll also love it. You can buy The Book of Mormon Soundtrack and Book of Mormon Cast Recording or download the MP3s by clicking on the images in the amazon widget and you can watch the I Believe Video from The Book of Mormon below. Thank you again for reading and if you haven’t seen the Book of Mormon yet, you need to add it to the list of shows to see on your next trip to NYC.

I Put a Spell On You from Hocus Pocus

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I can’t believe we’re only a few weeks away from Halloween and I still haven’t figured out what costume I want to buy. Miss Adams Morgan is already over and the HRC dinner happened, but luckily I still have time to get my costume because we still have a few weeks until the Washington DC drag races. I’ve already done a post about halloween musicals here so I’m not going to do another list, but one song that I didn’t put on the list that should have been on it was I Put a Spell On You from Hocus Pocus.

I Put a Spell On You from Hocus Pocus isn’t technically a showtune because it isn’t from a broadway musical, but it is a good version of the song sung by three gay and broadway friendly actresses, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kathy Najimy and my favorite The Divine Miss M, Better Midler.

Bette Midler plays a wicked witch, the older sister of the three Sanderson sisters, that has come back from the dead to take over the world and eat the souls of kids everywhere to survive. Along with her two sisters she needs to “suck the lives out of little children” to survive the night and break the curse. The way she gets the parents out of the picture is by chasing the main characters to a party where all of the parents are having a dance. While they are there, the main character tries to distract Bette and escape by introducing her on stage as a guest performer. In pure Divine Miss M fashion, she thanks him for his introduction and begins casting a spell on all of the parents (including the character’s mom who is dressed as Madonna) where the parents will be stuck dancing until they die.

Eventually the kids escape the witches and kill them by making sure they don’t get anyone’s life before the sun comes up. I Put a Spell On You from Hocus Pocus is one of the most memorable and fun parts of the movie and you cannot go wrong with the three of them singing it. Better Midler did an amazing job with the song and everyone loves it. I Put a Spell On You from Hocus Pocus is a great song that I think everyone loved. Here is I Put a Spell On You from Hocus Pocus.

Ladies Who Lunch from Company

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One song that everyone loves is the Ladies Who Lunch from Company. What most people don’t know though is that it is actually a really depressing song. It’s about a woman who isn’t happy in her marriage or just not happy with life. She is depressed, lonely and feels like something is missing. I never really thought how sad the song is until I had seen the revival last weekend.

Everytime I’ve heard the song I thought it was just someone who was being bitter and drunk, I never realized how sad the person singing actually is. The song is absolutely one that people never really did well after I had seen the woman in the revival perform it. Not only did both my friend and I shut up and sit there watching stunned, but I don’t think I could ever watch it at a showtunes night or listen to it without realizing how sad of a song it really is.

The Ladies Who Lunch from Company is above and beyond one of my favorite songs now. I think it is perfect for an audition if you put enough emotion into it and you also really put your heart into it. You can act with the song, you can belt out certain notes and if you can perform the song correctly, you can everyone to just sit there quiet and ready to applause.

The Ladies Who Lunch from Company is an amazing song that I love and will always recommend for an audition if you are able to pull it off. You have to remember that it isn’t about fun or being bitter, but it is about being bitter, jealous and feeling alone. If you can pull those emotions out of yourself and put them into the song, there is no way you can lose a role to someone else. The Ladies Who Lunch from Company is now one of my favorite broadway ballads that I will always choose for people who need something to stand out with when they are auditioning for a show. The only thing I will try and make them do is put every emotion they have into it to make everyone break out into applause.